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Created: 13 August 2020, 16:40:26 CDT
Last updated: 16 August 2020, 18:56:04 CDT


Creating an Account

To create an account,  locate "Register" on the far right hand side of the navigation bar. Fill out the information in the form, ensure you read our terms of service and privacy policy , and then hit "Register!" 

When the site is in beta, invite codes are given out to new members who are selected for the beta! 

You will get a verification email sent to your email. This email will 100% most likely appear in your SPAM folder! 

Once you've made your account, you will need to verify your dA account through your profile. Make sure you use your active ARPG account, you cannot link two accounts, and you cannot change the link without a request to staff first! You may not make two accounts on the site for both your accounts!

Now you're all verified, and your dragons are in your ownership automatically! If you have two usernames listed for ownership of a dragon they may not appear, if they do not, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Submit" Next to your name.
  2. Click on "Submit Claim" 
  3. Fill out the description with links to all of your dragons that are not appearing in your ownership due to having two owners listed. 

A staff member will fix the issue as soon as possible! 

Accessing Website Features
Profile and Submit Features:
  1. To access your profile: Go to the right hand side of the navigation bar, click on your name, click "Profile" in the drop down. 
  2. Notifcations: The same as profile, but click on "Notifcations" ." Notifcations update and show a notification icon whenever something is done to your profile/dragons.
  3. Settings: Same as profile, but click on "Settings"
  4. To Log out: Same as profile, but click on "Logout" 
  5. Bookmarks: Same as profile, but click on "Bookmarks"
    1. Bookmarks let you keep track of characters that you don't own, without notifying the owner. This can be useful if you owe payments for someone by tracking the dragon somewhere safe for your viewing!
  6. To Submit a Prompt: Click on "Submit" on the right hand side of the navigation bar. Click on "Submit Prompt" and fill out the information. 
  7. Submit Claim:Same as Prompt, but click "Submit Claim" 
  8. Design Review: There is a handy link found in the same place as claim and prompt submission.  However it can be accessed from your profile too. 
Profile Functions

Go to Settings, here you can change your profile text which supports HTML. Remember to not have any offensive or adult rated content here. It is grounds for warnings/bans. 

Please do not try to put the entirety of the bee movie in this dialogue box.

You can change your email and password here as well.

Character Functions

All character functions are completed in the Character's profile page. Click on the dragon you wish to edit. 

  1. Below the image is a box with information about your dragon. You can click on the "Edit profile" box on the right of the first box, next to "View image on DeviantArt." Here you can fill out the personality and include links to any references for the character you've made/had done of them. You can also access the profile using the left hand navigation tool or going to settings at the bottom of the tool and clicking "Edit profile".
  2. All dragons are marked as giftable/tradable/sellable unless they are not allowed to be (i.e. non ancient dragons from the adoption center). The resell price is set to "0" simply because it is up to the owner to decide the cost they wish to sell the dragon at. 
  3. Dragons have an inventory and a bank. 
  4. To transfer a dragon, click on "transfer" under settings on the left hand side navigation tool. Reciepants must confirm they wish to have the transfer, but you can cancel before the transfer goes through. You cannot retrieve the character, and a staff member has to approve the transfer. There may be a delay before the recopient recieves the character. 
  5. To update a design for design modifcations, click on "update design" on the left hand sidebar under settings and submit a request. It takes you to a similar page like that of the design review page and follows the same methods of submission. 
Registering/Submitting a character for Design Review 

Please see the following documentation: 

  1. Design Registration and Review
  2. Registration Information
  3. Genetics Portal
Buying items from the Shops
  1. Click on Game and Guides and Selects "Shops" 
  2. Select the shop you'd like to buy from 
  3. Click on the item you'd like to purchase, a dialogue box appears. Click on Purchase at the bottom of the box. 
  4. Your currency is automatically removed, and the item is automatically added  to your hoard! 
Selling to Shops 

You cannot currently sell to shops. We are working on this function!


Start here!


There are a few terms that you should make yourself familiar with before proceeding in this guide, or in the game. Some pertain to ARPGs as a whole, others are specific to Souls-Between !

