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Crafting Update

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Hello Everyone, a quick mid month announcement to let you all know that Crafting has began its process of being overhauled! All of our recipes have been updated and we have removed retired recipes completely already. 

We have also updated the Currency amount for buying in the shop as well as what items, and how many there are, are available. 

For players who want to experience any systems fresh and new you have the following options when submitting a claim:
  •  Wipe my Recipes: We will clear out all your known recipes. For those who want to keep the recipes, the research trees will not only provide the NEW recipes in the game, but also the materials to make one of each recipe.
  • Wipe my Currency ( Chosen ): We will wipe your currency of choice! Want to start over with Moon Gems? Sure thing!
  • Wipe my Hoard (Selected Items): Want to wipe out your hoard completely or save a few items? We can do this as well! 

Submit a claim with the title (Wipe my recipes, Wipe my Currency, or Wipe my Hoard) and we will do this for you! This OPTIONAL, so if you don't want this, don't feel pressured to do it! 


That is all for now! Research trees will be set up tomorrow and we advise you do not utilize these feature until you have your recipes wiped if you would like to go the Wipe my Recipes option! 

Happy New Year Souls-Between!

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  • Back into the Fray
  • Scouting Released

We don't have a lot of big news to share for the first week back, but we are back in the swing of things here! Staff members will be returning to working the queues and we will continue working on improvements on information, the site, and the game as a whole! 


With that in mind, the one big thing we would like to announce is that a new activity has been released! This activity is called Scouting, you can find it in the activities drop down. It has two parts, one where you will collect rewards five times a day, and it's additional prompt that the entire community will contribute to. This prompt gives a point to the location you depict, getting it closer and closer to unlocking, and upgrading for better loot! All of the progression resets every 6 months, on January 1st and July 1st. To cover for the 6 days missed this year so far, we have given 5 points to The Oasis location to unlock it's second upgrade. The oasis level one is always available. Even on resets, it is the only location that remains unlocked at level one. 

You can go scouting five times a day, which takes 35 minutes to return your items. You then can submit one scout progression prompt a day to give points to a location of your choice. If you collab, all parties will get 1 point each added to the location. Keep in mind though, all your characters need to be added to the prompt, and not individually added in different prompts for extra points. Lastly, because this is a prompt you cannot fail, you can only use the Celestial feline with it. No other items, skills, etc will be usable in this activity. 

The higher the level, the more rare the loot, and additionally, the more amount of loot you get! 


Happy new years Souls-Between! 

December Wrap Up

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  • Holiday Announcement
  • ROT Ending
  • Upcoming New Game Mechanic
  • Next event and Progress on imports

Hello Everyone! It has been a quiet few months on our end as we have been allowing our staff to enjoy the holidays. We have a light news post for now. We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and taking care of themselves. 

Holiday Announcement 

The holidays are in full swing and we give this time to all of our staff to relax and spend time with family and loved ones. This means the queues will be much slower and may be backed up until after January 5th when our staff returns from their holidays! Staff is not required to take the time, so you may still see some things move through the queue. Please respect our staff's time to rest! 


ROT Ending 

Our 2022 ROT event has ended! Thank you to everyone who particpated, we hope you enjoyed this laid back and fun event to celebrate the game's 5th anniversary. We have rolled all raffles. If you got a starter please submit a design update  regardless if you are updating the import or not. Also please note, there is a very high chance we do not have the imports for these starters, in the event you want to update them. You are free to update them with design kits and do over kits if you wish to! 


Upcoming New Game Mechanic 

A new mechanic is coming soon, we expect to release sometime in January. It will be a mechanic requiring cooperation among everyone and we hope it is something you will enjoy! 


Next Event and Progress on Imports 

Not much has changed on our progress with import overhauls. With the holidays we have been relaxing and this has been put on hold for the time being. We will be back to updating these soon after January 5th. We will always make a few smaller visual tweaks to the Sapiere import after we finish the Stalker and Warden imports. 


Our next event is going to be entering it's preproduction phase and will be a world story event. We will have more information on this later when we have more details ironed out! 

August Wrap Up

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  • Prompt Clean Up 
  • Daily Advent
  • Sale Extended (1 Week)
  • Ridgewalkers and Abyssals 
  • Crucible Enhancements
  • Aether Trials Re-released
  • Import Updates
  • Friends and Blocking Feature
  • Other New Site Features

Hello everyone! It's been a wild few months and we have lots of updates to go through for the site! I also wanted to take a moment and welcome all of our new members! We are super excited to see you join us and if you have questions you can utilize the discord or the forums! 

