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Of Skies and Seas

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We've been processing something big on the horizon and well - The wait is finally over! Our next world even Of Skies and Seas  is now live! You can read all about the new event here!

This is a three stage event and it has been an utter and complete labor of love for everyone involved in the process of creating this event. While our other events have brought in one or two new species, we are so delighted to bring in Five new species! We are introducing the Rayfin Leviathan, a massive sea dragon that will bring you to a whole new location underwater! 

Four species of Gryphons are now added to the game! These majestic birds were a suggestion in our last group voting contest from Oreleth! The gryphons live in the realm of the Sky Isles - but now that we have discovered them who knows what we will find? 

A few things of importance to note about our new gryphons and eels:

  • Gryphons cannot breed to Dragons at this time! In the future an item will be released that will allow nesting between the two!
  • Rayfins can breed to dragons! (but not to gryphons!) 
  • Dragon's Blood can be used on the new species after 6 months
  • All of the new species cannot come from normal standard eggs or nesting slots for 6 months - you can only get them via their special version items! 

The dashboard is updated with links to the event, and more! We will have another news post later covering changes that have occurred during the month of December and January.


ROT 2023 and More!

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Hello Everyone and welcome to our monthly update for November! We know w'eve been a bit silent on our end but we have been very hard at work for the upcoming world event! It has so many parts to it and is such a labor of love that it's taken a lot of our time and energy as we focus on it! However, today, I set aside time to get the ROT event up and running so that while we are hard working on the new world event, everyone can get our usual birthday celebration goodies! 

  • ROT Event
  • Group Sale
  • Changelog and Patch Notes
  • Looming over the Horizon

Additionally, a new advent calendar has been posted! Check in every day to get the final prize on November 30th!


ROT 2023

Remembrance of Tranquilty returns for the second year in a row! We are super excited for everyone to join in the fun. You can find a link to the event on the main page as well in the events section of activities. With this event we have two raffled Advent dragons! This event will go much like last year, but we won't have a bunch of old starters to raffle anymore! Most prompts are the same, but a new prompt has taken the place of the old advent starter prompt. Seems a certain advent dragon has created a giant magical pumpkin patch...

This event will end on November 30th!


Anniversary  Sale

The 2023 Anniversary sale is now live! Like our prior sales of this caliber you can get a lot of things here that you can't normally order in our usual sales. In additiona we have 6 advents being auctioned, 4 which are predesigned and 2 which are customs! We are trying out a new system to the Advent upgrades as well when it comes to their auction. 

General Updates and bug fixes

  • Players can now submit character corrections up to 24 hours after approval to get missing items added such as gender potions/etc. You can do this in the form of a claim or design update. (information added to design registration guide)
  • Genotype folders now behave correctly.
  • Discord and toyhouse authentication has been restored. Twitter authentication has been removed. 
  • Tumblr authentication added to the site.
  • Fixed a bug involving pet variants
  • Added clarification to nesting modifer and buffs involving the limits of how many items you can use.
  • Fixed various text and background issues on some themes. 
  •  Corrected wording errors in Frog eye guide
  • Python is now allowed in all zones and the dominant form now allows for the inclusion of any one chosen color. Python can also fade into the base coat. 
  •  Fixed an issue where the Leucism guide was confused about it's existence and what it allowed you to do with dark colorations like black. 
  • Fixed an issue where painted didn't specify if you could create the appaloosa style marking you find on horses. 
  • Fixed an issue with a link int he genetics portal.
  • Fixed a bug involving character health doing weird thing when brought down to below zero in dungeons/etc. 

Feature: Books/LibraRY

A new extension called Books has been added! Books will be discoverable in events going forward, bringing back a long lost feature we once had during Voyage of the Wardens, where you can find lore! This allows to create volumes and books, expanding the world and story of souls even further!