  1. ARPG / CRPG - Art Role Playing Game / Creative Role Playing Game. These terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing. They are titles for the genre of art-based gaming, primarily done on DeviantArt. While every ARPG does things differently, one main objective remains: create artwork and literature in a community focused on a central idea. For Souls-Between this is the game's dragon species and the world they live in.
  2. "Souls" - Lovingly exchanged for Souls-Between so that I do not have to keep typing the whole name throughout this guide. You are free to use it as well. Souls does not refer to the species. 
  3. Dragon / Draconis - A term used to describe the species in souls as a collective. Draconis is the genus.
  4. Wyvern, Dragon, Psuedo, Drake, Emperor, Basileous - Species classifications of dragons in souls
  5. Genotype/Geno - The string of letters that is used by admins to roll breedings involving your dragons. Please note, it does not follow biological logic.
  6. Phenotye/Pheno - A string of words that explains what markings and bases you have on your dragon. Comes from the geno. 
  7. Mutations - Irregularities in your dragon that may give them benefits or drawbacks. Inbreeding mutations generally give drawbacks, most other mutations are just genetic/aesthetic.
  8. Skills - Certain skills your dragon may be born with or obtain that help them in areas of the game. 
  9. Breath Element - Not all dragons are born with this! It can be obtained or bred. 
  10. Traits - Traits correspond to Eye pupil shape and Horn type in Dragons. Ravagers are the only species with added Tail and Ear traits. 
  11. AR - Means Activity Roll. This is when you draw an image or write a literature for an activity such as hunting. 
  12. PP and MP - Primal Points and Mastery Points. Primal Points are the experience needed to level up your dragon. Master Points are the points needed to level you up. 
  13. Aether - The name of Magic found in this universe. 
  14. The Aether / The Below - A world beneath the world we live on. The origin of Aether, and sometimes rumored, the origin of the dragons. 
  15. Empyrean - The name of the world above where we live on. 
  16. Soul Linking - a process of bonding to a single dragon for benefits. 
  17. Flights - a Guild system 
  18. RNG - the process of randomly generating results, in souls it is often "weighted" rng based on rarity.
  19. Slot/slots - a term used to describe a nesting slot.
  20. Craft Mats - Crafting Materials


This section is for you! 

Make sure you read over this guide in its entirety. It is a lot of words to read and take in, but it will help you understand ARPGs and specifically Souls-Between much better. All ARPGs tend to have different rules or ways of operating so do not assume that this journal is how every group runs. While most groups share common mechanics, everyone does it a little bit differently! Make sure you look for the Beginner Guide for the groups you are interested in joining and give them a read! Not all are as fleshed out as this one, so if you need help, ask! Even in souls, if you are unsure about something, ask us! We are always willing to help out! 

How Exactly does this work?
If you have ever played DnD or a video game (specifically MMOs), then you will understand the underlying mechanics involved. You gain characters which you must level up to progress. However unlike these kinds of games, all of the world and most activities are open to you to play with right away! To level up your dragons in Souls, you or someone else has to draw or write about them! When you do this, you gain Primal Points, which is the name of our experience. Primal Points advance your dragon to the next levels, giving them more perks and abilities. When you participate in activities, such as hunting or quests, you gain Mastery Points. Mastery Points are account bound experience. These level you up as a player! As you rank up your experience, you get better at certain things like questing, crafting, and passing hunts and foraging. All of these activities are further explained in this journal! 

How do I get my first dragon? 
Just about every ARPG gives multiple ways to obtain your first characters. In souls you can get them from other players, sales in the game, or from the adoption center. Some activities might even drop eggs, but you will need a leased dragon for this! Leasing is done by players and they set their own terms, so if you want to essentially borrow a dragon from someone to do activities like hunts and foraging, make sure you get all the rules down in writing! You can adopt a dragon for free from the adoption center, but sometimes the adoption center might be empty. When this happens, you can't get a geno from the adoption and will have to either wait for players to deposit new ones, or seek our other means of getting a child. Genos are born into the game, meaning players have bred the parents together and received hatched eggs. Some genos are worth quite a lot of money or effort to gain! Others may be more simple and common, but we give a wide range of freedom in designing so that even the simple children look unique! 