Prompt Clean Up

This is progressing nicely! We have just two left to go, Trials of Morality (taming) and Trials of Spirit (Soul Bonding). Then we will be back up to date on where we were before I took on this venture of making our activities orgnaized, refreshed, and with better mechanics. A big thank you to AveryFish for helping out and cleaning up my grammar and wordiness! 

After this prompt clean up we are going to focus on the new mechanics and activities coming to the game, starting with Questing as it needs to make its return to the game! We have a lot already done and ready for quests, we just need to complete it! 

Daily Advent

Our Advent calander has returned and in this case, it will last until the end of the year. Go forth and get your daily goodies!

Sale Extended

We have cleaned up some information in the sale, specifically making our price page nice and cleaned up and also added that you can purchase Abyssals and Ridgewalkers in this sale. Because of this, we extended the sale another week! It will end on September 7th at midnight CST! 

Ridgewalkers and abyssals 

Speaking of our newer species - they now can be rolled in random eggs and generic starter tickets now include them as well!

Crucible Enhancments

As part of the cleanup on prompts, we are also tidying up areas that really need some extra polish. Crucible was one of these! For those who have been around you've probably seen so many redo's and clean ups of our combat system by now! Here's a list of things we made better: 

  • CXP was renamed to CC which stands for Crucible Coins. We've transitioned this away from an "XP " based system and leaned more towards a currency based system.
  • The Crucible Armory Shop has bee nreleased - you can now buy some combat related items in this shop using your Crucible Coins. 
  • The Crucible Gauntlet was added to the same shop - this item you will need to present when you are doing combat with a starter to level up! Keep in mind that you can't just buy a bunch of them and disperse them amongst your characters. You will need to provide matching gauntlets to your characters when submitted to fight for your rank up.  Gauntlets also cost the same amount regardless of level.
  • Some of the tables in the prompt were cleaned up, as well as the prompt as a whole. It's more streamlined now and offers better readability on a lot of things. 
  • Rankless now has its own loot table and they can fight the retired starters as their matching rank. 
  • All the loot tables have been recrafted and made to be more balanced per level. You'll find it's much more lucrative to rank up now! 
  • Crucible Season information has been removed from the other two crucicble prompts as it will be its own prompt. This way, you can submit crucible seasons to a seasonal prompt. 
  • Crucible Loot roller is all new and fancy and follows the same look and feel as our expedition roller. It also now has the Empyrean Book coded into it. 

Aether Trials Re-Released

Our magic earning prompt has been re-released with some new functions! The information in this was REALLY dated and needed some improvements. We've updated all this information and made it nice and clear like our other prompts. 

Additionally, we have a New feature brought in for Aether Trials to make it more worth your time in completing these. We call these "Aether Talents"! Aether Talents are usable in different areas of the game and act like skills, but you only earn them via completing a high class trial. Additionally, you no longer need to stick to one magic type. You can select up to two, but only one can be considered your high class magic. 

Arcane - Aetherling's favor. A familiar summon to aid the Arcanist in combat.

Elemental - Perfect Nest. Elementalists know the secrets to incubating eggs perfectly. Gain +1 nesting item limit (Stacks!)

Healing - Revitalizing Aura. In activities with status effects, you won't take the additional damage from your prior unhealed status effects. Additionally, you can heal the blind by submitting a claim.

Enchantment - Endless Satchel. An enchanted bag that gives yo u+2 items in all activities.

Illusion - Timeless Transformation. Allows your dragon to be depicted in alternate forms in all official souls pieces. The forms have to still follow the character's markings/colors and recognizable traits.

Import Updates

We are still hard at work here! 

  • Ravagers - Angora complete. Imperial Left. 
  • Sapiere - Feature complete! 
  • Abyssals - Feature Complete (pending a small fix to the wingless variant Hydra however) 
    • Can now have no wings! Enjoy your dinosaur Dragons! We are excited to have more of the Basileus! 

Friends and Blocking Feature 

A new feature has been added to the site that I think everyone will appreciate. You can now add people as friends, as well as block other users. You'll find the buttons to do so on their profile! 


Adding someone as a friend requires their approval - you can see your pending and current friends here and should receive a notification for incoming requests. 


Other New Site Features 

We have a few other new site features that come in handy: 

  • Hoard consildation which will pair up matching items into one stack. You can access this by the "view hoard" option in the drop down. 
  • Commenting Likin which is also tracked via the drop down link. 
  • We have a maintenance mode for the site now! This isn't exactly super beneficial for everyone, but if we have to do a huge update, we can put the site in maintenance while we work on it! 
  • New asset art was added to traits thanks to AveryFish
  • New coat color swatches also added to our coat color guide which has better readability. Additionally citrine has its luecisitic sliders added. 
  • The shop now has a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reset option. You will being see those put to use! 
  • We changed the name of the Central shop and now it only offers things for crystals - including the backgrounds! 
  • Added  the item names that heal status effects so as to avoid confusion since using an item on a status will not prompt you to use a correct item. Make sure you are using the right item as we will not replace them. 
  • New art for vouchers is slowly rolling in. 
  • Starters are now sorted into folders. 
  • Removed the old market vouchers from the life of the party loot table. 


