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The Abyss of Thorns World Event

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We are super excited to announce the launch of a brand new world event to the game! The Abyss of Thorns is now live for all players to join in and gain great rewards! 


You can find more information about the event by selecting the icon on your dashboard, which will you to take the event world page! However, to help guide you to find the prompt paths, you can select "activities" and go to "Challenges". There you will find challenges you can register for and complete the prompts within to aid in helping not only Ridgewalkers... but a second new species as well! 



Our surprise new species imports will be found on the species page in the encyclopedia shortly! 


Additionally, we are adding a new mechanic finally to the player base I'm sure everyone has been wanting since the Voyage of the Wardens! Corruption can now be acquired on your dragons during Phase 2, and after the event. Dragons who become corrupted in either 25, 50, or 100% states will be called "Aberrant" and gain buffs and boons based on the activity they are in. You can read more about in the event page! Along with this, we have a special event themed skin that will be live during the event, and will be made the default skin of the site during the duration of the theme! The theme is created by Thundercat and Oreleth

We also want to give a big thank you to the following members of staff for aiding in the event: 








If you have questions, please feel free to ask us in discord and on the forums! Our patch notes will be posted tomorrow! Good luck in the event and have fun! 

Event/Sale Reminder

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This is a remidner that the event ends on the 12th! 

The anniversary sale ends on the 15th! 


We are currently working hard on getting the world event tasks completed! Here's a small little road map: 

  • Ridgewalker Import (Polishing) 
  • Marking Guides (Text completed for all, working on images) 
  • [REDACTED] (Started, 1/7 completed) 
  • Event Prompts (Started)
  • Trophies (not started) 
  • Loot table/Rewards (Not Started)

November Wrap Up

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  • Angora rework/TLC
  • Arena Season
  • Festival of Solaris and Lunaris
  • Species and Genetics Contest
  • Anniversary Sale Reminder
  • Important Updates in Patchnotes
  • Patchnotes

Hey everyone! We've had a very exciting week on the developer end working on the upcoming world event we have been teasing! This is good news for everyone because it means our next world event should be very soon! I can't give an ETA, but once I can I will. 


Angora TLC 

We've revamped our angora concept to make it appear more different from Imperial. We hope you like the result! Here's a few sneak peaks at some new angora coats! 


Arena Season

An arena season is live! From now till the fourth of January, when you particpate in the arena you get double arena coins! This is a good time to try to power level some of your dragons in the arena! Just make sure you complete their taming if you want to level beyond Warrior! 

Festival of Solaris and Lunaris 

The festival ends on the 15th! So make sure you get entries in! Remember that the only way to get their markings /skills are through nesting or the voucher raffle currently ongoing! 

Species and Genetics Contest

We are currently going through the contest entries! Thank you to everyone who particpated! We will make a news post at a later date for the winning entries!

Anniversary Sale Reminder

As a reminder the sale ends on the 15! Make sure you get your orders in as we won't have a sale that allows the purchase of rare/mythic makrings and coats until next year! 

Important Patchnotes Entries 


  • Updated nesting/hatchery rollers with missing skills. 
  • Fixed a bug with recipe pages dropping in incorrect places 
  • removed sack of treats from shops. It is now a mythic item drop from boxes/activities. 
  • Known issue with ravager tail/ear rolling. We are adding mythic traits to them! 
  • Background emporium  updated so you can purchase boxes with the emporium ticket, and single copies with the market ticket. 
  • Food shoped and warehouse merged into central market. 
  • Some boxes removed from central market due to an exploit. 
  • Updated nesting roller so that modifiers are in alphabetical order, and non modifiers are seperated from modifiers. 
  • Added missing things to PP/MP calculators. 
  • Updated FAQ 
  • Adjusted DB loot tables to be a little more fair. 
  • New theme: Guardian of the Sun 
  • Renamed Polycephale to Hydra
  • Added missing Mutations to rollers. 
  • Added disclaimer to genetics protal about things you can't add to dragons with items currently. 

Quick Reminder

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I wanted to make a quick reminder to everyone that the species and genetics contest neds tonight! Please submit any suggestions you have by midnight site's time! 

Additionally, the anniversary sale ends in 15 days! 

A bigger news post will come later this week with our patch notes! 

