Healing Shrine

Healing Shrine

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The Healing Shrine

You can view your dragon's health on their profile page, under "Health Tracker" on the left hand side.

Dragons can take damage in events with combat, crucibles, expeditions, and quests. When a dragon's health reaches 0 they will be unable to particpate in these activities until they have been revived or healed. Reaching 0 means they need to be revived  with either an item or art/literature piece! In addition to losing health, dragons can gain ailments called Status Effects, such as poisoning or broken bones. You can heal these yourself using certain items or by using an art/literature piece.

If they still have 1 point of health they can be healed with a food item or an image/writing piece. You can buy many of the healing items in THE LOWER MARKETS.



Healing submissions should depict the dragon receiving some kind of medical care - be it magical or not!

Revival submissions should depict your dragon receiving the same kind of care, or being revived. So long as the character clearly is being treated for a wound, you will pass!

  • 1 Image heals for 50% health in normal healing submissions.
  • 50% of the dragon must be visible in the submission.
  • Healing only images require a simple background with flat color.
  • Revival images require a complex background with color and simple shading.
  • Up to four dagons may be present!
  • 1 piece heals for 50% health in normal healing submissions.
  • Healing Word Count: 600 words minimum (+600 for every collab partner)
  • Revival Word Count: 800 words minimum (+800 for every collab partner)
  • Healing only pieces require a simple background (one to two sentences)
  • Revival pieces require a complex background (around one paragraph or more).
  • Up to four dagons may be present!



To submit your dragon for healing follow these steps and provide the form below. You may submit up to 4 dragons per healing shrine submission.

Dragon's ID & Name: (Ie: SB-0000 NAME)
Healing Shrine Entry/Item used: (Link your art/lit piece or list which item you're uing to heal your dragon!
Total HP Healed: (What is the combined total of HP being healed? This is not what the final health total will be.)
Does the Dragon have Status Effects: (Delete this section if it is not an art/lit piece!)

  • Include your dragon in the added characters box
  • Add items to be used in healing your dragon in the item add ons
  • Status effects are not healed with items through the Healing Shrine as you can do it through your own hoard, but you can heal them with an art/lit  piece!

Done! Hit submit and a staff member will heal your dragon!




Injuries are more simple damage taken during activities. This generally means your dragon was just injured in a way that they had points deducted from their health pool, but no other injuries were aquired.

The damage caused by injuries is a one time event

The health lost has to be healed through a healing shrine submission!

Status Effects

Status Effects are injuries obtined during activities. They range from being poisoned, to having broken bones and will continuously eat away at your dragon's health.

Status effects stack on your dragon and can be found in the Status effect tab of their profile.

To Heal Status effects you will apply the neccessary item from your hoard to the dragon directly or create an art/lit Healing shrine submission! 



These are unique item that can do more than just heal! Some of them may revive your character while others heal Status Effects.

Item Type Heals Special Abilities
Meat Cake Revival/Heal 100% Of all Health! Revives Dragon to 100%
Revival Feather Revival/Heal 100% Of all Health! Revives Dragon to 100%
Hemlock Syrup Multi-purpoe 100% Of all Health! Revives Dragon to 50%
Cures Major Poisoning
Antidote Status Effect N/A Cures Minor Poisoning
Bandages Status Effect N/A Heals Minor Wounds
Healing Salve Status Effect N/A Heals Infected Wounds
Splnt and Cast Status Effect N/A Heals Broken Bones
Tea Status Effect N/A Cures Blight


Food Items are the main way to heal your dragon! The amount of health that can gained after eating different foods varies depending on the diet of your dragon as all dragon's have a preferred type. While you can eat any food if you eat one that matches with your diet you will gain more health!


Herbivores:  Greater Emperor
Carnivore:  Stalker Wyverns, Sapiere Dragons
Piscivore:  Warden Dragons Abyssals Basileus's
Omnivore:  Ravagers Wyverns, Ridgewalker Drakes

  • Omnivores can and will eat everything! No matter what food they eat they will always receive the Matching Diet Health Gain.
Item Name Tier Diet Matching Diet Health Gain Other Diet's Health Gain
Goldfish Petty Piscivore 20 10
Crab Cake 1⭐ Piscivore 100 50
Fried Rice 1⭐ All Diets! 100 N/A
MeatBalls 1⭐ Carnivore 100 50
Veggie Skewer 1⭐ Herbivore 100 50
Decently Cured Meat 2⭐ Carnivore 200 100
Decently Preserved Fish 2⭐ Piscivore 200 100
Fruit Salad 2⭐ Herbivore 200 100
Ramen 2⭐ All Diets! 200 N/A
Dumpling Stir Fry 3⭐ Herbivore 300 150
Stew 3⭐ All Diets! 300 N/A
Premium Cured Meat 3⭐ Carnivore 300 150
Premium Preserved Fish 3⭐ Piscivore 300 150
Dragon Roll Sushi 4⭐ Piscivore 400 200
Hotpot 4⭐ All Diets! 400 N/A
Mushroom Soup 4⭐ Omnivore 400 200
Niramish 4⭐ Herbivore 400 200
Rack of Ribs 4⭐ Carnivore 400 200



No rewards.


No skill increase.

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