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All patch notes and changelogs are logged on the news, as well as here in this thread. A new reply is made every time a new changelog is posted in the news. This thread serves as a historical log of changes made to the game and its systems.

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June 5 2021
Major Feature Releases

Crafting and Recipes
- Crafting is released and fully functional.
- To learn recipes you need to craft the Rarity Recipe Page from Rarity Recipe Fragments (Common Recipe Fragment, Common Recipe Page; as well as uncommon, rare, mythic, and event). Once crafted they open like boxes and give you a random recipe in that tier that you do not know.
Recipe fragments can be found in daily activities.
Recipe pages are free recipes.
- These pages and fragments can be traded/transferred.
- You can view what recipes you get from each page on the page's item index in the encyclopedia.

Caving Activity
Caving has been released as part of Daily Activities.
Caving prompt is added, with its loot tables added in the prompt description. You can find it by selecting the eyeglass icon on the Daily Activity prompt category.
Various new items added to the game for Caving.

Fishing Activity
Now has all new loot tables. You can see these loot tables on the prompt page.
Various new items added to the game for Fishing.

General Daily Activity Update
Players may now submit 4 “free” daily activity rolls, which can fail, a month.
Players who are Dragon master’s may submit 5.
These rolls do not require artwork/literature, submit a prompt as normal and label it as a “free roll”
Activity roller updated to reflect all activity changes.

General Changes
Duffel bag added to the game - chance to being back an extra item in caving.
Primal Point creation and maintenance guides have been created. You can now begin porting/making your trackers on the forums.
Master point creation and maintenance guides have been created. You can now begin porting/making your trackers on the forums.
Forum guidelines set up
Forum Patchnotes set up (not backlogged, you are here!)

Design Review and Guides
You now upload the full size image to Design review. Please still include a stash link.
Disable crappie for the thumbnail and reupload the image again as the thumbnail.
Frog eye’s pupil shape now mimic the eye shape of the dragon.
Fixed link in Genetics Portal for Import Extras.
Import extras text completed,
Many rules for extras is loosened up.
Pale eyes' pupil are now allowed to be lighter than the iris without being blind but cannot be white. They can still be slightly darker as well.

Diamond bug familiars now increase the chance of your caving attempt to pass.
Fixed the Unread Notification Background color to be a more legible color on the default theme.
Updated Fertility potion.
Game birthday trophy updated.
Daily Activity prompt loot tables updated to be more readable using spoiler tags.
Changed a few fish to have names based on real fish.
Newt Familiar and blueprint item now increase the chance of finding recipe fragments in daily activities.
Items that are considered “boxes” are now in their own category located at the top of your hoard. This is so they are quickly found without digging through various parts of your hoard.
Combat, healing, and activity items merged into one section in the hoard.
Events category of the hoard merged to Event/special category.
Hoard sections recorded to be more alphabetical - but not perfect.
Activity pass chance numbers increased:
Beginner: 65%
Stable Hand: 75%
Dragon Tamer: 85%
Dragon Master: 95%
Item art added for: Skill Token, Sapphire, and Plant Fibers
More fixes to various modals so that they are readable on default skin.
Text editor is no longer impossible to read text.
Enhancements to Default skin to make it easier to read for everyone. @/thundercat

Bug Fixes
Fixed missing images for recipes.
Fixed missing Undulated Moray Eel item.
Fixed Scorched Battlefield Background Pack linking to the incorrect place.
Images (especially background images) now longer spill out of containers.
Lorekeeper 2.0.0 updated fixed sell/gift/etc art buttons not working.
Fixed issue where item use and sellable had gone missing.
Various guide spelling errors fixed.