New Festival and Updates

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  • Notice about MP/PP
  • Nesting Permissions Update
  • Festival of Solaris and Lunaris
  • Advent Calendar 
  • Species and Genetics Contest
  • Anniversary Sale Reminder
  • Greater Emperor Updates
  • Important Updates in Patchnotes
  • Patchnotes

Notice about MP/PP 

It is now REQUIRED to add your MP/PP calculations into your prompts that have art/lit! Staff will reject it if it is not included! Thank you! You can find the calculators in the rollers drop down!

Nesting Permissions Update 


Spoiler contained the old outdated info, we realize we can't force create slots just yet, so for now all you can do is claimed your unused slots with the slot permission prompt :) 


Toggle Spoiler

We've updated how we do our nesting permissions! Now with the aid of a new extension added to the site, you can trade slots yourself from the "breeding permissions" tab on the side bar of your dragon, or your account! There will be a prompt added shortly for players to submit when they are claiming new slots, and when they are adding their older slots to be tracked. A few important notes of course: 

  • At the current time we do not have a system in place to automatically give your dragon their slots. We are working on this, but no ETA at this time! 
  • Your old slots MUST be submitted via the prompt to be tracked through the new system to be used. 
  • Adding Slots that you have used is your choice, but highly recommended as we will go by the number of available slots on your dragon's profile (the old way we tracked how many you have) to verify how many slots you have. 
  • Primoridial dragons and beyond do still have unlimited slots. You will need to submit a prompt to request up to 100 slots at a time to be given. 
  • The nesting prompt form will be updated as you will be required to link your profile breeding permission page and let us know the number associated to the permissions you want to use. 

YES You can and must move over slots given/recieved from dA! 


Festival of Solaris and Lunaris 

Our newly revamped grand harvest festival is renamed and given a face lift! You can find this festival in our annual events and it is currently active. It will run until the 12th of december to make up for the week long delay we caused due to personal/life events. Here's a few highlights! 

  • Solaris and Lunaris have two step path prompts. 
  • Confettis has one prompt. 
  • Completing prompts gets you loot tables which the contents of which are hidden for the purpose of discovering them on your own/with the community! 
  • Collab pieces can have 4 dragons for each user instead of only 4 total. Meaning if you collab with a friend, you can do 8 dragons (4 of yours, 4 of theirs!) 
  • We are allowing commissioned/Roll pieces where others do art/lit for you in this event to see how it goes. Not everything has to be by you in this. 
  • Harvest wolf and Hoarder can be used in this event.
  • We are raffling off new legendary markings that can be found in the genetics guide in this event, as well as the three new skills. These new skills cannot be added with skill tokens and the markings cna only be earned via nesting the special starters, or through the raffle. 

Advent Calendar 

There is an ongoging Advent Calendar and was put up on the dashboard the link to it. Ensure you collect your rewards every day and you will get a special reward at the end!

Species and Genetic Contest 

We have decided to do another Species and Genetic contest again! This time of course, you can suggest species ideas, from a dragon idea to even non dragons like Gryphons or Kirins. Feel free to join in if you have ideas and get rewards if your suggestions are chosen! We are hosting this in our forums! 

Anniversary Sale 

We have our anniversary sale live until the 15th of December! Now is the time to get your dream customs with angora and imperial and mythic/rare marks. We also have dragon's blood available in this sale. 


Greater Emperor Update 

We have been hard at work on the Greater Emperor, updating their lines to be more inline with the quality we have for the game! He's a sneak peak of them! We've also made it so that the fur on the tail, legs, and back can be hidden if you prefer a more naked look! 


Important Updates in Patchnotes 

Here's a recap of the most important updates in our patch notes! (Some of these are pending update and will be done today)