With that all done please note we are doing lots more work throughout the week! 

June News

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Hello everyone! We've had a very busy month on cleaning up some things on the site - mainly prompts! So we didn't have a lot of big events going on. However I still have plenty to go over for this month's news! 

  • Upcoming Site Enhancements 
  • Prompt Clean Up 
  • Prompt Limits 
  • Status Effects
  • Corrections Saftey Limit
  • Coupons Added to Shops
  • Item Merges
  • Eggs now roll new markings
  • Renaming and Lore
  • Upcoming Events
  • Progress on Imports
  • Next Sale
  • Important Patch Log Notes 

Upcoming site Enhancements 

I'm REALLy excited to announce this one. We are working with a coder to redesign the layout of our website! We want souls to stand out a little more so it isn't just another Lorekeeper looking website - so we are commissioning someone to redo our layout. This is only going to affect the main visual look. Not so much individual pages. However, we will most likely be returning to this coder to work on reworking on many of our individual pages like player profile, character profile, etc! At this time, I do not have an ETA, however we will share progress as we receive it.

Prompt Clean Up

Many folks are aware - we are in the process of cleaning up our activities. This is a rework of how we are utilizing the prompt system as well as giving me that opportunity to really scrutinize many of our current game mechanics and see where we can do better. This does mean some activities were on hold for a while - and some still are- as we finish up their new look and feel. We hope however that the new layouts on these prompts look way better and are easier to navigate and read. We will be utilizing a lot of the things we've learned in the prompt clean up for the rest of the site - including my next big challenge which will be our player guide and updated ToS. 

We currently only have the trials left for the clean up - which is what we are now calling our Rites! There's a lot of cool sutff going on there but you'll need to read our patch notes as it's a lot of content to put up here. 

Prompt Limits 

This one is big enough to give it it's own section! We added the extension Prompt Limits recently! What does this mean? It means the site will now track your total submissions per time period and we can even limit things by time period. For example, Nesting. Before we tracked this in a spreadsheet and while easy to do it was time consuming for staff. Now we can view on the prompt when submitted how many times you've submitted something and the site will tell you that you can only submit so many per month. Nesting we have split into different prompts for categorizing what types you can do - full and splits for example. You'll notice that Full says a different number than you think. This is to account for those at master rank or in some instances the Aether Guard's boon. So remember your actual limits - be cause Staff knows and they will reject it if you try to submit something that you don't have the permission to do yet. 

Status Effects 

We've officially rolled out status effects through another extension and now your characters can get things like poison, broken bones, and even blight! You can remove these on your own but be aware some evolve into other status effects and you take damage from status effects every time you submit a prompt that utilizes them (Expeditions and later quests). 

Corrections Safety Limit 

In efforts to make design a less tiring process full of emotions over designs passing, we have instated a new rule to help ease the process of corrections for players.

Corrections Safety Limit (or, the Three Review Rule)

Upon the third correction of your character's design if a staff member finds an issue with your design that was not previously caught in review, and has not changed from the prior two images, then you will not be returned to corrections for that issue. However any other changed features upon submission may be returned for corrections. This includes any changes made to fix prior corrections.

Souls-Between will hold onto and retain previous images submitted for corrections in order to ensure a smooth design review process for corrections. We do not hand out any prior images submitted to anyone for any reason, beyond reviewing internally. We do this so that our players do not need to worry about uploading to their dA stash or imgur files in order to provide prior images for corrections anymore.

So how does this really work? How does it effect you as a player? Do you as a player need to do anything?

The answer is no, you don't need to do anything or worry about any changes on your part. This is a staff change! Staff will be leaving feedback for your corrections in two places: The comments section of your review and the original feedback box. At this time you cannot see the comments section after your design is sent back to you for corrections We are getting this changed so the comments box will be available to you there, and then you will be able to have discussion about that particular design in the review process, instead of in the forums.

Why in the comments? So we can keep a record of the correction feedback - as is we lose that feedback and this is the simplest way for staff to all stay on the same page and even see what might have been missed, and how many times your design has had to be in corrections.

However, please note, redesigning your character completely/heavily in corrections will reset the rule limit.