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June 18th, 2021

Added Features
- Flights readded -
+ Many things about flights were changed to make them more useable and friendly. Perks were changed/removed/added. Due to this major change, all flights need to be re-registered and will be reset to level 1 with no perks.
- All background packs have the following changes:
+ New variations for packs with no/little variety (@/thundercat)
+All backgrounds resized to new import size (3000x2040)
+Removed Backgrounds from dA - Links updated and now direct to our Google Drive!
+ Many preview image updates on site for packs (Clear your browser cache!)
+ Backgrounds are now allowed to be flipped horizontal
+ Background item category description updated.
- Background packs now have to be assigned to characters.
- Backgrounds are no longer unlimited use - instead you purchase a background "box" that gives you 5 copies of the Background. 1 background = 1 use. Characters with current background do not need them assigned.
- Familiars can be attached to characters by selecting the familiar in your hoard and transferring to character. Users can attach 4 familiars themselves.
- To add Friendly Giant familiar you need to submit a claim.
- New themes have been added to the site, created by @thundercat
+ All current themes are based on empires
+ Click your profile drop down and select "Settings"
+ Scroll down to Theme
+ Select from the drop down and press "edit" under the theme selection.
- Gum/flesh/etc color sliders added to ; NOTE: these are guideline sliders, safest bet is to use them, but you don't have to use the colors here ONLY. Just be mindful of oversaturated colors.
- Updated
Following changes have occurred (no math changes!!)
- Images fixed! They shouldn't disappear again.
- Cleaned up formatting and added spoiler toggles so that it is easier to navigate.
- Loot box rewards for level up are now random - however you can get any of the boxes regardless if you are top level or not.
- Updated tracker links and wordage so that it links to our new forums for making trackers.
- Updated Dragon levels for the following:
+ Familiar unlock is 4 at Fledgling.
+ +1 skill slot per level up (Eventually 5 total skills with more skills are going to be added to the game, we recommend waiting)
+ High Aether Restoration can be completed at ancient rank instead of primordial
- Player Rank updates:
+ 4 free dailies added to Beginner
+Fixed wordage from "General Activities" to "Daily Activities" to avoid confusion
+ 1 free Grand hunt roll unlocked at Stable Hand (removes pass rate, this will be dependent on your dragon's Grand hunt level)
+ Access to The Vortex unlocked at ancient - once available in game.
+ +1 daily and Grand hunt roll added at master rank.
- Return of Dragon of the Month!
- July 2021 sale slot posted - will update at a later date with details. Mostly testing functionality!
- First round of images added to extras guide

- Updated links on navigation so they point to new destinations on site, such as leasing and suggestions.
- Lore drop down made into a singular button since world expanded handles of the lore and location needs in one package.
- Gave empire names a bit more flair to set them apart from each other a little more.
- Regardless of level, all dragons have 4 familiars.
- Stalker Wyvern imports updated to new size; Download links added to their species in the encyclopedia.
- Temperaments descriptions have been updated to include their information about buffs/nerfs.
- Ravager Wyvern Imports updated to new size; Download links added to the species in the encyclopedia.
- Ravager Wyvern tails moved so they actually line up properly with the body.
Should be noted that these files are now downloaded from our game's google drive.
- Skills now have their "type" and "use" listed in the encyclopedia
- Sapiere import links updated and added to encyclopedia
- Added images to sapiere, stalker, and ravager encyclopedia entries
- Text blurbs added to species to define what we qualify as "Wyvern" "dragon" etc
- recent forum posts added to main page

Bug fixes
-Various bug fixes.
- Fixed Variety of chests not appearing in the "box" category in the hoard.

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June 30th, 2021
Patch notes are a little lighter as staff has been hard at work on the Mid Summer Solstice!
Lorekeeper Updates:
- Updated Lorekeeper to the most recent patch!
- Added Mini clock extension that shows the game/websites current time (CST!)
- Added Shop Features extension that allows us more features with shops such as locking a shop until you have an certain item, or applying coupons.