  • Nesting roller v6 updated with many updates. Check the changelog, many values were changed and made better! 
  • Fixed various bugs and exploits 
  • Miniature imports for all species added except Emeperor (Waiting on TLC) 
  • More Widgets added giving quicker access to activities. 
  • Wishlist Extension added 
  • New Items Added for breaths and and tempers that appeared in dragon's blood. These do not count as vouchers and will no longer count towards DB use. If you have a dragon using an old voucher for breath/temper/skill please submit a claim to get it fixed! 
  • Genotype Blocker added, at the suggestion of Skoith! This item lets you block a gene from passing to offspring. 
  • Item rarity in shops cleaned up. Some items can only be purchased with crystal or DSC, but you can exchange the currency in the shop. 
  • Public character transfer cooldown set to 1 day. All adopted dragons are manually gioven 90 day cooldown. 
  • Solaris, Lunaris, and Confettis uploaded. 
  • New Skills added: Blessing of the Moon, Gudiance of the Sun, and Confetti Dreams. 
  • Meat Cake, and it's recipe/fragments added. 
  • Corrupted Tear items added. Allows you to remove a DB voucher and gain back a vial of dragon's blood one time per rarity per owner. 
  • Bag of chosen treats added to allow you to purchase some annual event currency in the event you need more. 
  • Warden imports resized to better fit breaths. Make sure yo uupdated your files! 
  • New themes added for the event! 
  • Almost all Loot chests updated to remove some garbage items, reorginize what they drop, and really just update the outdated tables. 
  • Added Event Familiar chest. 
  • Updates to the following genes: 
    • Metallic can now affect one marking in recessive, and two in dominant. 
    • Agouti can now cover a percentage of the base, from 25% to 100%. 
    • Blanket, Sable, Underbelly, Pangare, and Dunstripe can all be disconnected now. 

Mid October Update

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  • Midway Festival of Frights 
  • Important Updates in Patchnotes
  • November Event
  • Seasonal Sale
  • More looks at our new friend! 
  • Patchnotes


We are over midway through the Festival of Frights! Make sure you keep submitting your entries if you want your hands on the new familiars and goodies! Specifically our little friend the Dracobat! These little fellas will bring back an extra caving item! 

We also introduced our first import decor in this event, so make sure you get the ones you want! 



We have a lot of important updates in our patchnotes that we feel are best to be added to the news too, just in case you aren't interested in reading the patch notes. 

  • Four brand new themes were added, with more on the way for next month! 
  • Food items were moved into two groups instead of 5; Food ingeredients and Prepared food. 
  • The amount of health food items give your dragons has been greatly increased, especially for prepared foods. 
  • Prepared foods now have a number of stars next to their name. 1, 2, 3, or 4 stars and each tier gives you more health based on the number. 
    • 1 star = 100 health for preferred diet. 
    • 2 Stars = 200 health for preferred diet. 
    • 3 stars = 300 health for preferred diet. 
    • 4 stars = 400 health for preferred diet. 
    • Special stars will always give more than 500 health for preferred diet. 
    • Non preferred diets will get half the total amount of the preferred deit. So 1 star food given to a dragon who doesn't have that food in it's diet will get 50 instead of 100. 
    • All food Ingredients give 20 health for preferred, and 10 for non preferred. 
  • Free markings were given special guides added to the genetics portal. They are still being worked on, but are mostly up and ready! We have expanded the amount of "free" markings with the help of the community, and hope this will open up your designs to more potential and freedom, especially if you get a lot of color marks like azure and crimson, and not a lot of marks to put them on. With these new marks set up as seperate entities, it also means that you can put min mark in it's allowed percentage, while having other free marks along with it and those not count toward that percentage. 
  • Many marking updates to a few markings that needed a little breathing room. 
  • Many small bug fixes. 
  • A new feature called "scroll to the top" which creates a small arrow button you can click if you scroll down a page. It will take you to the top of a page! Very handy for long pages! 
  • Almost all shops have icons now on the shops page. 
  • Updated profiles for dragons and genotypes - they will get a second update most likely as we test out some more features to make the site stand out with our style. 
  • We removed the arcane shark from fishing activity. He's supposed to be a pet and not released yet. If you have one, you'll be able to use them when they are released after we move them to the pet section! 
  • We removedall the stats from your dragon's stat page and all you see now is health. We figured we'd declutter that and leave what really mattered. You can still see all the stats via the character classes section of the site. 
  • Empyrean harvest box was removed, you can get this background in novemeber and it will continue to be novemeber exclusive. 
  • We decreasded injury chances for calm dragons, and increased injury chance for sinister dragons in daily activities. 
  • We added a lore more meat options which will get a special use later on! For now, more meat for carnivores so that they have more food ingredients like the rest of the other diets. 
  • We made a new page, FAQ. You can also find it in the footer of the site. 
  • Refresh your browser cache! We made some changes to the dashboard and encyclopedia!