So what counts for the Safety Limit?
We split issues for designs into three main groups: Minor, Major, and "We aren't sure". We hit that last one a lot and it can often cause some confusion for us and players, or even lead to changes in guides! Design review can be both rewarding and frustrating for this very reason, and some of our staff are more strict than others. However, we have a few examples to help staff know what is considered "minor" and what is "major." Regardless of our safety limit, major rule breaks will often cause you to return for a fourth time even if it was missed the first two times. However, minor and "we aren't sure" will never return you to corrections for that fourth time (unless you were fixing an incorrect marking that is still incorrect of course).

Major rule breaks are considered as follows:
- Value being below 7
- Drastically out of the correct range for the mark, be it dominant or beyond.
- Colors that are very very off (being a smidge off when compared to a slider is fine, but if its very drastically wrong it's not ok)
- Markings that appear very drastically like another marking (small similarities are ok, and if we are on the fence on it its fine, but if it is a drastic likeness then it does not pass at all)

Some examples of minor breaks would be:
- Strange edge properties in some places
- Being slightly off slider for a base color, or other restricted color marking
- Coverage rules for tobi/inkwell/etc if they are not drastically over the percentage. (This one can be tricky to judge, we often need to vote on this one)
- Having a marking appearing slightly into more zones than allowed (if rosettes can be in 3 zones but it has one or three in a fourth zone that's ok to pass if it was missed the first two times)

Coupons added to shops 

The old Market and Emporium voucher currencies are going away - in their place now you will receive coupons! These coupons will be able to used in shops to shave off some of that cost of items. You will be able to buy coupons with the currency before we manually adjust accounts to have coupons instead of the currency.

Item merges

We are merging some items! to cut down on so many items some items are combining together - like all those pesky breath element goblets being one item now. We will be rolling out final changes to items and you'll see staff going in to manually edit these. We apologies for this - we know it's annoying but it is a bit necessary! Once done we will roll out a big list of what got merged together and changed.

Renaming and Lore 

No we aren't renaming the game! But we are working on renaming some of the things laying about - such as Dailies becoming Expeditions, and maybe some changes to names for shops /etc. We are making a big push to update the lore in the game and make it more involved and cohesive. You'll see a change in how we present souls aesthetically starting with our website look, prompts, and lore. This is good for everyone since you'll see a lot of the lore expanded upon and hopefully some of your biggest questions getting answered. 

Upcoming Events 

We have put Midsummer on hold for this year - as we are working to revamp it into a more souls themed event. There won't be much going on during this month to give our staff a break after the Arena Season! I can however say we are already working on our next story event in terms of concepts and getting things put together. This will take time though so rest easy and enjoy some of the smaller things we put out during this time. 

Progress on Imports and Design Guides 

This is our biggest focus right now in terms of the art department - We are working on updating all of the imports that still need updates. Here's a quick break down of each species and where they are at currently: 

  • Ridgewalker - Feature Complete 
  • Abyssal - Missing new option for wingless Variants / Otherwise Feature Complete 
  • Stalker Wyvern - Pending new traits, new angora and imperial coats 
  • Ravager - Working on Angora and Imperial coats and traits update 
  • Sapiere - Pending Hydra, Ghoul, Miniature, and Shark mutations 
  • Warden - Pending new angora coat and new traits 

This takes a lot of time to update-  but we are working as quickly as we can to finish these and put out solid work. 

Next Sale

Our next sale doesn't have a date yet - but we wanted everyone to be aware we are hosting a handful of Advent auctions in this sale! We've got a few artist who have taken on making some advents to be auctions. We wanted to announce this early so folks have a chance to save up! 

Important Patch Notes 

Here's a recap of the patch notes! 

  • Various fixes to themes
  • Addition of a dark theme 
  • Wild Release account made - we won't delete genos any longer that are wild release to avoid issues of a 500 error we were encountering. 
  • Asset art added for many items. 
  • Some item consildation - hunting and fishing now use the hunters charm and the cooler items while foraging and caving use the basket and forager charm. Old charms and items may be used still but will be going away. 
  • Goblets of "fire" etc are now one item: Goblet of Elements 
  • Solar Flare marking updated 
  • Lore and world tab is now Codex - various other fixes to navigation menu. 
  • Corrections safety limit rule added
  • Changes to adoption center payout: Wild release now gives half points. 
  • Status Effects added 
  • Tempers no longer effect how many trials you complete - Nesting trials now called Ouroboros Trials will require just one prompt completed. New prompts added for this activity. 
  • Blind dragons no longer require you to do the blind prompt. In fact we've removed it completely. 
  • Updated Crucible loot for non copper ranks. 
  • New Expedition roller! Looks nicer, easier to use, feature complete minus calculating health. Has new damage outputs and status effects added. 
  • Retired dragon blood vouchers can be sold now. 
  • Recipe pages can be sold for crystals. 
  • Adoption center now lets you adopt once a month.