Feature: Player Guide

We have released our player guide in a work in progress state. We have seen a lot of new players join us and we wanted to give some kind of guide for those coming in to know what they are doing and have some kind of startering point. We are working on this when we can inbetween things for the new event coming! 

LK Site Update

The site has been updated to the most recent version of LK. 

Feature: All Starters now have Designs

A big thankyou to Dragonight, OwIIette and everyone else who has helped us design our starters who have been missing designs! We now have every single starter designed! 

Navigation Bar updates

  • Removed various duplicate links that were better suited in one location over another (looking at you guides and duplicated dungeon link)
  • Moved Various links from the player drop down to the submit drop down such as viewing your current surrender queue.
  • Listed all guides whether done or not in the codex drop down from guides
  • Organized some links that previously went no where so they go to the main page instead (like clicking shops for example)
  • Overall just a lot of little clean up of terminology to hopefully make things make a little more sense!

Looming over the Horizon

Something big is coming soon!

This eventh as been a huge labor of love and while we still have a good bit to do, we are nearing that finishing line and almost ready to release the event! I personally am targeting December for the release of the event, but with so much on our plates to do we will have to see if we are able to meet that deadline. We are excited to share this event with you, and while I'm not allowed to share you the full details of these beautiful imports, I can at least share these previews and the new background that will be coming to the game with the event! 




Magic Mayhem!

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Hello Everyone and welcome to our monthly update for June plus the release of our newest Annual Event: Magic Mayhem! 

  • Magic Mayhem and two new Legendary Skills!
  • Feature: Stat System Fleshed Out
  • Dungeon Updates
  • Feature: Search by Markings in the Masterlists!
  • Feature: Healing Items
  • Design and Advent Updates
  • New Items and Item Updates
  • Scouting Updates
  • Looming over the Horizon


Magic Mayhem



Welcome to Magic Mayhem! A traditional festival that usually celebrates magic in all forms. With the evergrowing spread of Corruption infecting the land and creatures, it seems that control over magic is begining to become the biggest debate and topic. Can your characters control their magic, or are they going to become one of the hive mind that grows in the rift in the world below us? 

This event features three prompts with their own loot tables and a special Magic Mayhem Shop. You will obtain a Magic Mayhem coin and be able to enter this shop upon completing just one of these prompts. The currency used in the shops is the Soul Coin. 

Additionally, a few raffles are active in this event as well as various Aether Loot! 

Deimos, our newest Primeval Starter (We have changed the term Ancients to Primevals!) features two new legendary skills: Blood Moon Curse and Primeval Protection!

You can read all about Magic Mayhem on its prompt page! 

This event will end on July 6th at midnight.



Feature: Stat System Fleshed Out

The stat system has rolled out in it's first wave where we are focusing on updating characters and ensuring stats are in a good place with dungeons before we begin our clean up of our combat system for a few tweaks it needs. Characters now get stat points from leveling, however we intend to include stat points in specific one time per character prompts, and in loot drops! 

Three new stats were added: Bleed, luck, and Charisma. 

Bleed is your bleed stats when you do attacks. This stat does not currently work in Dungeons. 
Luck is your chance to bring back an extra item in any activity with a roller (not a loot table in a prompt). Luck also increases your chance to Escape in a dungeon and your speed overall in combat.
Charisma is a catch all stat, used for special scenarios on different activities. 

Defense, Health, and Attack remain the same.

With this in mind, we do need to go back in and take a look at our activities and how specific bonuses change or alter your rewards! This will be done later on as we are currently full steam ahead on the last part of this news post! 
Stat point can be applied by going to the character and selecting "level up" for the stat you wish to apply a point to! You will need one of the new items to set your current stat to the total as staff will not do this for you.

New Items and Item Updates

We have added a few new items to assist with the stat system. Some of you may have noticed when submitting these claims or even getting your health set, you were handed some of these items! 