New Releases:
Warden TLC Release on July 1st.
- Wardens are only missing their Aether Mane Mutation. We want a little more time with this! Additionally, it is waiting on guide ranges - for now enjoy some freedom and use the old ranges!
Stalker Wyvern version 1 is no longer allowed to be used for Designs. It has been removed from our resources. (July 1st)
Warden Dragon version 1 is no longer allowed to be used for Designs. It has been removed from our resources.(July 1st)
- Summer Sale Released (July 1st)
Mid Summer Solstice Event! Releases July 1st!
- 3 new prompts
- 1 new currency and shop
- Addition of 22 Tarot Cards
- Addition of 12 Zodiac Artifacts
- Addition of one new familiar (Crafted using Tarot and Zodiacs)
- Addition of Zodiac Chest (crafted from Zodiac artifacts)
- Addition of Tarot Chest (Crafted from Tarot Cards)

- 6 New Advents added. 3 are raffles for Mid Summer Solstice, 3 are auctions in the summer sale!
- Nitro loot box Added. Boost the discord server to be entered into a raffle to win this item! Otherwise, it is often given a free sale addon for purchasing!
- Added the Warehouse! A shop where you can sink your crystals into to get loot boxes!
- Added the Courier's and Delicious Parcels - these boxes give 5 random food items!
- Added Dragon Soul Coin Bag - gives you 25 soul coins for a high price of crystals (Also given when purchased in sales!)

Enhancements and Feature Additions
- Voyage of the Wardens entry updated in world events.
- Separate prompts for Adopting and Releasing dragons made.
- Adopting and Releasing dragons have been put in their own prompt category (Adoption Center)
- Moved Nesting and Hatchery to their own prompt category (Nesting and Hatchery)
- Added The Vortex prompt Category.
- Added Forum games to the off topic forum board.
- Updated the prompt side bar. It now includes ALL prompt categories and also breaks out some of the prompts that were hidden (like nesting submissions and hatchery).
- Added Occupations prompt category. Coming Soon for both dragons and accounts!
- Removed word "event" from individual event category names.
- Renamed Call to Arms to Grand Hunt.
- Background boxes now have their own unique art to help set them apart from the backgrounds themselves.
- Updated Nesting Perms page to include form.
- Added Monthly Free Activities page to highlight all the free rolls you can claim each month. Find it in the Activity drop down!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Exploit with Background packs
- Fixed a merge error that caused tiny box to revert
- Fixed a merge error that broke themes

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07/19/2021 Edited 07/19/2021


1. Arena Combat is live!
You can now compete with other players, or NPCs in the arena! With the combat roller completed, and the arena loot table crafted, you can go to the prompts list and find Arena to learn how you can get started, and all the rules involved with combat!
2. Two new backgrounds: Radiant Fields and Radiant Coast added to the Market
3. Added new Items for the arena, and missing items, to the market/emporium
4. Levels and Stats added to the game! All player and dragon XP is tracked on site and no longer through external or forum trackers. See the news post for more information.
5. Mastery Point values overhauled - see the MP Calculator!
6. New MP Ranks added (pending rewards)
7. New skills!
Serrated Teeth - Increases chance to crit bleed attack
Armored Hide- Increases your dragon's natural armor
Frenzy - Increases your dragon's DPS by 1
8. New Items!
Satchel - return an extra item from the arena.
Strength, Bleed, Aether, Breath, and DPS boosters: Return a flat bonus to your combat stats.
Brawler, Nightshade, and Warlord Booster: Return flat bonus to multiple combat status.
Arena coin - the EXP you gain in the arena. Only attaches to your characters.
Rarity dragon's blood - i.e. common dragon's blood will drop common traits/etc. Goes up to mythic with mysterious still being "all" traits.
Basilisk, Direwolf, and Phoenix pets (Pets are combat, Familiars are not)
9. Slowly performing clean up of accounts and dragons so that dragons have their correct stats for class and so that accounts do not have items in their hoard that have moved (i.e. player trophies that should be awards, familiars that should be pets, or the golden chest of mimicry that appears as two items).

