Nesting Odds

Created: 14 August 2020, 18:13:40 CDT
Last updated: 29 April 2022, 18:58:43 CDT

How does it work? 

Unlike real world genetics, Souls-Between uses a random range of numbers, often one  through one hundred, but sometimes one through ten or one  through one thousand. It just depends on the section. This means we have weighted rarities! They are very much unlike real world genetics. We use functions like "Dominant" and "Recessive" and "Null". Null being elements that are inactive, while Recessive is the lesser form and dominant is the major form of an element. 

When you pair one dragon to another, the nesting roller will roll through each active element of the genotype and will determine what passes and what doesn't based on the numbers listed in this document. This document has a lot of numbers in it so take it a bit at a  time and don't overwhelm yourself. This is one of our heaviest number documents. Due to its amount of data, we feel it was necessary to put this document in its own section and not in the nesting prompt itself. 

Open up each section to view the different categories and their pass rates! 

You can view the full list of traits here. 
You can view the full list of markings here.


Breeding Supplements

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Nesting Sizes, Fail Rates, Sex, and Inbreeding

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Traits (Coat, Eyes, Horns, Ears, Tails, Mutations)

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Coat Builds 
There are no items that increase the chance of coat builds passing.

Velour x Velour -  10 feathered, 25 Plated, Rest Velour
Velour x Feathered - 15 Feathered, 35 Plated, 36 Angora, Rest Velour
Velour x Plated - 10 Feathered, 30 Plated, Rest Velour
Velour x Angora - 
Velour x Imperial - 

Feathered x Feathered - 
Feathered x Plated - 
Feathered x Angora - 
Feathered x Imperial - 

Plated x Plated - 
Plated x Angora - 
Plated x Imperial -

Angora x Angora - 
Angora x Imperial -

Imperial x Imperial - 

Traits (Eyes, Horns, Ears, and Tails) 
Traits can be boosted by the Aether tonic which will give points to the rare trait. Aether tonic bonus is 20 points.

Common x Common - 90 Common, 10 Uncommon 
Common x Uncommon - 50 Common, 50 Uncommon 
Common x Rare - 60 Common, 10 Uncommon, 30 Rare 
Common x Mythic - 70 Common, 5 Uncommon, 5 Rare, 20 Mythic 

Uncommon x Uncommon - 20 Common, 70 Uncommon, 10 Rare 
Uncommon x Rare - 20 Common, 50 Uncommon, 30 Rare
Uncommon x Mythic - 10 Common, 40 Uncommon, 20 Rare, 30 Mythic

Rare x Rare - 10 Common, 20 Uncommon, 60 Rare, 10 Mythic 
Rare x Mythic - 5 Common, 20 Uncommon, 40 Rare, 35 Mythic 

Mythic x Mythic - 5 Common, 15 Uncommon, 30 Rare, 50 Mythic


Coat Colors
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There are four main coat colors in Souls Between - between the coat colors they make different combinations. 

Each main coat color has an item that increase the chance of the coat color to pass. There are no other items or skills that increase the chance of a coat color from passing. 

Bronze is the most common coat. 
Tarnished is uncommon. It is soft and lighter shades of brown that venture into greyer territory on the color wheel. 
Silver is a rare coat. It is the whites and greys and some off-whites. 
Obsidian is a mythic coat. It is shades of black. 

Gold is produced when Bronze and Silver are Active. 
Obsidian when paired to other coats creates Melanism. 
Tarnished when paired with any other coat color will create paler more brownish grey tones of that coat color.

Bronze Pass Rates (bb/Bb/BB)
Bottle of Bronze Bonus = 15
Bb x bb = 45Bb
Bb x Bb = 10 BB, 50 Bb
BB x bb = 55 Bb
BB x Bb =  15 BB, 60 Bb
BB x BB = 20 BB, 65 Bb

Tarnished Pass Rates (tt/Tt/TT)
Bottle of Tarnished Bonus = 20 Points
Tt x tt  = 40 Tt
Tt x Tt = 9 TT, 45 Tt
TT x tt = 50 Tt
TT x Tt = 14 TT, 55 Tt
TT x TT = 19 TT, 60 Tt