It really is that time of the year where events are back to back! We will have a special event in novemeber we don't everyone forgetting! November is when we celebrate the anniversary of the game, and we will have a nice month long event for this!  Unlike our prior anniversary events, this one will be more involved and have lots of fun rewards, including an Advent calendar that is fully automated - no staff involvement required! You'll want to make sure you get in on that as a special reward is given to those who claim each daily advent reward! 

November will also bring some quality of life updates we hope everyone will enjoy! 

Seasonal Sale

November we will also host our seasonal sale, which will have ALL sales options there for mythical and rare traits as well. We will however make it so that you are limited per person (not by amount total) to certain things like mythical coat or markings etc.  We will post the sales up roughly 2 days before the sale is released so that you can see the whole list of possibilities! 

More Looks at Our New Friend


I wanted to share with everyone an update to our new dragon species coming, The Ridgeback Drake! This is the feathered and angora builds! We hope everyone is excited for these beefy drakes! We are hard at work on setting up the story event and hope to have it out to everyone soon! We just want to have everything and ready and done before we do so! You'll see them added to the nesting roller soon! 




Festival of Frights

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  • Festival of Frights 
  • Fall Seasonal Sale  and Game's Birthday 
  • A sneak look... ? 
  • Patchnotes
    • Please note, our patch notes are running late and will be posted September 30th! 

It's been a little quiet on the development end lately as we have been busy with life and preperations for our upcoming story event. However in the meantime, Thundercat and I have whipped up something special for the spooky holiday that we think everyone will enjoy! 



It's a Festival of Frights! From a night of treats, to a stroll in an enchanted forest, to a song from the alluring Banshee - whatever path you choose to take, there will be twists and turns. The moon is full, the air is cool - leaves decorate the ground, awaiting the crunch from the overly eager hatchlings who stomp overhead. Houses, caves, quarters- wherever you live, Halloween decorations are in abundance with a slew of purple, green and orange twinkling lights. Bats chirp, wings flapping as they duck and dive into the artificial lights, snatching up moths and bugs. Beware the yowling cats, but don't be unkind, black cats are just familiars pushing you away from the dark and unforgiving paths. The further away from the laughter and screaming of the excited and scared hatchlings, the clearer the enchanting song from a spirit gets - don't get too close, she feasts on your memories, your fears and your darkest desires. Everything is game on All Hallow's Eve. Beware and tread lightly.

The Festival of Frights starts October 1st and ends October 31st at midnight CST. The event hosts three separate prompts with rewards such as Banshee tickets, starter nesting tickets, dragon's blood vials, crystals, boxes and more! What more could be included? 

There is a mysterious creature lurking in a dark cave, eager to come out into the light and become familiar with your dragons.



Fall/Birthday Sale 

We wil be celebrating the game's Fourth birthday in November! That's a long time to be active and we wouldn't be where we are without the community. Expect some free gifts and a birthday bash! The fall sale will take place during this time and all features will be available, with limited quantities on rare/mythic tiers per person. What more could be added? Two raffled Advents, and two Advents that will be available for action during the sale. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE -- there will also be a special starter dragon added for nesting tickets! More information to come the closer to the event we get. 



A Sneak Look ... ? 

We've been really busy on the development end of things in preperation for our new story event. With it we are bringing a lot of cool things to the player, to include a few new markings. However, all I can show off to you is a look at the Velour build of a new species, the Ridgeback Drake! These hardy drakes hail from the Scorching Wastes and will be making their appearance soon! 



Fall Season Has Arrived!

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  • Fall Season has arrived! 
  • Arena Season Ends September 6th
  • Same-Sex Pairings 
  • Marking Changes
  • Discord and Twitter Authentication
  • Occupations Suggestions
  • Misc Notes
  • Patchnotes

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any PP trackers in the forums you have until September 15th to submit them to the Primal Point prompt to get them added into the website before they are deleted.

Fall Season 

A new season has arrived! A few things come with the new season like our annual events and of course, everyone can adopt a dragon from the adoption center again! We celebrate our birthday in this season during the November month! 

Our Fall sale won't be until October 15th to December 1st, so save up! This is our annual birthday sale where we make things like imperial and mythic markings available at limited quanities per user! 

We are hard at work for a story event coming up, so you might not see much activity this month in our patch notes! 

Arena Season 

The Arena season ends on september 6th, so get your free and entry rolls in for that double Arena XP! After the 6th the rates go back to normal! 