1. Renamed various items so that when they appear in hoards/shops they are side by side.
2. Hatchery, Nesting, and Activity rollers have updated CSS
3. Arena ranks added to dragon profiles.
4. Haunting Roar no longer stuns opponents, instead it decreases natural armor.
5. Added Discord link to navigation bar.
6. Readjusted links in the navigation bar to be more tidy and organized, Added icons to many links.
7. Renamed background boxes to just "box"
8. Renamed Background packs to just "Background"
9 Items in free rolls now return 2-4 instead of 1-4, Items in entry rollers return 3 - 6.
10. Activity charms, blueprints, newts, and taming bonuses now have a percentage chance to activate, instead of being 100 percent.
11. Items, familiars, etc. that rbing back an extra item now do so all the time (except for hoarder), and can now stack.
12. Primal and mastery points give 3 loot boxes now.

1. Various bug fixes in bug reports.
2. Fixed the Tarot and Zodiac Chest to actually give the chests, and not the items.
3. Moved Boot to box category.

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New features:
1. Familiar Chest added as a recipe. Costs 3 Familiars and is a mythic page unlock.
2. Dragon's Tears updated: Can now remove markings, mutations, and Dragon's Blood Voucher (you do not get the DB voucher back, another item is coming to the game that will allow you to get a voucher back)
3. Soul Twine updated. This item can now be used to not only break a bond between soul bonded dragons (or companions), but also it can be used to reset your dragon, account, or flight rank progress to 0. You will lose all unlockables and buffs in the process and will essentially start over (but you will keep your items in your hoard, etc, you just go back to 0 XP and the base unlocked abilities.)
4. Pearl Necklace Added to Activity Items - Pearl necklace changed one last time I swear. It now applies a one time no fail to your activity attempt. (Dailies, quests, etc)
5. Sinister Buff will be changing August 1st, it will no longer give you a no fail buff, and will instead bring back an extra item in various activities. (Dailies, quests, arena, etc)
6. Set up level up loot tables to work with character leveling.
7. Set up empire factions for those who are not part of flights, or are leaving flights. Leaving a flight means you have to join a faction. Nomadic faction added.
9. Character classes changed from 5 to 3 (light, medium, heavy). With some stat tweaks. Emperors are now in Light, and Wardens in heavy.

1. Updated Collectables to be able to held by characters; Now if you have cards/zodiac fragments that you don't want used when crafting chests, they won't be used if you place them on characters.
2. Gold Chest of Mimicry removed. Golden Chest of Mimicry updated to reflect its correct bonus of +1 item in the arena. If you had a gold chest of mimicry you should now have a golden Chest of mimicry
3. Updated Antidote Art
4. Added (or modified) item art for the following:
Emerald, Raw Crystal, Quartz, Iron, Jade, Amber, Gold, Sapphire, Malachite, Limestone, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Aether Quartz, Moonstone, Sunstone, Ruby, Aquamarine, Blue Goldstone, Serpentine, Chrysocolla, and Seletine (You may need to clear cache to see the modified images)
5. Geode and Strange geode have been given the Caving Chest loot table and moved to Boxes where they should be. Geode gives you 3 items, while Strange Geode gives you 6.
6. Added missing Sapphire from Caving Chest loot table.
8. Fixed text on Familiar chest to read that it drops 2 familiars instead of 1.
9. Renamed champions to Exalted so as to not double up on the Champion title.
10. Many "event/special items" Have been moved to collectibles. These are mostly items from the Voyage of the Warden Events.
11. Dye Kit moved to the Box Category
12. Emporium and Market BG Voucher icons added to bank currency.
13. Aether Taming trophy added
14. Crafting Materials and all Food items can now be added to Dragon inventories much like collectibles and familiars, so that if you don't want to lose a particular item to crafting, you won't lose it!
15. Collectibles category moved up beneath Crafting Materials
16. Character Classes updated to reflect stats and species belonging to them.

Bug Fixes
1. various bug fixes
2. Fixed an exploit with Midsummer Solstice loot chests dropping Abiri ticket.
3. Fixed a case where gear wasn't dropping from loot boxes, and instead through an error.