  • Matcha boba tea: heals your character for 1000 points.
  • Apple boba tea: sets your current attack stat to match your total attack stat.
  • Strawberry Boba tea: sets your current bleed stat to match your total bleed stat. 
  • Oolong Boba tea: sets your current defense stat to match your total defense stat.
  • Lemon boba tea: sets your current charisma stat to match your total charisma stat.
  • Mango Boba tea: sets your current luck to match your total luck stat. 

In the feature we are looking at skills or things that might LOWER your current defense, attack, etc. For now, aside from the matcha tea, these items are mostly useful for when you update a stat with a point! 

Revival feather now heals for 100% health.


Dungeon Updates

Dungeons have received a few updates and we are still tweaking the system so you may see some changes based on player feedback and other balancing necessities. 

  • all dungeon monsters received updated loot to be a bit more uniform and rewarding. 
  • Monsters now have stats inline with the stat system changes. 
  • Monster attacks were adjusted to be more forgiving against players so they werent too hard, since you cannot use items in the dungeons.
  • All monsters given weight class with adjustments.
  • Default stats on all characters were set to Low weight class. Ensure you submit a claim to get your stats corrected, 5 characters per claim please! 

Feature: Healing ITems

Certain items can now be used to heal your character without needing to submit a prompt! What does this mean for the player base? No more submitting a prompt or including an item in your prompts to heal your characters! You can now heal a character whenever, however note that the item will only heal to the max amount of your total health, and if you have full health the item is still used up. So be careful when using this feature as you will not be reimbursed your items! 

What about Art/Lit submissions for healing? These are still handled as normal, however you will be granted an item for the prompt, either a Boba Tea to match what you are healing (as it can be used to set your current stat to equal the total stat) or to heal a status condition. This update will roll out to the prompt itself in the next few days and will have a more in depth detail on how this will work.

Design updates 

We made a few updates to our design guides and items. 

  • Clarified information on design upload/update guide to better clarify what items can be used where and when. 
  • Added rule on the design upload/update guide on what updates can happen on an advent! 
  • Recessive Lustrous appears in 3 zones now instead of 2.
  • fixed range images for Abyssals not showing on guides.

Feature: Search by Markings in the Masterlists!

You can now search in the character and genotype masterlists for specific markings and their genotype code! This is a long awaited feature but I am sure everyone is super excited to have it now as it will make finding specific characters or genos with markings a much more pleasant experience. 

Scouting Updates

Scouting has received a few updates to iron out some of the issues it has in its early stage of balancing. 

  • Players now have 40 stamina per day with 30 minutes between each scout. 
  • All zones are unlocked at level 1 to begin with. 
  • Zones reset once a year on January 1st instead of every six months. 
  • Zones now have upgrades instead of new loot table unlocks: 
    • Level 1 - Returns 2 Items, Costs 4 Stamina, Costs 400 Moon Gems
    • Level 2 - Returns 3 Items, Costs 3 Stamina, Costs 300 Moon Gems
    • Level 3 - Returns 4 Items, Costs 2 Stamina, Costs 200 Moon Gems
    • Level 4 - Returns 5 Items, Costs 1 Stamina, Costs 100 Moon Gems
  • Farm Lands cannot be upgraded. 
  • Values for upgrades were adjusted, and some locations were given a few points into the upgrades due to this change. 
  • Characters have to be selected to scout. 
  • Loot tables were adjusted for each zone. 
  • Scouting Prompt submission will now grant 1 point per character in the prompt instead of 1 point per prompt submission

Game Misc features

  • Loot tables are now viewabile in the encylopedia
  • Staff members can now fill out staff profiles! This is not mandatory!
  • Users online on the dashboard now links to the users page.
  • New layouts granted to a few pages such as items, pets, and traits.

Game Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players could level a stat beyond its cap.
  • General bug fixes with Dungeons
  • Fixed a 500 bug on Scouting from when it updated
  • Corrected a bug where Soul Coin bags gave way too much currency

Looming over the Horizon

Something big is coming soon!

