Import Backgrounds

Created: 22 March 2024, 10:49:18 CDT
Last updated: 22 March 2024, 11:10:57 CDT

Import Backgrounds


Imports use a background item to apply different backgrounds to characters. 

There is the main background and the thumbnail. This guide will go over both and how to apply them! Backgrounds are 1 per character, with the exception of thumbnail images.


If you have made a change to your character's background image in design review or updates, and the image is not showing updated for you, select Ctrl + F5 or clear your browser cookies and cache!


How to Add a background

Location/Background ingredient items are discounted and if you have one please submit a claim to have them swapped for a background chest of same variant!
Background is part of the Character Image on upload

This is when you select a background and upload the import image with the background as part of the image! 

  • Add a copy of the background you selected to the addons section of the design review process. 

That's it! Staff will NOT put the background on the character in this case and if you want a new background applied you will need to submit a Design Update with either a new image applied or a transparent background to update it. 

Character has a transparent background on upload

This is when you do not include a background image as part of the image itself - instead the background is transparent. 

  • Once your design is approved, you can transfer one background image to your character to set the background. 
  • To change the background, go to your character inventory and transfer the background back to your hoard. Then transfer a new one over to the character!

Nothing else needs doing! Do not add the background item to your add ons on review or update unless you are updating the thumbnail image.


How to Add a background Thumbnail

Background thumbnails can be different from the main image background - so long as you have a copy of it in your hoard! The item will not be removed from your hoard on update and you are not required to keep the item there after the thumbnail is updated. Thumbnails are also allowed to have transparent images.



Sizing your thumbnail

All import thumbnails are required to be 300x204 and be the whole import image sized down to this dimension. Do not use the cropper or crop the image in anyway. 

Changing the thumbnail background

A design update is required to update the thumbnail image. No item is needed to update the thumbnail, except for the background copy being in your hoard. Do not add it to the add ons as we do not remove the item for thumbnails only.