Some players might only sell for their currency [USD, Euros, etc], while others might ask you to do a set number of Primal Points or Activity rolls. Activity rolls means you are drawing a image with their dragon it, that can be submitted to an activity like hunting, fishing, questing, etc! Usually a player will let you know which ones they want. It is important to realize that one image can count for up to 3 dragons for the activity. Meaning if they give you one dragon per image and ask for 2 activity rolls, you will do 2 images, but if they give you 2 dragons and wants 2 rolls, it is just one image! You do gain Mastery Points for these images, so make sure you read over that guide to find out how many you get! This same thing occurs in slots.

Sales in the group are a great way to get your dragon. Either you can purchase a "slot" to a dragon [which is your permission to breed them to another dragon, this can also be bought or earned from other players!], an egg which will hatch a geno just for you, or a custom. Customs give a wider variety of options based on the limitations of the sale and what you have purchased. The game often doesn't sell very rare things like rare/very rare markings, rarer body builds, or rare/very rare traits. We do this so that the market can flourish and players can have a stable economy where these genes and traits remain rare. Sometimes you'll see someone get a rather rare looking dragon, and it isn't from a sale. These are often given for work on item art or assets for the game, or may have been gifted or traded to them by the founders. Founders still reserve the right to hand out customs to others, and you should always respect the privacy of dragon owners and how they obtained their dragons. 

What should I do first?
Make sure you read the Terms first, by joining you are agreeing to our rules and telling us you will follow them!
If you are ready to join, go ahead and click join group on dA! It's an automatic accept, as everyone is welcome to join. To join the website, click register to make an account! See the section about the website for more information. Next you should make your Mastery point tracker, as this tracks your progression in game. It can be found in the Primal Point and Master Point journal. After that, start looking for your first dragon! Once you have it, you can design it based on the genotype [for example if my dragon doesn't have Blanket, I can't put blanket on it, but if it has Pangare, I must include pangare on the design!]. You can always submit journals looking for your first dragon, help for designing, etc! There's no guarantee you'll get a response, but it's a great way to start looking if you don't want to dig through the advertisement folder. Once designed, you can submit them to design approvals, and once approved you can already start doing activities and leveling them up! Your dragon will be uploaded to the admin account, so don't upload their import to your own gallery. Things like your hoard will be created when you first receive items in game. 

We also have a discord, where you can talk with players, mods and the founders!

Remember, you can always request help if you aren't sure about a rule or a mechanic, just ask us! 



There are a few ways you can get your first dragon, or geno. 
  1. Purchasing from another player. See the Advertisements folder of the group's gallery. 
  2. Adoption from the adoption center. See the cycling adoption journal found on The-Below [and soon on the front page nav menu]
  3. Breeding [See breeding section] 
  4. Purchasing a custom from the group [usually limited]
Once you have a geno, you can design your dragon.  You will need to download the Official Imports for your dragon species and use the Genetics guide to find ranges for the markings you have, as well as color rules. 

Where do genos come from?
Genos are essentially dragons that have been "born" into the game. You can breed to parent dragons to produce new baby dragon genos, the size of the clutchs dependant on the dragon species involved! Many players may sell genos for money or for art, however if you wish you can adopt from the Adoption Center for free.

I need help designing my geno!
We do not offer a design service, however you may submit a journal to the group looking for designers! Some designers may even have journals with what they offer! 

Reading a geno

Genos that are obtained from other players or in breeding will always look similiar to this: 

1. Sex Tempermant Species | Health
T: Body, eyes, horns | mutation
G: base+markings
P: pheno

In the case of Ravagers: 

