Seasonal Sales

Created: 10 September 2020, 18:57:26 CDT
Last updated: 19 December 2023, 18:09:00 CST
Sale Schedule and Overview

Sales are hosted once every three months, however not always in the same month each year with the exception of Autumn's sale. We follow the game's seasonal rotation:

Winter: December, January, February
Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Autumn: Always in November

Most sales follow the same rules and guidelines - and any deviations are noted in the sale page for that sale. Sometimes certain items are more readibly available, or new species may become available later as they are released. This guide is updates as frequently as possible to ensure accurate information involving the new species and items available.

Autumn Sale is known as the Anniversary Sale! This is the month we celebrate the Game's birthday and as such all things are made available during this time.

While we do not intend to, nor do we really often, change pricing frequently, prices are always subject to change to meet the demand or growing economy of the group. We will always make the best effort possible to alert the community of any changes, be they increases or decreases.

Terms of Service

The following outlines the agreement between you, the buyer, and Souls-Between (we). By purchasing from our sales, you acknowledge and agree to these terms of service.

◆ Violation of the terms of service and/or rules of the group can result in you being banned - however anything that is within your ownership will not be removed. Bans may be contested via private messaging on Discord or through our dA group page.
◆ All payments are final, and no refunds or credits are returned to you in the event that you back out of a purchase after money has been transferred. Frequent behavior of doing so will get you banned from sales for a period of time.
◆ Changing your purchase after you have submitted an order is allowed, but the total cost of the purchase cannot go below what you have already paid.
◆ Payment plans are available should you need one, please notify us if you would like a payment plan. We will discuss with you options! We are very flexible and if you need more time we are willing to accomdate. Improper use of this feature will remove it as an option for you in future purchases for a time.
◆ All payment is in USD and done through paypal and as a digital order Via an invoice. Other payment options outside of paypal may be arranged based on circumstances provided.

Guest Artist Auctions

Souls-Between seeks to support the artist community by allowing Advent auctions designed by approved members of the community. If you are interested in becoming a guest artist you can read more about it here.

◆ Auctions are split 70%/30% with 70% of the funds raised in an auction going to the Guest artists, and Souls receiving 30%. You will receive an invoice from both parties. Souls-Between prefers you pay the Guest artists first if you are on a payment plan. However you are free to pay how you wish.
◆ Failure to pay one or both parties will ban you from bidding on auctions in the future.

How We Handle Custom Add Ons

An add on refers to the purchase of additional markings, mutations, traits, or other custom upgrades a vailable.

◆ Addons must be used on the custom you purchase in the sale. You cannot purchase add ons to apply to other dragons outside of the sale, such as genos, imports, or older customs you have been saving.
◆ Purchasing extra traits to put on future customs is not allowed as well.
◆ When rarer traits are available they can replace either the uncommon or common trait.
◆ When rarer markings are available they will be added onto the geno and not replace the uncommon marking.
◆ Exception to the Add on rules are breath elixir and skills, which can be applied to genos, customs, and imports.


If you wish to add on or upgrade a genotype, dragon, or already purchased custom from an older sale, you will need to utilize the Dragon's blood item, which allows you to add markings, mutations, or change traits and other parts of a dragon's genome. This item has a limit based on the type and rarity of the dragon's blood applied. 


Dragon's Blood rules: 

  • Every level up a dragon gains an extra Dragon's blood slot (up to 4 total)
  • Only one of each rarity may be present on a dragon (common, uncommon, rare, and mythic) 
  • Only two markings may be added - rest must be other traits on the dragon (breath, skill, eye/horn, mutation, etc) 
  • Old Dragon's blood from before this rule may not be grandfathered - they may be submitted as a caim to gain back the 5 Dragon Soul Coins used to purchase it instead. 


Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are available and contain items that you can use in game. Loot boxes are a gamble, and you are guaranteed 4 items out of them. Each loot box has specific items that can appear in them, based on their loot box type.