We are currently full steam ahead and working on our next event, have a fun little teaser at one of the species diving to meet you! 




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We now have the extension Dungeons! Make sure you go to your character's profile and select Health & Stats before entering a dungeon. Your attack and defense should read "20"! You can access the dungeons via the activities drop down.


Please submit any bug reports to the bug reports here or on our discord! This benefits the extension author, Newt, as well as other communities! Provide images, videos, and details for bugs! We need as much info as possible to know how to recreate! 

WOTM Finale and Monthly Update

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Our update is a little later than usual - but we have a lot of cool things to release for March and this mid way to April! Buckle up, this one is a long read!

  • WOTM Annual Event Winner
  • Design Updates
  • New Concept Pages
  • Weather and Seasons
  • Form auto population
  • Game fixes
  • New Items
  • New Permanent Scouting Area
  • Collections Added
  • Site UI Updates


WOTM Annual Event Winner

Congratulations to FallingFireX FallingFireX's Avatar for winning the WOTM Event Bracket! All rewards have been handed out to both particpants and their dragons! We look forward to next year and if you have any feedback please let us know. We'd like to know what we did well and what we can do better for next year!

New concept Pages 

We are beginning to use concept pages to help explain things for players such as how to read genotypes etc. In this case, we have added two new pages! 

Design updates 

We made a few updates to our design guides and items. 

  • Item kits can now close mouths 
  • Color modifiers now show that can affect all or part of lepir and harlequin in the complex version. 
  • Soft edges have been removed from shimmer to avoid confusion with cloud. 
  • Torched can now be any color all the time. 
  • Tritone can affect up to two markings now. 
  • Duotone can affect agouti now. 
  • Added in text for all layers of aether marked allowing to be different colors. 
  • Added in text for oilslick series to explain how the marking behaves in layers. 
  • Corrected Melanism text to better explain location of sliders.


Weather and Seasons 

We have added a new extensions that shows a randomized weather for the current season. We hope this helps understand what season the game is in - but the weather is just for fun!

Form Auto Population

You may have noticed, but when selecting a prompt, a form will auto populate to be filled in! We hope this helps avoid having to go and grab the forms or missing them. 

New Permanent Scouting Area

We have added a new permanent scouting area - The Farm Lands! You'll find a lot of crops here, and should notice all of the new items for cooking in here.

Collections Added

A new extension was added called Collections! Think of this like a museum type activity, except you get to keep your items! Enjoy the rewards of hoarding your items. We will add more in here as time progresses!

New Items

A huge array of new items were added. Many of these items are new food items! You can get them currently in the new scouting area, but we plan to add them to Expeditions and quests as well!


Game Fixes

  • Set all character trophies to be features (we are working on sizing of all trophies so apologies for funkness! 
  • Corrected gallery submissions not requiring at least 1 staff vote for submission approval. 
  • Corrected image size for scouting icon on dashboard. 
  • Corrected events link not working for drop down. 
  • Added (and now removed) WOTM Icon link.
  • Updated/added art for items: Marking, eye, horn applicators
  • Updated pricing for all applicators and eggs to be more worth selling. 
  • Fixed image sizing on applicator items. 
  • Fixing marking applicator having eye applicator image. 
  • Fixed a bug where level log accessed from the player page gave a 500 error. 
  • Attempted some fixes for some bugs, but not sure if it is corrected. 
  • Updated site to latest Lorekeeper Dev Release. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing next/previous buttons from appearing on character profiles. Additionally these buttons now go by category instead of ALL characters. 
  • Added links to the background downloads on all the location chests. 
  • We moved location chests to background category for those who did not want to open them right away but got sick of seeing them in the openable section all the time. 
  • We removed all the old items from the game. This is all those items with the A. in front of their name. If you are missing something submit a claim with any proof you can provide please! 
  • Fixed an issue with recipes. 
  • Renamed all recipes so they have "Recipe" in the name so it isn't confusing when you unlock yoru research. 
  • all recipes are now in categories in the recipe book. 
  • Updated outdated information in the Temperaments traits entries. 
  • Corrected a broken link in the genetics portal for mutations 



Lastly I have some site UI updates! 