1. Sex Tempermant Species | Health
T: Body, eyes, horns, ears, tails | mutation
G: base+markings
P: pheno

◆ The first line is exactly as it sounds. Your dragon sex, temperament, species and if they are healthy. The only time a dragon is a NOT healthy is if they acquire an inbreeding penalty, such as blindness. All inbred penalties can be found in the genetics guide link for it. 
◆ The "T" lines stands for Traits. The body refers to the fur build. When filling out your import info, you will put the body next to the species. There are three current body types: Common, Feathered, and Imperial. 
◆ Eyes, horns, ears, and tails refer to the trait that corresponds. It will read something like "Slit Eyes, Unicorn Horn" so you always know. Ears and Tails are only on Ravagers. 
◆ The G line means Genotype. It reads base+markings. An example would be Uu/oo/vv+nSo. The base will always uu/oo/vv with one of these "active." If the Uu is active [Uu/UU] it means it is Umber coat. If the Oo is active [Oo/OO] Ivory is the base coat. If Vv is active [Vv/VV] the  base coat is vanta. If Uu and Oo are active the base is golden. If Vv is active with any base [but not obviously itself], the base is Melanistic. Melanistic sliders are found on the bottom of each slider and appear significantly darker. If a base read with two capital letters it is dominant if one letter is capital, it is recessive if no letters are capital is "inactive" and cannot be passed down. 
Genos have a specific ordering:
  1. The base is always first and will always appear as uu/oo/vv+
  2. Markings appear according to rarity and alphabetic order. For example:
    1. Uu/oo/vv+nBl/nPa/nSo/nMa/nSm/nJa/nLi
◆ The P lines means Phenotype. It reads differently from the Geno line based on the marking.
  1. If a marking in the guide is Rare or Very rare it will appear before the base coat in alphabetical order unless it is a color modifier marking [such as Lilac]. 
  2. Color modifiers will always appear right before the base. So a geno with Crimson on a Vanta base will read "Crimson Vanta"
  3. Melanistic will appear before the base, and before the color modifier gene. "Melanistic Crimson Umber"
  4. Markings that end in "ed" will appear before the base. 
  5. All other markings appear after the base. 
Here is an example:
  1. Genotype: Uu/oo/Vv+nPa/nSo/nMa/nLi
  2. Phenotype: Masked Melanistic Lilac with Pangare and Scorching
◆ Breath elements and Skills are inherited from the parents. However, this is a rare chance of the Fire breath being able to be inherited even if the parents do not have it. If your dragon is born with a breath ability or obtains a breath ability with a breath tonic you may draw it on the import [it cannot obstruct the design]. If your dragon does not have a breath ability, you cannot do this. You may still depict them using a breath ability in artwork, even if they do not have a breath ability. 

Dragons must always be designed based on the genotype.
If a marking in your geno starts with n it means it is recessive. 
If a marking in your geno has no n, it is dominant. 
Recessive Blanket: nBl
Dominant Blanket: BlBl

You do not have to cover the dominant range in a dominant marking, but you must always cover the minimum range.


There are two important systems of leveling up that every player undergoes. These systems have experience points called Primal Points and Mastery Points. 
◆ Primal Points [PP] are the points your dragon acquired when you draw them. Any drawing of a dragon can obtain these points. When you acquire a certain amount of points, you can level up! Level ups for dragons come with increased breeding slots and more.
◆ Mastery Points [MP] are points you acquire when you participate in activities in the group. As you level up, you gain more benefits such as higher pass rates in activities. 

◆ Taming is the process of training your dragon. Souls allow for Domestic and Wild dragons, however, taming is used for. Taming a wild dragon does not make it domesticated and there are prompts specific for both options. Domestic and wild dragons both get a separate benefit from their taming. Even if you tame a dragon with the wild option for the wild benefits, you can still call them domestic. Taming a dragon unlocks the ability for the arena, and is needed if you wish to soul link to a dragon. 


Breeding is the main method of growing the community, as new players will be actively seeking genos and they can gain them from the community. 

◆ Breeding rites are the very first step. If your dragon has not completed their breeding rites, they cannot breed. Dragons earn the Ouroboros emblem once they have passed. You cannot fail breeding rites unless you do not meet the requirements. If your dragon is at the very first rank, they will unlock their first 5 breeding slots. 
  1.  As you level your dragon you get additional slots that add on top of the 5 original. So at your dragon's next rank, it is 15 slots [not 10] total. 
  2. You may choose to never do your breeding rites! This is perfectly ok! 
  3. Intersex dragons cannot breed or complete breeding rites. 
◆ Breeding is a very simple system, and it can be a lot of fun! Remember that breeding is a gamble, you are risking using high-value slots and may not get what you want. Rng can be cruel and unforgiving, but keep trying for your goals! 
  1. You are allowed 3 posts per month unless you achieve Dragon Master rank [player level]. Then you unlock a fourth breeding slot for the month, 
  2. 2 of these slots may be splits, but if you post them they will count as a full slot for you and a split. 
  3. If you do not have your own dragon, you can get slots from other players. Usually by trading art, genos, or money. The owner will write you a slot permission, which you can then use as proof of you being allowed to breed that dragon. 
  4. Slots sometimes come with rules! Here are a few rules about what isn't allowed to be written down, or unspokenly written. If you are asked to do these things, please report it to the group! 
    1. "If the clutch rolls this specific thing, It goes to me" this is not a full slot, it is a split. If this is written as a full, it is against the rules. 
    2. "You cannot use supplements" this is against the rules. You cannot restrict others from using supplements. 
    3. "You have to release all genos you don't want/sell them to me" Any kind of rule over a full slot that requires you doing something the owner wants to the genos, is against the rule. 
  5. These rules are allowed: 
    1. "Tag me in the breeding!" Please remember to tag others! It is a small thing, but it can mean a lot! 
    2. "Do not breed to x" X meaning any kind of factor such as dragons with a similar dominant marking/etc.  
    3. "Do not sell/trade/gift slot" Generally if you want to sell, trade, or gift a slot, you should ask first! 
These are not the only rules, and sometimes we may need to update these lists!