  • Premium and Aether Loot - $10
  • Design/Nesting/Arena - $5
  • Nitro Box - $15
Dragon's Blood

Dragon's blood is our item that allows you to upgrade your character's traits, be it markings etc. Dragon's blood in sales is often limited, always mysterious tier, and costs $25 per vial.

Random Eggs and Info

Dragon eggs come in dragon specific eggs as well as complete random eggs. Eggs have the chance to produce twins, and first generation dragons. Eggs that produce twins will never be first generation. Random eggs that are not species specific will not have newly released species for a short time. Random Species Eggs

  • Common: $5
  • Uncommon: $15
  • Rare: $20
  • Mysterious: $30
Chosen Species Eggs

Chosen Species Bronze Eggs (All species not listed in Silver tier)

  • Common: $10
  • Uncommon: $15
  • Rare: $25
  • Mysterious: $35

Chosen Species Silver Eggs (Abyssal Basileus, Ridgewalker Drake, Sapiere Dragon)

  • Common: $15
  • Uncommon: $20
  • Rare: $30
  • Mysterious: $40
Slot Info

Starters are dragons owned by the game that players can get slots to in order to submit nesting requests. All the starters give you a minimum of two eggs in a clutch and go to the player. Starters are broken down into tiers, which can be found on our admin account. Starts who have the retired symbol or are in the retired folder are not available for slot purchases.

All Starters
  • Tier 1: $10
  • Tier 2: $15
  • Tier 3: $20
  • Tier 4: $25
  • Special Starters: $30 (Not always Available)
MYO and Customs
Custom Characters

A custom dragon is a blank slate that you get to fill out based on the below allowances. Custom dragons are always second generation unless otherwise stated. A first generation dragon means it has no lineage, and are often saved for non-twin eggs, advents, and other special sales. Some dragons may have a mutation called Midnight Sun. These dragons have markings that break the rules, and this mutation is often on advent dragons. Midnight Sun is not a passable mutation. Dragons obtained through nesting are third generation.

The following is what comes in the base cost of the custom:

  • Bronze or Tarnished base coat
  • Common coat
  • Timid Temperament
  • 4 commons markings with 1 Uncommon marking
  • No mutations or dominant markings, no melanism

SPECIES BASE PRICES Older species fall into the bronze tier, newer species fall into the silver tier. Species Will all eventually enter the bronze tier after some time. ◆Bronze Tier Custom :$25

  • Includes all species not found in the silver tier.

Silver Tier Custom: $35

  • Sapiere Dragon
  • Ridgewalker Drake
  • Abyssal Basileus

The following listed below in the next section are all the Addons and upgrades you can add to a custom.

Temperament Upgrade
  • Aggressive $5
  • Calm $15
  • Sinister $20
Coat Type Upgrade
  • Plated - $15
  • Feathered - $20 
  • Angora - ($40 | Not Available outside of special occasions)
  • Imperial - ($50 | Not Available outside of special occasions)
Trait Upgrades

You may change one or all Traits.

  • Common - $15 
  • Uncommon - $20 
  • Rare - $25 
  • Mythic - $30 
Coat Color Upgrade
  • Bronze Tier (Free) - Bronze and Tarnished 
  • Silver Tier ($15) - Silver, Tarnished Bronze 
  • Gold Tier ($20) - Tarnished Silver, Obsidian, Gold
  • Platinum Tier ($30 | Not Available outside of special occasions) - Melanistic
Additional Markings

Only one extra marking can be added.

  • Common - $10 
  • Uncommon  - $15 
  • Rare -  $30 
  • Mythic - ($45 | Not Available outside of special occasions)
Additional Mutations

Up to three Mutations can be added.

  • Common - $15 
  • Uncommon- $20 
  • Rare - $25 
  • Mythic - $30 

When applying Chimera to a custom, you are granted two genome strings - both sides are allowed different markings of 4 common and 1 uncommon. Purchasing an extra marking only places that extra marking on one side. Color mutations may effect all of the character, or only one side of the genome string.

Additional Skills and Breaths

Two breaths and Two skills may be added to a custom.

  • Breath $15
  • General and Combat Skills $15
  • Legendary Skills $30 (limited based on sale)