The Profile settings page has been updated to be less of a giant list and more organized. I hope this helps user navigate this section while making less of a burden!


Genotype pages now properly show up like our character profiles do with the new UI. However we made some tweaks to the right side since all the information on characters isn't the same as genotypes! 



WOTM round 4

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The final round of WOTM Is live! Our last two competitors FallingFireX and Nightshadow will have until next Friday to complete their entries! 

Our March update and April news will be posted Friday as well!


WOTM Round 3

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Hello Everyone! The second bracket has come to an end and now Round 3 has begun! Congradulations to our winners, good luck in round three! Reminder that if you are fighting a starter you may pick any starter, and if you need to drop out please submit a claim!




Additionally, for all our members- our weekly item advent will return Tuesday! 

WOTM Round 2

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The first week of Worship of the Moon went wonderfully! Good job and congratulations to our players. I have our winners listed below. 


For our winners, if you did not want to win and carry on to round two you may forfeight your spot, however please communicate with your round 1 partner! If they are willing to take your position in round 2 they are allowed to do so. If they do not wish to, then the opponent in round 2 will win. 

If both parties in round 2 do not want to continue, a filler starter will take that bracket place.

The deadline for Round 2 will be March 24th at 11:59 pm cst. This should give an extra day for communicating with partners.


Worship of the Moon Bracket Release

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The tournament is on! We have adjusted the end times for the due dates of prompts to adjust for the delay on getting the bracket out. 

New Dates: 

Round One: Tuesday 14th, 2023 at 11:59 PM CST.

Good luck to our particpants! For all others who did not sign up, you will be able to partake in combatting against starters. You won't be able to win beyond the participation trophy, however if enough people want to join a bracket, we can do quick round brackets! Let us know in a claim if you are interested (We recommend having a partner as we will need at least 4 particpants for a quick round bracket!) Quick round brackets will have a week from the creation date.

February Recap

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  • WOTM Annual Event
  • Site Visual Improvements 
  • Crafting Categories 
  • New Features
  • Something On the Horizon..
  • Import TLC Progress
  • Bug Fixes 

Hello Everyone, Cryptid Here and I have a good chunk of information to share with everyone. We've been very busy behind the scenes putting together some site improvements, squishing bugs, and working on features! 

Worship of the Moon Annual Event 

I am excited to announce a new annual event, worship of the moon! This was originally suggested by FallingFireX during their time as a staff member! We loved the idea and made plans to have it happen this year. In this event you will be competing bracket style with other players to be a champion! Fear not though, if PVP just isn't your thing, you can compete with NPCs for loot! Signs up are open until March 5th and the brackets will be released March 6th. You will see another news post announcing when the brackets are live! 

You can view the event here.

Site Visual Improvements 

I spent the past few days getting some areas of the site that were rather cluttered and unorganized into a more tidier appearance. 

The first place I started was with the Design Approval information regarding how to use that pesky cropper. That information was entered wrong to begin with and was an eyesore to try to read. I have not only made it fabulous to read, but I corrected the information with clarification and information on how we do our import backgrounds. I've also just set the cropper to auto off so that's one less step for everyone to have to take when they are submitting a design! 

I also took some time to fix our Live clock.  It looked rather... wrong before, style wise. Now it looks right! It will even minimize into just a little clock icon you can click on.

I also took and overhauled how Processed views on prompts/claims looks. I still need to correct a few things so you might see some funny visual things here and there. I also need to go in and update the unprocessed view as well. 

