Nesting Slot Claims

Nesting Slot Claims


What Are Nesting Slots?

Nesting slots are critical to nesting your characters. In order to nest your character you will need at least one slot to your character. Depending on the level of your character you earn differing amount of slots. If you are nesting a starter, you will not be granted a nesting slot, but instead a nesting token!

Nesting Slot Grant System

• Fledgling = 5 total slots
• Primal = 15 total slots - if your character has their Fledgling slots already, you only get 10 additional slots
• Ancient = 30 total slots - if your character has their Primal slots, you only get 15 additional slots
• Primordial = 100 total slots

You must submit this prompt after your character completes their Trials of Oroburos to gain their slots!


SUBMISSION FORM_________________________________________________________

You may only obtain new slots either when your dragon levels or when you run out for Primordial+ ranks. If your dragon has used slots, then the total amount of earned slots will be subtracted from the used slots if you are submitting for the first time.
Add your Dragon(s) to the characters section. You may submit up to 4 dragons per slot claims requests. Fill out of one of these forms per dragon.

Character Name and ID: (Eg; Raijin SB-0001)
Character Rank: (Fledgling, Primal, Ancient, Primordial
Total number of slots claiming: 



No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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