End of AOT and more

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Hello everyone! It's been a wild three months time and we are so excited to see AOT come to an end! We have had a lot of fun seeing all the entries and we learned a lot from this event and we  think it is very important to receive feedback - We already know a few places we can definetly improve going forward! Mainly in the sheer amount of entries that were required was just a little too much for many people to tackle. You can leave your feedback here.

  • Regarding Customs earned via AOT
  • AOT Wrap Up
  • Upcoming ToS Update
  • Great Egg Hunt Active Dates
  • Spring Sale Is Live 
  • Important Patch Log Notes 
  • Patch Notes
Regarding Customs earned via AOT 

There has been some confusion about this situation - and we are here to official explain it properly! 

You MAY add Dragon's blood vouchers to these customs. If you earned the "vouchers" in the phase 2 event they will not count as dragons blood slots. They will count more as if you purchased a custom and an upgrade. We do apologize for a lot of the confusion this has caused and if you have a custom where the Phase 2 voucher was slotted as a dragon's blood vial voucher please submit a claim and we will adjust this for you.

AOT Wrap Up 

We are officially saying good bye to AOT! But fear not it will return in the Vortex at some point. This means any missed out trophies you will be able to earn again via the vortex. 

Please give our staff ample time to go through the last minute entries and developers will be handing out the final rewards over the next few days! If you are missing something such as your AOT token or a reward after we announce the end of the wrap up please submit a claim. 

Additionally, we will be hosting a few special raffles for those who partook in the AOT event and we hope you all enjoy the goodies we will be handing out with the raffles!

Upcoming ToS Update

Our terms of service is being given a major face lift! You will see new verbage and rules that you might be aware of already or might not be. We will announce once this is completed so that everyone is aware of the update.

Great Egg Hunt 

A reminder that our great egg hunt event will end on the 15th of May! Enjoy finding all those eggs -especially with AoT ended!

Spring Sale 

Our annual Spring Sale is live! We would like to note that this sale features some important notes: 

  • Customs purchased in this sale will be allowed to have the new markings applied to them. 
  • Dragon's Blood cannot be used to add new markings to dragons currently - you can add new traits/mutations however with dragon's blood. 
  • Four advents have been made! 2 by AveryFish and 2 by Thundercat with a starter bid of $100 USD and a buyout of $450 USD! 
  • Ridgewalkers and Abyssals are now purchasable in the sale (2 per each per person) 

This sale will end on June 2nd (to account for being a day late start! Sorry about that!) 

Important Patchnote Logs 

These are the most important logs we feel from the patch notes, but we recommend reading through them all if you like that kind of thing. 

  • Fixed some traits appearing in the wrong categories 
  • Many updates to the nesting roller - a bigger anouncement about this will be given at a later date. It's a lot of rebalances. 
  • Ravager assets for velour, plated, and feathered added for the TLC (miniature versions also added) 
  • Genetics guide updates for some clearer verbage on the property squares. 
  • Mythic tails and ears added to Dragon's Blood vials. 
  • Mutations, breaths, and skills now appear on single lines instead of one line per entry. 
  • Skills are split into rarities (general, combat, and legendary) new skill tokens added for each one (for a limited time until June 1st you can submit your old general tokens to be swapped for combat tokens. NOT new ones as of 4/19/2022) 
  • Various bug fixes 
  • Updated some roller links, double check any bookmarks you have 
  • Parents can now pass up to two breaths and skills to their offspring 
  • Nesting roller now has new entries for breaths and skill selections 
  • Skills now pass based on rarity 
  • Offspring to parents with no breath can get any random breath (instead of just fire) 
  • Location boxes and recipes will now let you pick what background variation you want (it is now a 1:1 recipe as well) 
  • Default background locations added to the shop (they are free!) 
  • Minimal mark updated to new format
  • Implemented marking types to help determine what the marking does or where it goes.

    ⭐ Variable - Markings that vary where they can sit above or below other variable markings.
    ⭐ Prime - Markings that always sit above other markings.
    ⭐ Override - Markings that can override the genotype. (Chimera is listed as an override since one half the geno sits on top of the other)
    ⭐ Modifiers - color modifiers, duo tone, iri, etc.

    ⭐ Variable Modifiers - variable markings that can modify markings beneath them (like stained, pangare, sable, smoke, etc)
    ⭐ Prime Modifiers - Prime markings that can/have to modify markings beneath them (this is mostly mutations like albino, anery, etc)

    ⭐ Free - A free mark.

    This information can be found at the top of the genetics page beneath the marking name and code.

AOT 1 Day Extension

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Quick announcement that AOT is being extended for one more day to cover the rest of the weekend! It will end Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight CST. Enjoy and good luck! We will have a news post written tomorrow details the changelog, updates, and the sale that will be released tomorrow as well! 



