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Hi! I'd like to clarify a couple of things for the design, and there's no comment section in design approvals XD
1. In the design guides for import extras it says "Horns, claws, and spikes are allowed light shading to them, and are allowed to gradient from one color to another in the approved color list." Does this mean that the horns should have been able to pass without a nail polish? (grey is a natural colour and it's gradienting to the same blue as the colour found on the body)
2. Thanks for the tip on doing the marbled! If I made it more erratic/textured (similar to the style at the end-section of the tail, because I have noticed that I've done two slightly different styles of marbled throughout the tail), straightened it more, and added more smaller veins, would that avoid tabby/banded territory?
For reference here is the design that needs corrections! Thank you in advance for answering.

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