Adoption Center

Welcome to the Adoption Center

The adoption center serves as a community driven resources for new and old players alike to get new characters. All genos and characters found in the adoption center are donated by the community, and not added via random generation by staff. If the center is empty, you will need to wait until players donate to the center.

If you are a new player and do not own any characters, ensure you visit the Dragon's Gift Shop to obtain a free common egg!


Adopting a Character
Go to the prompt for adopting characters or the Adoption Shop (Here!)

Characters sold in the adoption center cost money, while the prompt itself is one free a month. Characters posted here will cost double for their sell price based on their traits.
Surrendering a Character

When you Surrender a character you are giving it up for adoption to another player.

Both genotyoes and designed characters can be given to the adoption center. All character submitted will be given a certain amount of crystals in return based on the character's genetics.

You may opt to not be given any reward if you wish.

Releasing a Character

When you are Releasing a dragon you are sending it back out into the wilds of the world. These characters are logged in the Wild Sanctuary and can not be retrieved under any means. They are not up for adoption and simply serve as a record for where they have gone.

Just like surrendering a character, you are given a crystal amount based on the genetics of that character, however the total amount is cut in half. So if a geno is worth 100 crystals it will return 50 crystals to you.

You may opt to not be given any reward if you wish.