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1. Combat roller updated - Now reflects stat changes for new class set up as well as changing champions of arena to Exalted.
Light class:
Raw Damage Critical Chance: 30%
Minimum Raw Damage: 40
Maximum Raw Damage: 100
Max Bleed: 30 (Minimum for all bleed is 1)
Max DPS: 3
Natural Armor: 30
Magic Critical Chance: 50%

Medium class:
Raw Damage Critical Chance: 40%
Minimum Raw Damage: 50
Maximum Raw Damage: 120
Max Bleed: 40
Max DPS: 3
Natural Armor: 40
Magic Critical Chance: 40%

Heavy class:
Raw Damage Critical Chance: 50%
Minimum Raw Damage: 60
Maximum Raw Damage: 150
Max Bleed: 50
Max DPS: 2
Natural Armor: 50
Magic Critical Chance: 30%
Make sure you clear cache if you want to play with the new stats.
Also, bleed/Raw crit is the same
Updated Classes pages to reflect these new changes.
2. Sinister buff has been changed officially in the roller (All rolls submitted with sinister buff today and tomorrow will still get the no fail buff). Sinister will now bring back extra items in designated locations. We havent' settled on the locals, as ALL tempers will bring back +1 based on their location.
3. Pearl Necklace added to rollers.
4. Marking updates
- Metallic may now effect one marking in recessive or two in dominant as well as claws/etc.
- Tobiano may now be effected by color modifiers, but it must remain pale/pastel colors. It will receive a guideline slider to help with this.
- Due to Tobanio's new allowance, Inkwell will not allow pastel/pale colors if affected by color modifier.
- Both Tobiano and Inkwell can have a 24 value point gradient instead of the standard 12, as well as a saturation point if the marking is affected by a color modifier.
- Both Tobiano and Inkwell can have a second layer beneath the marking that is darker or lighter than the top layer.
- Cleared up some rules on Tobiano and Inkwell's placement on designs as well as their allowance to hide other markings.
- Merle may now create larger patches creating a calico cat look.
- Skink may start anywhere on the face instead of just around the eye. This includes back of the skull/etc. It also got an allowance for recessive to be a natural color blending into any color, and dominant being two any colors blending together. Cleaned up a lot of wordage on this one so it is simpler and easier to read.
- Shaped can have it so multiple different shapes are different colors. I.e. if you have stars and diamonds, all diamonds can be one color, and all stars another color.
- Plasma may now appear as lightning, spiderweb, or water ripple effect shapes. This means they can connect together and flow as well. Changed rule so it may fade into the base coat as well.
5. Updated the background packs.
- Wording changed to clarify: Must include background pack in the add-on section for design submissions.
6. Updated design registration form.
- Instructions on how to upload the image to the masterlist and how to properly upload the thumbnail for designs.
- Clarification added for backgrounds - must include in the add-on section for design submissions. Once approved, design staff will add the background to the dragon's inventory and make the item character bound. These are not able to be transferred to your other dragons.
7. Updated the menus for ALL themes on mobile view! It is no longer white and unreadable!
8. Daily Activities, Sinister dragons now get a chance for +1 item in all locations. Vigilant get the buff for Frigid and gloom locations, Aggressive for Scorched and Shimmering, and Calm for Aether and Radiant locations.
9. Added Community Raffles to the forums.
10. Nesting changes:
- Parents with mutations will increase mutation pass chance by 30 points each (total of 60)
- Dragon's eye item increase chance of mutation pass from 20 to 50.
- Aether Tonic item increases chance of rarest trait type pass from 30 to 60.
11. Updates Site rank colors
12. Leveling up will not gives award items twice @/draginraptor
13. Updated dragon rank to display on profile based on their level automatically. @/draginraptor
14. Fix for Chimera not appearing on rolled eggs that have it @/draginraptor
15. Added awards to new MP levels.
16. Bug fixes to Tobiano, Mask, Dusted, Lustrous guides.
17. Renamed Vignette to Filigree (if you have a vignette dragon please submit a claim to get it updated!)
18. Added Agouti Guide and fixed its link.
19. Updated all starters to have armor and some items based on tier (joint effort between myself and @/thundercat)