Primal and Mastery Points

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Primal Points Vs Mastery Points

Primal Points are considered 'Dragon' Bound and are derived from artwork for that dragon. In addition, some activities are repeatable, as they are for Dragons to complete. Primal Points are transferred with the dragon if you give them to another player. When you transfer a dragon, the new owner can simply use a proof of status update to indicate all the previous artwork counted, so that they do not have to rebuild the tracker from scratch.

  • Nesting Rites
  • Dragon Taming (Training)
  • Aether Restoration
  • Dragon x dragon/Character Souls Bonding
  • Arena Rank
  • Dragon Status Leveling (Primal Points)
  • Questing Level and Chance
  • Profession

Master Points are considered 'Player' Bound and are derived from the activity entries themselves. A good example is a hunting image that includes two of your dragons. You get 1 set of points for the image itself, but your dragons will get two seperate primal point counts. Mastery Points tie to player activities that can be completed once, or have special leveling tiers that you can complete once.

  • Crafting
  • Dragon x Player Soul Bond
  • Player Leveling (Mastery Points)
  • Aether Guard Rank
  • General Activity Pass Chances

Tracking Your Points

To track your Mastery and Player points, you need to create a tracker. Our trackers are Only to be hosted on the website and should be set up similarly to the examples provided. The guides below will walk you through how to do this.
◆ Mastery Point Tracker (Player)
◆ Primal Point Tracker (Dragon)

Depicting Violant Situation or Abuse in Souls-Between


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We refrain from restricting your ability to depict these situations in your artwork, however we have a few rules when it comes to the depiction of these situations. Failure to abide by these rules can result in strikes or bans.

  • The artwork must have a warning clearly visable either in the title, or the first sentence of literature. It should describe the content in a modest and truthful way. (i.e. 'Contains Violence', or 'Contains heavy gore')
  • Artwork must be a link in the comment of your tracker, with a warning displayed.
  • Artwork should have a mature filter if it falls into the category for DeviantArt's policies.
  • Overly grotesque, over the top, or 'shock value' pieces are not welcome in the group. While you can still count them for points, they will not be added to our galleries. Our Group is still considered a PG-13 group that welcomes all ages 13 and over.

So what classifies as violent, and why is this important? Our admins are volunteers and we do not expect them to read or interact/view content that would make them uncomfortable. Additionally, players too deserve to know if something might be content they do not wish to look at. Admins are not required to count your points if these warnings are present. Including them in trackers may cause some delay if another admin must be notified to do the count.

The following is a list of things we deem to need a disclaimer:

  • Emotional, Physical, or Verbal Abuse
  • Graphic details of violence
  • Excessive blood or Gore
  • Other depictions of harm to characters

Souls-Between does not allow any depiction of Sexual Assault or Violence, and turning in a piece that depicts these acts is ground for heavy strikes against you.

Dragon Ranks


Dragons have four ranks which unlock new things for them, as well as effect certain activity pass rates like hunting, foraging, and questing. Arena ranks are seperated from Dragon Rank, so these ranks will not affect the dragon's chances in the arena.

Fledgling Rank = 0 Points

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The youngest of dragons, they are weak and new to the world.

  • 5 Nesting Slots once Nesting Rites are completed
  • 4 Total Familiar Slots
  • Very high Chance to Fail Quests
  • Basic and Low Aether Restoration can be Completed
  • Taming, Nesting, and Soul Bonding can be Completed
  • 2 Skill Slots Unlocked

Primal Rank = 150 Points

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Still young, these dragons are gaining more experience and learning how to handle the world.

  • +10 Nesting Slots (15 Total)
  • +1 Skill slot unlocked (3 total skills)
  • High Chance to fail Quests

Ancient Rank = 300 Points

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Ancient dragons are nearing their adult life, they have learned how to handle many situations and are growing stronger.

  • +15 Nesting Slots (30 Total
  • +1 skill slot unlocked (4 total skills)
  • Low chance to fail Quests
  • High Aether Restoration can be Completed

Primoridal Rank = 500 Points


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Adult dragons who are more than equipped to survive on their own.

  • Unlimited Nesting Slots
  • Very Low chance to fail Quests
  • +1 Skill Slot (5 skills Total)

Rank up Rewards

At every rank up, you earn a random loot box.  Once you are above the max points, you earn another b ox at every 150 points above max.

  • Design Box
  • Familiar
  • Nesting Box
  • Arena Box
  • Premium Loot Box
  • Aether Bag

Player Ranks


Players have four ranks to complete which, like Dragons, unlock perks each time they rank up. Crafting ranks are a seperate rank up from your player rank, but is player bound.

Beginner = 0 Points

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Everyone starts somewhere.