Marking Changes

Bokeh is now called Dapple (nDl/DlDl). If you have any dragons with the Bokeh marking please submit a claim to get them updated! 

Same Sex Pairings 

We now allow Same Sex pairings in the game. You need Soul twine, which was repurposed for this. We cleaned up all hoards so that if you had the old Soul Twine you now have Reversal of Choice which does both its original uses and Soul Twine's old uses. Remember to set your "Dam" correctly when you are submitting same sex pairings, as the "Dam" selection sets the clutch.

Soul Twine can only be earned in the Arena in the Gladiator and Champion ranks currently. 

Discord and Twitter Authentication 

We now allow you to authenticate/Verify your account with Discord and Twitter. If you need help doing this please let us know in Discord or in the group notes of our dA group! 

Occupations Suggestions 

Go to the forums in our suggestions thread and give us ideas for Occupations you'd like to see the game! Occupations will give you bonuses and benefits in the game to your activites. Any ideas we pick the person who suggest it first will get a soul twine! 

Misc Notes 

Pulling some of our big ticket patch notes out: 

  1. A new theme was created by Thundercat for those who are visually impaired. The theme was created with the help of Lilwyverngirl and FallingfireX! 
  2. Added Featured Character extension, on the main page you will now see the Dragon of the Month! 
  3. Added some admin extensions for quality of life. 
  4. Many Discord changes. 
  5. New backgrounds added (We now have all the backgrounds we commissioned, with two of them dropping with the upcoming story event!) 
  6. Pink Fields theme added. 
  7. New Guide swatches for marking properities. They now have different border colors to determine:
    1. Greeen = yes you can do this 
    2. Red = no you can't do this 
    3. Yellow/Orange = you can do this sometimes/ restrictions apply 
    4. Blue = You can only do this in dominant. 
  8. Radiance and Agouti vouchers for Dragon's blood rewards now have rarity tiers and the original vouchers are "mysterious" and allow you to pick any rarity color marking.  
  9. Isle of Gloom and Shimmering Isle themes updated.


Arena Season and More!

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  • Sale Ending 8.15.2021 (One auction SB changed!)
  • Arena Season is Active!
  • Patchnotes

The summer sale is coming to an end! Remember our next sale won't be till the next season. Additionally, we have changed the starting bid on one from $100 to $70. 

Remember that bids will have a snipe guard on them of at least 4 hours. 


Arena Season

We now have an active arena season! This will run until September 6th. During the season you get double Arena Coins for your dragon's battling it out! If you use free rolls and lose you will get 5 arena coins! This is a good time to power through those levels, just remember that you need to complete taming to advance to Gladiator Level! 


Aside fomr some major bug fixes like our pesky internal server error cuased by our host, and getting double rewards for leveling up, there's not much else to share. We are still retraining team members of staff, and would like to welcome Draginraptor Ekian and Rhith as part of our newly set up Senior Staff role! This role has some extra responsibilities but are essentially extra helping hands in answering questions and providing focused feedback for events and activities before we open it up to a larger audience. 



You hear whispers from the locals of the Frigid Empire, of shadows passing over the clouds. Shapes of long forgotten creatures crawling out of the dark.

MSS Ending August

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  • Sale is still live until the 15th of august
  • Item Changes
  • Arena Season Starting
  • Midsummer Solstice ending 
  • A Thrilling Adventure Begins... 
  • Patchnotes

The summer sale will continue until the 15th of august! 

Item Changes

Some items got some tweaks and changes! Most importantly are the Pearl necklace which now will prevent failure in activities. Dragon tears can now remove dragon blood vouchers (you won't gain one back in return, however an item is coming out soon that will allow this feature). Finally the Soul Twine can now be used to reset your account progress. 

Additionally, on the first of august, Sinister dragons will no longer receive the no buff fail and will instead recieve a +1 item chance. 

Arena Season 

We will host our first Arena Season starting August First and ending the last day of August. During this time players who partake in the arena will gain doduble XP and Free rolls that lose in combat will gain 5 XP instead of zero! 

Midsummer Solstice 

The Annual event is coming to an end, however the fragments and tarot cards will still be earnable in the Grand hunt throughout the year once this activity is released, and again next year! The shop will remain open. 


A Thrilling Adventure Begins... 

Something is coming, you can feel it in the wind, but it feels ominous and forboding.