Design Approval and Updates

Created: 15 August 2020, 21:02:21 CDT
Last updated: 17 July 2023, 11:59:24 CDT

Design Overview

The first step in playing this game is aquiring a character! All new players can obtain a common chosen species egg from the Moon Reef Shop. Once you have your character you'll want to design them! You should begin downloading the relevant import files and then following our design guide for different markings and coat colors. After you have completed your design, you'll submit it! This guide will explain the process to you.

For players who are seeking to upload a genotype who's proof is on DeviantArt, please submit a claim with a link and the applicable geno number.
If you already own characters but they are not in your account, please submit a claim with a list of your characters who should be in your ownership.

Genetics Portal



Design Approval

Design approval is where you will go to get your design reviewed by our design staff. We do this because many markings have dominant ranges or effects, and what this means is if you have a gene that is dominant, you get more freedom to design the gene on your character. Staff will review it and make sure you are within the rules of that gene. If your design is returned to you, it will have a list of ways to correct it which much be completed and then resubmitted. You will want to use this form when you are submitting your design:

Character Name:(Remember to keep these respectful and pg-13)
Dragon's Blood Added(Only one can be applied on intial approval.)
Free Markings Added:(Accents, Birthmark, Blush, Freckles, Minimal Mark, and Tips)
Adornments/Items(You are only allowed to apply Large Item Kits for wing type changes, Small Item Kit for removing Horns, Dragon Tears, Reaver's Essence and Backgrounds)
Design Notes:(If you have a really complex design, we recommend filling this out and providing any breakdown images you may have)
Extra Images:(This is useful for things like chimera and tobiano, etc.)


When submitting a design for initial approval please note the following items and statuses that need to be added in design updates instead. Submitting an approval with these changes will cause you to be rejected for corrections (with the exception of Advent designs). 

  • Reaver's essence - you can apply the mutation as is, and then modify it after!
  • Aberrant/Corruption States - if the corruption effects alters line art, it will need to be submitted in design updates!
  • Adding Breath Elixirs with Art. 

If you are applying skills and breath elixirs - or other items that will not change the design (i.e adding a marking to an albino but having it not show) please submit a Claim to do this!

These items are allowed to be used in Design approval for modifications: 

  • Large Item Kit to swap wing styles on dragons (that aren't Feathered. Feathered are allowed to choose without a large item kit.) 
  • small Item kit to remove horns and ears.
  • First Dragon's Blood voucher
Design Updates

Design updates is where you will go to update your character's design. This will cover only updates that change the design itself. The system is similar to design approval. You will submit your design and a staff member will approve it. Like Design approval, your design may be returned for corrections. When you submit a design update you will want to fill out this form:

Adornments/Items:(Large Item kit, Small Item Kit, Dragon Tears, Backgrounds, Reaver's Essence, Aberrant Tincture, Paint, Nail Polish, Shampoo, Touch up Kit, Do Over Kit)
Dragon's Blood Added:(One can be added per level with only one rarity of each being added and only two are allowed to be markings. Up to 4 in total can be added.)
Detailed Changes: Tell us what you are adding/changing.
Extra Images:(This is useful for things like chimera and tobiano, etc.)

Just like design approval, if you are adding anything that is not changing the design, please submit a claim!

Updating an Advent Dragon 

If you own an advent dragon and wish to update it you can do so but must first abide by these rules and regulations.

  • The main rule is if the design is NOT by you, you must keep the intial theme as close as possible! You cannot redo an advent from the ground up UNLESS you have permission fro mthe original artist.
  • You can remove markings from an advent with dragon's tears, so long as it does not alter the design too drastically. - unless you have permissin from the original artist.  
  • You can redraw the pose. 
  • You can alter the design slightly. 
  • You can add new markings/mutations with dragon's blood. 
  • You can move over to new lines or legacy lines. 
  • You can use item kits/etc to modify the design.


Submission Process

We know that the site can be a bit overwhelming when you're new - we've come a long way from being hosted on dA! So this section will go over how to understands the terms, and a basic guide on submitting your character to the site. You are free to create art/literature of your characters before they are designed, but note that if you need to make drastic changes you may need to adjust your art/literature to reflect this too.

How to Submit

When you are ready to submit your genotype design, you will go to the page for that genotype and select the "Submit Genotype Design" button. It's going to take you a new page where you can select "Create Request." If you do not see this, you should see a link to view the current design pending submission if it exists. After you select the Submit genotype design you will see a list of tabs.

Status Page: This is the final submission page. You start here, but will return to it after you complete the other tabs. Once all tabs are saved, you will come back to this tab and select submit (or cancel if necessary).
Comment Page: This tab is used for filling out the applicable design approval or update form. Make sure you fill out all relevant information and select save.
Master List ImageThis is your character's design! You will notice an upload image button, this will be your main file that is 3000x2040. Then you will want to turn off the cropper and upload a second image of your design that is 300x204 size. If you are using the transparent background method on the site, you can upload the thumbnail with a background or without.
Add Ons: Here you can add any items you are using. You can only add things from your hoard, so be sure you have all you need or you will need to come back to add them. Any saved tabs will remained saved if you leave the page to get items from the shops or from crafting.
Traits This is where all of your traits are located for your geno. You shouldn't need to do anything here but save the tab.

Once you select the Submit Design button on the status tab, you will be able to review the design uploaded but not change anything. You can add any missing notes or forms in the feedback section. Your design is now pending approval.

Cancellations, Rejections, and Approval

Your design can be returned for differing reasons - usually it is returned for corrections, and very rarely is it rejected. If a design is returned for corrections, you will repeat the submission process for it to be reviewed after you made your relevant changes.

An important note: if you do not see the image change when you upload it, clear your browser cache (not cookies or history, uncheck these!) to refresh the image. Once done you will be able to see the new image.

Rarely is a design rejected - it is usually for returning a design because nothing is updated, such as adding skills or breath elixirs.

Once Approved, your page for your genotype converts to a character and will have no information and sections available to it. You will now be allowed to submit activities with them.

Approved dragons are then uploaded to the dA masterlist with very minimal information such as the link to the profile on the site.