Great Egg Hunt

Posted 9 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 9 months and 3 weeks ago by Thundercat

Get ready for an Egg-citing annual event! The return of the Great Egg Hunt is here, with revamped rewards and prompts for everyone to enjoy! You can read more about this event and our other news below. 



  • New features to site and mechanic changes 
  • Great Egg Hunt 
  • AoT Notes 
  • Spring Sale
  • Patch Notes 
    • We aren't giving a break down of our patch notes this go round, there's 80 different change logs here so go ahead and read it if you have the time for an indepth look at what's changed! 
New Features to site and Mechanic Changes 

Ridgewalkers and Abyssals are now allowed to nest!

You'll notice that your dragons now have a health bar on their profile! As well as being able to view how much XP they have on their main profile page as well. We hope this is a handy tool for reading your dragon's information quickly at a glance instead of having to go into those specific pages all the time. 

Many many bug fixes have occured, including a pesky 500 error when trying to view your completed transfers of genos and dragons. This was erroring because of deleted genos. 

We've changed base coat names! Instead of umber, haze, ivory, vanta and golden, we now have more metal-inspired base coats, being Bronze, Tarnished, Silver, Obsidian, and Gold. Additionally, color modifiers were changed to reflect precious gemstones, with the exception of Greying which was renamed to Steel (since it can be used to modify other color modifiers!). 

Aberrant states in nesting will now produce the wide range between 0, 25, 50 and 100% where applicable. For example, 0% to 25% will only give either 0% or 25%, but 0% to 100% can produce 0, 25, 50, and 100%. We figure this is a more realistic approach to keeping the higher tier numbers a bit rarer in nesting. 

Comments have been added to all queues! No more forgetting your prompt and needing to ask for it to be rejected so you can resubmit. If you forget something you can add it in comments, or you can ask staff to reject via the comments section! Staff can only ask questions if they aren't sure about something over just canceling and trying to faciliate a conversation in a lengthy manner. (Note that once the request is cancelled, you cannot use the comments though.) 

Blooded has brand new rules and a brand new way of presenting on Dragons, thanks to AveryFish for the glow up of this marking! 

Ridgewalkers have all their design assets, they can be submitted to design review! Abyssals are next! 

We are still working on the updates to Ravagers, Stalker, Wardens, and Sapiere dragons (Holidays got in the way!.) 

Python is no longer restricted to a specific zone and is a range marking. It still needs to originate from the spine however. 

Primal Points renamed to Celestial Experience. 

Master Points renamed to Ethereal Experience! 

Light class dragons got a big buff, and medium class got a small buff to their maximum raw damage. 

A whole load of new familiars, which by the way, Familiars are all now classified of pets. Submit a claim to get them moved to the pet section! The 4 pet per dragon limit has been removed and you can have as many pets as you want on a dragon now. 

Mysterious egg were given a big buff. 


The Great Egg Hunt 

Our annual great egg hunt has arrived! It will run until May 15th and features three prompts and two guessing games for the community to try to discover the genetics string of our two new special starters: Orphic and Dianthos. These two starters are hiding their genes and it is up to the community to discover the genetics of these two dragons! Additionally, a special advent is available via raffle and a brand new shop will be posted soon with special decor items and other in game items that can be purchased with Wooden Eggs! 

This year players will collect Royal Eggs which can be donated to the adoption center for FTO players or sold for wooden eggs! 

You can read all about the great egg hunt by selecting the button on the dashboard! 

DURING THIS EVENT ONLY - EACH player will be allowed THREE extra nestings! This is to be used for the EVENT ONLY - meaning you can only nest one of the two new starters to guess their genomes. 


AOT Event 

The AOT Event has been extended through to the last day of April (April 30th). Ridgewalkers and Abyssals are allowed to be bred now, however hold off submitting designs of your Abyssals just yet as we are working on their range images still! 



Lastly, our spring sale will start on May 1st! We'll have more information about this sale as it draws closer! 

AOT Phase 2

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  • AOT Phase 2
  • First Time Owner Egg
  • Winter Sale
  • Greater Emperor TLC 
  • Important Updates in Patchnotes
  • Patchnotes


Phase two of Abyss of Thorns is official released! Gear up your dragons and face the frightening Aberrant starters that have come to join the fight between Frigid and Scorched empires! Remember you can contract aberrant status from these dragons, and you will be inflicted by the aberrant status until you remove it - should you not want to keep it - in all your activities with that dragon (including combat in the event!) 

First Time Owner Egg

In the Dragon's gifts shop, first time owners (those who have no dragons yet) can obtain their very first egg! It is a common egg that can be redeemed once. Enjoy!