  • Very High Fail rate in Daily Activities
  • 3 Nesting Requests Per Month
  • 4 Free Daily Activity Rolls a month
  • 1 Free Arena roll a month

Stable Hand = 150 Points


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You've been allowed near the dragons, just not in the way you'd like...

  • High Fail rate in Daily Activities
  • +1 Free Arena Requests Per Month (2 total)
  • +1 free Grand hunt Request

Dragon Tamer = 300 Points

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You are gaining knowledge and are now moving up in the world.

  • Low Fail rate in Daily Activities
  • +1  Free Arena requests Per Month (3 Total)
  • Access to The Vortex


Dragon Master = 500 Points

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A master of dragons, you have gained the knowledge to understand these great beasts.

  • Very Low chance to fail Daily Activities
  • +1 Nesting Request per month (4 total)
  • +1 Free arena requests per month (4 Total)
  • +1 Free Daily Activity Rolls a month (5 Total)
  • Access To Master Arena fights
  • +1 free Grand Hunt Toll (2 total)

General Activities refers to hunting, Foraging, etc. Not Questing.

 At every rank up, a player earns a random loot box. After the highest level, you gain another loot box at every 100 EXP gained.

  • Design Box
  • Familiar Chest
  • Nesting Box
  • Arena Box
  • Premium Loot Box
  • Aether Bag

Primal and Master Point Breakdowns


Understanding backgrounds and Color definition

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The Difference Between Basic and Complex Backgrounds

Basic Backgrounds are backgrounds that include only 2 dimensions of space. This being the ground and the sky, or just one dimension (such as a bust with trees in front of a background). Basic backgrounds only count if the background is not a flat color and contains some kind ofsecondary element such as a horizon.

A complex background shows at least 3 dimensions of space, the foregound, middleground, and background. The foreground is found in front of the subject, and often consists of other characters or objects in the scenery like trees or rocks. The middle ground is often the subject itself, and its scenery. The background often consists of objects in the far distance and the sky. Complex backgrounds often have more effort to accomadate the different subject matters and composition of the piece, and thus are given more points.

All backgrounds must depict an environment, they cannot be just textures.

SoulsBetween Prompt Visual guide

The Difference between Flat Color, and Flat Monotones

Flat color refers to non shaded color placed on a subject, which depicts all the different colors that the subject has. Flat monotones refers to the subject being in either only greytones, or a specific other shade (such as only using blues). Flat monotones still must show markings and details that a flat color subject would use to gain points.


Primal Points


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Full Body 

1SSfq7Q.pngA full body piece of artwork refers to the depiction of dragon of at least half its body present. If you are showing the wings in majority as they cover the body, however, we expect to see all of the wings.
The breakdown of points is as follows:
  • The Base Points (Sketches/Lines and All Finished Pieces)= +2 PP
  • Added Flat Color or Flat Monotones = +4 PP
  • Added Shading = +6 PP
  • Basic Background = +2 PP
  • Complex Background = +4 PP


VO7BVq3.pngA piece that only shoes the face, or up to the chest of the subject. This does not allow for showing only the wings or tail, as the focus is on the face of the subject.


The breakdown of points is as follows:

  • The Base Points (Sketches/Lines and All Finished Pieces)= +1 PP
  • Added Flat Color or Flat Monotones = +2 PP
  • Added Shading = +4 PP
  • Minimal Background = +1PP (the current example image is an example of this)
  • Basic Background = +2 PP
  • Complex Background = +4 PP


Minimal backgrounds in busts is when the background is visible, but has little detail with in it. This is to not punish those who make their backgrounds equal to the detail they put in the dragon.


Animated, Sculpted, Icons, and Pixels

Animations are considered moving subjects, which could include movement cycxles, flicking tails, moving wings, blinking, etc. They only count if the animation is present and will receive all bonuses for Full body or Portrait. Some of these bonuses can stack on each other, such as a 3d model being animated. Sculpts refer to both traditional and digital.

  • Simple Animation (blinking or other simple small movements) +3 PP
  • Complex Animations (Walk Cycles or larger movements) +6 PP
  • Sculpts and 3d Models +8 Points
Icons/Pixels (ignore Half Points Ruling) +3 PP



Fp9NUoJ.pngReused Bases and Chibis

Reusing a base will give it half points, but the original artwork on the base will be granted full points. Take the total of the normal points, and simple divide it in half to get the final points.
If major things are changed, such as taking a common coat base and changing it to an Imperial coat base, the new imperial base will be granted full points on its first iteration. Other colors of the base will receive half points. Changing only the horns or minor traits will not grant it full points.
These rulings do not make 'Chibi' artwork at half points, unless the pieces are truly limited in detail or smaller than 300x300px.