Silver Pass Rates (ss/Ss/SS)
Bottle of Silver Bonus = 25 Points
Ss x ss = 35 Ss
Ss x Ss = 8 SS, 40 Ss
SS x ss = 45 Ss
SS x Ss = 13 SS , 50 Ss
SS x SS = 18 SS, 55 Ss

Obisidian Pass Rates (nn/Nn/NN)
Bottle of Obsidian Bonus = 30 points 
Nn x nn = 30 Nn
Nn x Nn = 7 NN, 35 Nn
NN x nn = 40 Nn
NN x Nn = 12 NN, 45 Nn
NN x NN = 17 NN, 50 Nn

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Markings are weighted based on their rarity. There is no cap to the number of markings that can pass on a character. There are no items or skills that increase the chance of a marking to pass. 

To read this section, note that the following letter arangments mean the following things: 

uu = Null, no marking. 
Uu = Recessive, the marking is in its recessive state. 
UU = Domionant, the marking is in its dominant state.

Unlike other sections of this document, this document does not use percentages and instead uses points from 1 - 100. If a marking is dominant "10" that means 1- 10 out of 100 it is dominant. If it is then 45 Recessive, that means 11 - 45 it is recessive, and 46 beyond it is null.

Common Markings 

Uu x uu = 40 Uu
UU x uu = 65 Uu

Uu x Uu = 10 UU, 45 Uu
Uu x UU = 15 UU, 70 Uu
UU x UU = 25 UU, 80 Uu

Uncommon Markings 

Uu x uu = 30 Uu
UU x uu = 45 Uu

Uu x Uu = 5 UU, 40 Uu
Uu x UU = 10 UU, 50 Uu
UU x UU = 30 UU, 60 Uu

Rare Markings 

Uu x uu = 4 Uu
UU x uu = 20 Uu

Uu x Uu = 5 UU, 15 Uu
Uu x UU = 10 UU, 25 Uu
UU x UU = 15 UU, 40 Uu

Mythic and Legendary Markings 

Uu x uu = 3 Uu
UU x uu = 10 Uu

Uu x Uu = 4 UU, 10 Uu
Uu x UU = 5 UU, 15 Uu
UU x UU = 10 UU, 30 Uu

Breath Abilities and Skills

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Dragons may have only two breath abilities at any time - breaths can be applied to genos and dragons via a breath elixir or can be removed with an Adept Aether Shard. There is no item or skill to prevent a breath from passing. There is no skill to increase a breath passing.

Breath Potion Bonus = 30% 
Agressive Parent Bonus = 5% per parent (10% total) 

None x None = 8% chance for a random breath to pass.
One Parent x None = 20% chance to pass one of the parent's breaths. 
Parent x Parent = 40% chance to pass one of the parent's breath. 

Runs twice so two breaths have a chance to pass. The second breath will always have a 20% chance to pass.

Skills can utilize the "Skill Charm" item to increase the chance of a specific skill passing. While it does not garuntee your skill will pass, it does increase the odds! There is no item or skill to prevent a skill from passing.

Skill charm = 5% Bonus if one, 10% if two.

General Skills: 
One Parent = 40% Pass chance 
Both Parents = 50% Pass Chance 

Combat Skills: 
One Parent = 20% Pass chance
Both Parents = 30% Pass chance 

Legendary Skills
One Parent = 10% Pass Chance 
Both Parents = 15% Pass Chance

Aberrant Pass Rates

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Aberrant creatures can pass their corruption state onto their offspring - to avoid this, apply a cleansing elixir to the nest.
There is currently no item or trait to increase the pass chance of corruption. 

There are four types of corruption, None (0%), Petty (25%), Minor (50%), Major (100%). 
None x None = Always None 
None x Petty = 99% None, 1% Petty
None x Minor = 85% None, 10% Petty, 5% Minor
None x Major = 70% None, 15% Petty, 10% Minor, 5% Major 

Petty x Petty = 70% None, 30% Petty
Petty x Minor = 60% None, 30% Petty, 10% Minor
Petty x Major = 40% None, 25% Petty, 20% Minor, 15% Major

Minor x Minor = 50% None, 30% Petty, 20% Minor
Minor x Major = 40% None, 25% Petty, 20% Minor, 15% Major

Major x Major = 10% None, 40% Petty, 30% Minor, 20% Major