Winter Sale 

The winter sale is posted! There are various auctions for Advent MYO Customs, eggs, and an Advent made by Kobold_Ghost! This sale ends on March 1st! 

Greater Emperor TLC 

The Emperor tlc is nearly complete! We are just waiting on clean up for these noodles! Here's a few previews! 


Toggle Spoiler












Important Updates in Patchnotes 

  • Tabs have been added to hoards and shops! Enjoy looking through a more organized feeling inventory! 
  • Many items were shuffled around for the new hoard and tab system. 
  • Item renames so they sit next to each other if they are the same type of item. 
  • We are currently resizing all items to be 200x200 instead of 500x500 to decrease page load time. We've completed the backgrounds so refresh your cache for this change! 
  • Multiple characters can now be set as a focus character in prompts. Ensure you select the drop down for "yes" if a character is supposed to get points. 
    • Note that staff will not always reject your prompt if you fail to do this. Ensure you fill it out correctly and if you need to submit for missing points you do so with a link to your original prompt where you did not recieve points. 
  • Claims will no longer award points - use a prompt to claim missing points. 
  • All vouchers from the contest have been handed out. 
  • New theme available: Ode to Shampoo. 
  • Dragon tears can now be used to downgrade a base coat. This works right to left - meaning if you have Hazed Ivory, (uu/Hh/Oo/vv) Ivory is removed and leaves haze. You cannot however remove Haze to keep Ivory. In the case of Melanistic Hazed Golden (Uu/Hh/Oo/Vv) It will remove Vanta first and using multiple tears you can bring it to Umber.
    For Chimeras, you can use two dragon tears - one for each side.
  • Mythic and Legendary Markings may layer over top complex lepir.
  • Greying will soon have more sliders as it will be allowed to effect other color modifiers. 
  • Dominant constellation will allow 6 different colors as well as having its own dusted effect aorund the constellations.
  • Book of Empyrean will grant a user max amount of items without modifier items instead of an additional reroll. 
  • Your dragon's diet will effect their loot bonus in Daily Activities 
    • Carnivore = +1 item in hunting 
    • Herbivore = +1 item in foraging 
    • Psicivore = +1  item in fishing 
    • Omnivore = +1 item in caving 


Contest Winners and More

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  • Notice about NFT Policy 
  • 2021 Genetics contest winners
  • Abyss of Thorns reminder 
  • Winter Sale Date 
  • New character background system 
  • Important upcoming changes 
  • New forum threads 
  • Important Updates in Patchnotes
  • Patchnotes

notice about nft policy

Souls-Between does not support or allow NFTs to be made of any item, character, or other asset in our game. If you come across an NFT made of anything belonging to the game, including character imports etc, please notify us immediatly and we will handle submitting takedown requests! 

2021 genetics contest winners

We will be handing out the vouchers for these winners shortly, but are currently making an announcement so that all the winners are aware that they will be receiving a voucher! If you are in this list, and do not receive a voucher, please submit a claim and we will fix this! However give us a day or two to go through all the winners and submit vouchers as this a time consuming process! 


Toggle Spoiler

The following have been added: 

  • Ripples - Oreleth (Originally called Rippled)
  • Circuit - Oreleth 
  • Arcana - Ekian 
  • Tritone - Nightshadow 
  • Stockings - Kazooi (Originally called "Tanooki or Racoon") 
  • Cape - @KJ 
  • Torched - @KJ (Originally called Fwoosh) 
  • Mermaid - @KJ 
  • Harlequin -  MadDog
  • Patchwork -  Nightshadow 

The following have been added: 


The following have been added: 


The following have been added: 


The following have been added, all are suggested by AlabasterGreen 

  • Hare 
  • Spaniel 
  • Papillion 
  • Bat 
  • Elven 
  • Axolotl 

The following have been added, all but the last one is suggested by AlabasterGreen 

  • Scorpio 
  • Aquatic
  • Frond
  • Weaver 
  • Pheonix 
  • Quill
  • Caudal
  • Bone  - PlusBacon 

The following will be added; however they will not be released for some time. All winners in this category will receive a standard custom once they are released; some of these are "species classes" and some are species types. A Class is like "wyvern" while a type is "Stalker." Names are subject to change. If it is marked "unsure" it simply means we have yet to categorize it. Species class generally means we will have multiple types of species in them, you will be awarded the first species that is released in that class. 