Character Sizes and Details


Character must be at least 300x300px in size to gain full points. If they are any smaller, they receive half points. However if submited to an activity with less than 300x300px in size, the request will be rejected and the entry will need to be fixed. The only pieces exempt from this is art pieces intended to be icons/avatars.

Limited detail in a character is ground for half points, as well as being rejected for an activity submission. Limited detail means not putting the effort to ensure the details of the dragon's markings are presented.

Comics and AMVs

A comic receives full points for every unique panel that is in the comic. Where as an AMV will earn points for every unique scene image that is in the AMV. When submitting an AMV please provide all the seperate AMV images in the log. You can do using google drive and ensuring it can be seen by others!





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Refers to written word which can be on its own or combined with artwork in comics, small snippets of interaction in the artist description, or stand on its own as a written piece. Literature is given the same importance as artwork and can receive all bonuses that artwork receives in the 'Extra Additions' section.

  • 1 point for every 100 words
  • Background details (minimum of 2 - 3 sentences) is +1 points

Characters included in literature should be represented equally to other characters - you cannot have a character simply mentioned. They should be included as part of the story just as much as the others.




Bonuses refer to additions to the artwork or literature.


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In the case of added characters (be it dragon, handler, or other ARPG) they need the same amount of attention as the subject to count. This means you cannot make the handler a black silhouette and have it count as an added handler. In the case of literature, there must be noticable interaction and more than a few sentences of them existing in the literature.

  • Added Dragons (stacks up to 2 and can belong to you) +2PP
  • Added Handler/Caretaker/humanoid +2 PP
  • Group Activity (Arena, Hunting, questing) +1 PP
  • General/Misc Event (such as Grand Harvest, or Frigid Festival) +2 PP
  • Lore/Story Event (such as Voyage of the Wardens, or The Aether Wars) +4 PP
  • Rites, Aether Restoration, Taming, Soul Linking +2
  • Collaboration/RP +1PP
  • Personal Work +1 PP
  • Added Other ARPG(must include the import, cannot stack) +2 PP
  • Trophy awards (Nesting, Taming, Soul Linking, Etc) +10 per each trophy


Mastery Points


Mastery points are your own experience, and cannot be traded to other players. You earn materials by completing activities such as hunting or events. In some cases, you may earn MP from multiple sections, such an advent entry you create that is a hunt. You would earn both the Advent entry and the hunt entry points. However, some activities cannot be doubled up, and only count for one section or another.

  • Nesting Rites, Taming, Aether Restoration, Professions, and Soul Linking
  • Questing
  • Arena
  • Events

A rite can be used as a hunt or other activity only for the dragon that is not claiming the rite.

The following are the Mastery Points per activity.

  • General Activities (hunting, fishing, etc) +3MP
  • Questing (includes seasonal) +4MP
  • Arena (Created pieces only) +4MP
  • Annual and other Events +4MP
  • Trophy images (taming, nesting,etc)+6MP Per Image
  • Advent Raffles +1MP


Toggle Spoiler
What if I submit a breeding rite with multiple dragons?

You still only get 6MP as MP rewards based on the artwork/literature created and not the individual dragons.

What if someone creates artwork for me? Do I get the MP?

Yes, you do! Your dragon is present and you are participating in the activity, therefore you are rewarded MP! HOWEVER, Advent entries are excluded from you receiving the MP bonus if you win the dragon. You cannot claim other entries for MP, only PP. You also cannot claim entries for MP if the dragon is Leased to someone else!

Can I do payments based on MP?

You can, but we don't advise it as it is a lot more of a grind to level up your player status vs your dragons. Don't overwork members of the community!

What if I submit both my nesting rites/ taming/ hunting sheets/ etc as one image?

This is allowed, however, you need to have clear distinct borders! If you do this, you'll get the MP for each unique panel. So nesting rites submitted as one post will be worth 12 MP!

Are PP Sheets worth MP?

No, MP is rewarded for participating in activities in the game. However if you have unique activity submissions in a PP sheet you will gain MP for these panels only.

I did artwork for someone else, but I have no dragon involved, do I get MP?

Yes with an exception. The artwork you create for someone else that is an activity will give you half points. However, the following are stipulations

  • Advents are still +1
  • General Activities are +2
  • Rites, Taming, Soul Linking, etc will give you full points.

This only comes into play if you have no dragon of yours in the image. If you do have a dragon in the image, you will get full points only.

I am leasing a dragon. How do those points work?

The dragon owner will be given full Primal Points for the dragon depicted like normal.

The dragon owner will be given half Mastery Points for the activity image. The party that has been given permission to use the dragon will be given Full Mastery Points for the activity image.



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