Monthly Free Activities

Created: 30 June 2021, 09:51:24 CDT
Last updated: 30 June 2021, 09:51:24 CDT


This guide covers monthly free activities, to include Free Dailies, Arena, Dragon of the Month Raffle, Adopting, and Nesting submissions! 

What are Monthly Free Activities? 

Monthly free activities refers to the free rolls for different activities in the game. All players start out with a certain number, and once you reach dragon master rank you unlock an extra roll in most cases. These can be submited every month at any point during the month, but you cannot submit a previous month's rolls in the next month, so make sure you submit them on time! 

What Activities have Free Rolls and how Many? 

The following list has all of the free rolls you can submit each month. 

  • Nesting Submissions
    • General Ranks: 3 Full Slots (All genos to you) and 2 split slots (Shared Genos with another user). 
      • Split slots do not get used up if the other person posts splits with you. You have two to submit total. 
    • Master Rank Unlock: 1 extra full slot. 
  • Dragon of the Month
    • 1 Submission per month on the Forums. Reward is a raffle so you may not win anything. 
  • Adoption
    • You can adopt a dragon ONCE every SEASON. This is different from all other monthly activities. 
      • A season lasts three months 
      • Spring: March, April, May
      • Summer: June, July, August
      • Autumn: September, October, November
      • Winter: December, January, February
  • Arena
    • Beginner Rank: 1 Free Roll 
    • Other Rank Unlocks: +1 Extra roll each rank (Until 4 total) 
  • Grand Hunt 
    • First free roll unlocked at Stable Hand 
    • Last/Second free roll unlocked at Dragon Master 
  • Daily Activities (Hunting/fishing/etc) 
    • Beginner/General ranks: 4 Free Rolls
    • Master Rank: +1 extra Roll 

How do I Submit these Activities?

Nesting/ adoption

Submit nesting sumbissions through its prompt entry. 

Dragon of the Month

Locate the current thread on the Forums and fill out the form in a reply! We add all members to the raffle by the end of the month!

Arena/ Grand hunt/Daily Activities

Submit through its prompt entry. Use the same form, just do not include the art/lit entry section. Instead put "1 of x free rolls." 


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