  • Wyrm - Oreleth (Species type - Unnamed) 
  • Quetzacoatl - Oreleth (Species type - Unnamed) 
  • Agipan/Salamander  - @KJ (Unsure) 
  • Kirin -  @KJ (Species Class) 
  • "Sea Noodle" - parasitic-king (Unsure) 
  • Liopleurodon  - MadDog (Species type - Aquatic) 
  • Scamp -  Draginraptor (Species Type - Psuedo) 
  • Bat Wyvern - Draginraptor (Species Type - Wyvern)
  • Calcifex -  Xialthia (Species Type - Drake) 
  • Corsair -  tromacom (Species Type - Unsure) 
  • Goblin -  AlabasterGreen (Species type - Psuedo) 
  • Gryphon -  Oreleth (Species Class) 

The following familiars will be added: 




Abyss of Thorns Reminder 

As a reminder to the community, we are over half through the first of three months for the Abyss of Thorns event! The first phase WILL remain open throughout the entire event. Phase 2 begins next month and you will have needed to particpate in at least one phase 1 challenge to particpate in phase 2! 

Winter Sale Date 

We will be hosting our winter sale on February 1st, 2022! More details will come shortly, but this sale is not like last sale where you can purchase angora/imperial and rare and mythic markings. We will be hosting buy one get one free on starter slots however! 

New character Background System 

We have implemented a new extension that allows players to swap their character backgrounds on their own! You can now upload characters with a transparent background and by adding the new "Location" items you can change their background without needing to submit to the queues. We do still support the old method of uploading your character image with the background as part of the image as well. You will have to submit to design updates to have it swapped the old method. 

The new locations are learned via recipes, and a new item, the Background Recipe Chest, is purchasable via the Background Emporium. It is a free box, that you can obtain as many times as you like. (However it only gives recipes currently available). 

The following event recipes will be removed from this chest and the shop as a whole in one weeks time: 

  • Return to the Deadlands 
  • Aether Wars 
  • Empyrean Harvest 

You do not need to provide any additional items to submit a design update that swaps your characters to a transparent background. Let us know that is what you're doing and we will process the request! 

Important upcoming changes 

A few things here, but we are making the following changes to a few areas: 

  • Our Terms of Service is updating! We will make sure to post an announcement when this happens. Many things will be changed/reoragnized and reworded as we feel it is time we reviewed and updated this document. 
  • Forms for submissions will be updated and cleaned up. They will be posted in a "master thread" on the forums for an easy way to get to them! 
  • Many activities will see clean ups on their prompts so that they are easy to follow, continue updated information, and all around look more pleasing to the eye. 
  • Greying will be able to effect other color modifiers as soon as we complete the sliders for it! Causing other colors to become more dull and grey if modified by greying. Greying will be the only marking modifier to be able to effect other color modifiers at this time. (Thank you to CappuccinoDragon )
  • Genotype surrenders to the adoption center are being looked over for price increases to match the change in shop price increased (Thank you Owlapin !) 

New forum Section

We have added a new forum section for players to ask specific and direct questions about their designs in review. We understand there is no way to facilitate a conversation currently outside of resubmitting the design and wish to allow players to ask direct questions via the forums. However, please understand if staff is slow to respond to these threads and remember to be polite when you are using this service! 


Important updates in Patchnotes

The following are important updates in our patchnotes: 

  • Shears item and recipe added. Can be used to remove fur/hair. 
  • Updated Radiance, Agouti, Leucism, Anery, Albino, Melanism, Chimera, and Abundism rules. 
  • DB vouchers can now be sold for DSC. All legacy vouchers much be submitted via claim to be swapped to their new versions. 
  • Removed Skill tokens, marks of the aemon, and aether shards from dragon's blood tables. 
  • Mythic ears and tails will be added to dragon's blood at a later date. 
  • Increased donation shop collection cooldown to 24 hours. 
  • Renamed free mark Socks to Ankle 
  • Renamed Free mark Stockings to Socks 
  • Added descriptions to items when looking at them in your hoard. 
  • Updated genetic guides layering information - all should be correct! 
  • Added ridgewalker and Abyssal dragons to the gamer (Still working on their genetic guide assets!) 
  • Various fixes to marking guide wordage. 
  • Small fixes to interface for the genetic guides 
  • Character folder extension added (works on genos too!) 
  • Background extension added 
  • Small fixes to navigation bar under user profile name 
  • Removed damage buffs from taming 
    • Added "Champion of Empyrean" which allows tamed dragons a higher chance of finding rare loot in world events and vortex activity.
  • Aberrant Mechanic added 
  • New fauna entries (WIP) 
  • New items 
    • Aberrant Tincture's Petty (25%), Minor (50%), and Major (100)%
    • Backpack (+1 item in events and vortex) 
    • Aberrant Cleanser 
    • Draco Boa: Aberrant (only works on Aberrant dragons, Aberrant dragons must use this familiar to recieve Draco Boa bonus) 
    • New recipes for location items 
    • Location items added (each background variation exists) 
    • Background Recipe Chest