Once you've gotten a breeding rolled those genos are yours! They exist and can be designed, or sold/traded/gifted! 
◆ We do not regulate what you sell a geno or a slot for. This is up to you to decide, and the market will usually dictate what it is willing to pay for something. ◆

If you have a dragon without their breeding rites done, you cannot give slots away in any way, unless you have made a deal with someone to complete their rites. Same with slots. If you have used all your slots for a dragon's rank, you cannot sell more unless the deal will push the dragon to its next rank. 


◆ Designing your dragons can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience! It's the first step to getting your dragon in the game! However, there are few rules that should be followed.
  1. Always follow the guides in Genetics. Please be aware that while an example is posted in the guide, it should not be copied. 
  2. The blurring of imports excessively is not allowed. If it strains eyes, it doesn't pass. 
  3. Soft halos [either dark or light] are allowed but should be a neutral color [whites, greys, and black]. 
  4. Lines are allowed to be colored, but should shades darker than what they sit on. For example, don't use dark purple lines over a blue base. Use dark blue. 
  5. shading of the teeth, gums, eyes, claws, and paw pads is allowed. 
  6. Albino and tobiano dragons can have soft pink patches along spots where it is flesh. Keep in mind the imperial dragons cannot have this due to their fluffy exterior. 
  7. Dragons with the following genes will need multiple images submitted with them to import approval 
    1. Tobiano and inkwell [one of each side if wished, one without tobiano turned on so that the under markings are visible] 
    2. Chimeric [one of each side with chimeric [required], versions without chimeric "turned on" to show the genes for both side] 
  8. Adding extras to imports during import approval or do-overs/touch-ups is not allowed. To apply any items you need the design approved and uploaded first. This includes:
    1. Small and large item kits 
    2. Dye kits
    3. nail polish 
  9. Do-over and touch-up kits are one use. 
    1. Do over kit = a full redesign of the design, or drastic changes such as major color changes or major coverage changes 
    2. Touch up kit = minor tweaks to the current design such as border changes to markings, slight changes to color [a few shades up or down], minor coverage changes. 
◆ Companions are in-game "familiars" which give boosts to a dragon. To apply them you only have to comment on the cycling import changes journal and request they be added if you own them. There are a few rules:
  1. Stacking companions with similar boosts are not allowed. So if a companion gives +2 PP for dragons in an image, you can't stack one that does PP boost with it, to get more PP. 
  2. Removal of common and uncommon companions will destroy them. Rare, Very rare, or Exclusive companions will not be destroyed. 
  3. You can move a companion from one dragon to another without destroying them. 
  4. Selling a dragon transfers any items or companions with them. 
◆ Written import info is crucial to an import. It tells admins import things about the dragon such as its genotype and heritage, but it also tells the community who your dragon is! While you don't have to fill out personality, it is highly encouraged. 
  1. Names, Nicknames, Personality = Should all be PG-13. The name is required, but the others are not. 
  2. ID, Owner, Group = ID will always be filled out by the admins. You may request your dragon be uploaded at a certain spot to get the ID you want, or before/after another dragon. Admins will do their best to fulfill the request! Group will always be labeled Souls-Between .
  3. Sex, Health, Species, and Temperament = All of these are found in your geno. Please do not add extras to health. If you want to add something like "A little thing" put it in the personality. Species is always modeled as "Body Species Dragon Type." For example "Common Stalker Wyvern" 
  4. Geno, Pheno, Traits, Skill, and Breath = All of these are found in your geno. If you have a custom, refer to your customs allowances, and the geno/pheno section of the guide. 
  5. Abilities and items = Do not remove this. If you have no abilities/items you can leave it blank or fill in //
  6. Lineage Generation = Generations refer to the dragon's lineage. 
    1. No parents = first generation or "Generation 1" "Gen1"
    2. Two parents or one parent / one grandparent = Second generation, "Generation 2" or "Gen2"
    3. three or more = Third generation, "Generation 3" or "Gen3" 
  7. Lineage = The lineage is who your parents are, followed by the parents parents, and then the parents parents parents. Or parent -> Grandparents -> Great grandparents. These should be direct links to the parents with their ID numbers. 
  8. Designed by = Always fill this out. Even if you designed it. This way if you trade or sell the design, you still have credit for designing it. 
You can view where your dragon is in the upload queue by viewing the Approved Designs document. If your dragon was approved but is not in the document, simply send the group a note!