Next up was the Player Profile! This is a super important section that I wanted to make sure got a lot of love. This is the view on a 4K monitor though, I need to go back in and do some adjustments so that it scales nicely on lower resolution screens! As you can see though, a lot of the previously stretched out information has been condesnced into a more readable and tidy view! Beneath the character section you will find your Profile block with plenty of space to use any fancy coding you want for your profile, and of course the general comments section. 

Lastly, I tackled our Character profiles! This one was a lot of fun to do but took a long time to get looking how I invisioned it while also making sure we'd have enough real estate for all the information that goes into our character profiles! Beneath this large chunk of information you will find your Character profile on its own, looking rather nice and with tons of space for the coding I've seen folks utilize! I recommend playing with this to see what all is changed - and note that this is the admin view, so the icons after the || you won't see on your end unless you are staff! These are just our admin tools. I've also removed the Decease character button as it simply wasn't working and we have replaced the function with releasing a dragon to the wild sanctuary instead! A nice addition here is that the images for the Pets and amrour are a smidge bigger now too! There are stil a few more things I want to do with this, but so far, it looks pretty good!

Crafting Categories 

While technically a feature, I wanted to update the community on the newest extension addition of Crafting Categories! This puts recipes into categories. I'll be putting these together soon for everyone's use and ease of mind trying to find that one recipe that makes that one very important thing you were looking to make. 

New Features and updates

Not to be outshined with Crafting Categories, we have a few other incredibly cool new features added via Extensions made by the LK community. 

Submission Drafts

I know this has been something asked about a LOT from the community and I'm so happy to say someone in the LK community put together a drafts extensions! Now you can save a draft, delete it, and Staff can even return the draft to you for corrections! You can also cancel a draft that is in queue! You will find the links for both claim and prompt submissions under the submit button on the site! 

Birthday Boxes 

We have had birthday gifts for a while now, but now it's automated! You should get your birthday gifts automatically now provided you have your birthday visible. Additionally with this however, you can now choose to show your full date of birth, month/year only, or just the month! 

Online Status

This extension had an uipdate , it will now show the last time someone was seen and shows how many people are online on the dashboard! 


This extension was just updated to the most current version of LK. I have plans to make this nicer, but that's a large beast to tackle! 

Claymors and Companions

This extension is what controls things like pets, stats, etc. The biggest thing here is that it fixed that weird bug where it would reorder the characters into numerical order, but not keep their 'is focus" state with them. 


Eyeless Mutation is now added as an inbreeding mutation!

Import TLC Progress

Admittedly I've been focused on other things over this, and I do apologize. However, I did take some time with Stalker to go over it's lines on more time for it's base Velour build and saw something that certainly caught my eye. The original on the Left is now corrected to the right, and I think everyone will appreciate this change as much as I do if not more. The right is not complete yet - but soon! 

Something on the Horizon

We are already hard at work on the next world event, and I think everyone is going to enjoy what we have in store for you! 

Bug Fixes 

I have spent.. a lot of time with bugs this past month. We've fixed things like the pesky information being wrong on the design approval system and the is focus not carrying over. In addition to these though, here's some other bugs we squished! 

  • Fixed a visual bug when characters were added to prompts after the prompt view changes. 
  • Removed skills section on processed view of prompts since we do not use this feature. 
  • Fixed a bug where players could level stats on characters they did not own. 
  • Fixed a bug where using the dashboard widget links just signed you out. Rude.
  • Fixed a bug where an error would occur on trying to update a forum title you created. 
  • Corrected an issue where the Genotype and Masterlist were hiding the beautiful characters that everyone has made.
  • Fixed a bug where forum creation was not functioning right. It took a vacation. 
  • Fixed a bug where a lot of things kind of just stopped working because of an issue in the backend database. I think they went on strike, but after listening to their demands, all should be working well now. 
  • Fixed a visual issue in all design guides so that now there is no longer that weird broken image icon. You should now see a placeholder. If you still a broken image icon, refresh your cache and if it still there, submit a bug report!