◆ Flights are player run guilds. A player may only be part of one flight at a time. Flights can make their own rules, but they are subject to following our rules too. Flights can create flight activities, but they cannot generate things like genos, imports, etc. Flights rank up by buying rank and perks with crystals, the in-game currency. Flights have their own flight hoards which players can build up together.
◆ There are two markets in the game. Markets are used to purchase items in the game. 
  1. The Market = the in-game market that allows you to buy items with Crystals. 
  2. The Dragon's Emporium = the in-game market that allows you to buy items with Coins 
◆Crystals are the most abundant currency and can be earned in the game. They are valued at a USD ratio of 100 Crystals = $1 
◆Coins are the least abundant and are earned by purchasing them, or in some events and activities such as mystery loot and monthly challenges. Coins have a few rules that are found in their item art:
  1. May not be sold for USD
  2. Can be traded for other in-game items 
  3. Can be gifted
There are four coins: Diminished, Weathered, Brilliant, and Pristine. You can convert smaller coins into larger coins with this conversation rate: 
4 Diminished = 1 Weathered
3 Weathered = 1 Brilliant 
2 Brilliant = 1 Pristine 


◆ Selling and buying is a very active component of ARPGs. There are a few things you should always look out for. There are many ways you can go about obtaining things from other players such as: 
  1. Trading slots, genos, imports, or items for other goods 
  2. Purchasing slots, genos, imports, or items for real money or crystals/coins 
  3. Purchasing slots, genos, imports, or items for Art 
Always be professional when doing deals! While ARPGs promote a relaxed environment, you are upholding what is called your "Personal Brand Image." If you are on time and professional and communicative, you will have a better brand image. If you are not on time, fail to do deals, or rude, you won't have a brand image. ARPGs are in reality a small community in the grand scheme, and word travels fast. The same goes for the other side of the deal. Be understanding and polite. This isn't to say you should continue to extend a deal that's been extended many times before. Know when to put your foot down, but be polite. 

Never take on more than you can do. This goes for Art and real-world currency. If you don't have the time, don't offer to do the work. 

◆  The group will never accept any journals that undervalue artwork. For example: 
  1. Selling Activity rolls for $1! 
  2. Selling Illustrations for $5! 
Always put value into your work! While it is no secret that ARPGs undervalue artwork, here at Souls we strive to change that image. While things are still labeled as "Worth x PP" always be open to bartering for the quality of art, and never ask for a price that you yourself would not do. Be honest with yourself and others, artists are not your slaves! 

◆  While we do not have a strict world lore that must be adhered to, Souls does have lore and it is important to follow it in events or your entries for these events may be disqualified. 
  1. Empyrean has a steampunk style world. There is no electricity and everything is steam powered. While the imagery of Empyrean is not steampunk, it can be depicted with many different interpretations of the style. 
  2. Empyrean is not found in the known universe. While some terms such as the Ouroboros emblem are from our world, we do not allow for the use of other cultural themes in events. You are free to use them in your own depictions of your characters outside of world events. 
  3. The use of other ARPG creatures will always be allowed; however the depiction of killing other ARPG or CS creatures is strictly prohibited.