Trials of Ouroboros


The Trials of Ouroboros

The trials of Ouroboros are a sacred journey - many undergo this trial to be part of the continual death and rebirth of the world. A character must complete this trial to be able to take part in Nesting Submissions. Each character only needs to complete one prompt and then they will earn their Orouboros Emblem, signifying they are allowed to be paired in nesting submissions - provided they have available nesting slots.

The prompts themselves are split into two types: Lore and Other Prompts. Lore prompts are designed to be more in line with the world lore of the game, while other prompts are more vague and loose. You may pick any prompt you wish to complete.

Blind Characters no longer need to complete the blind prompt. This prompt has been removed from the game and is no longer necessary!


Detailed Information

All character require just one prompt to be completed. This can be any prompt in the provided list below. You must depict your character completing the prompt to the best of your ability and meeting the submission requirments. Trials are considered core lore pieces, so putting your best effort forward is highly encouraged!

Souls-Between no longer requires any mentors to be present in the piece. You can have a mentor, companion, or it can be solo with your character by themselves.
Up to four characters are allowed to have their Trials completed at once.

When calculating your Experience make sure you check off the Orouboros Emblem points as well!

Characters gain nesting slots at each rank up:

  • Fledgling: +5 slots
  • Primal: +15 slots
  • Ancient: +30 Slots
  • Primordial: Unlimited slots

Submission Form
This form must be submitted in the comments of your prompt - if you forget to add it, please add it in the feedback thread!

When you submit a piece for multiple dragons, include all the involved dragons who are getting CE in the characters section of the prompt.

  • Entry Link:(Insert the link to the art/lit piece)
  • Orouboros Trial ID:(What is the Name of the Trial?)
  • Characters Getting Only CE:(List the ID and Name of the characters ONLY getting CE. If none leave blank.)
  • Pets and Skills:(What pets and skills are added that effect CE/EE?)
  • Total CE:
  • Total EE:



  • Full Body (50%) of the character must be present and visible.
  • Full color and shading is required - you may use pallets and color scheme for different effects so long as the markings and character is easily identifiable.
  • A Complex background must be visible (Foreground, Middleground, and background elements)
  • Prompts must be depicted clearly.
  • Collaborations are allowed. Each Collab partner may have Four characters present.
  • Word Count Minimum: 1,000 Words Solo, +1,000 Words for each additional Collab Partner.
  • A Complex background must be depicted (One paragraph at a minimum)
  • Prompts must be depicted clearly.
  • Collaborations are allowed. Each Collab partner may have Four characters present.


Trial of Perseverance

The mark of a truly adaptable soul is one that can persevere in even the most harshest environments. Those who dear the perilous reaches of a region are often regared as wise and knowledgeable in their ability to survive and cary on those teachings to their offspring. Many seek out the knowledge these souls have and will request aid. However, the journey is a struggle and no one soul who has walked through them is without their memory of the trial. Be it within the frozen reaches of the Frigid wastes, the swamp marshes which house some of the largest crocodiles known to man, or deep with the entangled forests of the Aether Realm.

Depict your Character traveling through dangerous weather in one of the regions of Empyrean.

Trial of Instinct

Instincts are thought to be the sixth sense of souls - something that lurches in your gut and tells you to get away or do a certain action. Having a good instinct means you survive - and those who are with you will also survive so long as they listen to your gut. Can you prove that you have a good instinct? Do you learn things the hard way? Do others depend on your instinct to lead them?

Depict your character as they must use their instincts. Are they in a fight and must use instinict to know when to back away? Are they in peril and needing to find a way out. Or Are they seeking proper shelter and choosing a cave over crafting their own shelter?

Trial of the Keeper

A keeper of those who would be in peril without the steady eye of a guardian. Many prove their worthiness through their determination and willingness to do anything it takes to meet their goals. Regardless the outcome, those who walk this trial are seen as guardians and keepers of knowledge and places that others may never have seen or known. Be it keeping a watchful eye on a younger of their own, or by finding places that others never would have seen had they even taken a second glance.

Depict your character either guarding another from a threat, be it weather or creature related, OR, depict your character as they find a well hidden location that is far from prying eyes. Do they find a long forgotten castle, or are they protecting their people in a castle?

Trial of Flight

Many walk before they run, but why run when you can Fly? Some species find that flying is the best way to determine the strength of a partner. Can you match the flight of another? Can you out fly the fastest of birds or other species that would challenge you? Dragons are long revered for their magic, but their ability to fly has been a gift to those who do not have that ability. Show your strength and ability to master the sky.

Depict your character flying. Are they doing a dangerous trick? Taking flight with their companion or bringing along a creature that cannot fly? Have they taken to the sky to fight another creature that threatens them or their nest?

Trial of the Provider

All things must eat to survive. Be it the mighty meat eating carnivore, or the humble herbivore finding flora to sustain itself. Some may travel miles through perilous regions to find the food they need, while others have an overabundance of their preferred foods. Regardless, the world is a delicate ecosystem.

Depict your character seeking out their preferred foods. This can be literal preferred or just their favorite. Do they hunt down an animal for meat, or are they fishing? Are they seeking out special vegetables or herbs, or do they prefer the simplicity of a truly home cooked meal? Perhaps they are simply a scavenger, stealing what they can find, be it another's kill or the pie someone left out on the window?

Trial of Glamour

Furthering your lineage means impressing another of your species - and each species has their own way of showing off to a potential partner. Some, like the Sapiere, will make their throat pouches glow brightly, while the Ravager will lock claws in deadly sky diving combat with would be contenders.

Depict your character as they show off what makes them a better a partner to potential mate. Are they brightly colored? Do they have impressive wings or plumage? Do they fight for it?

Trial of Safety

Perhaps the most meaningful part of raising young is finding them the safetest place they can grow. Being vulnerable, your young depends on your keen choices to keep them safe. Some are better at this than others, and it often shows in their choice of nesting location and materials.

Depict your character either choosing a location for a nest or building a nest. Do they bring sturdy items? Do they choose a place where they are safe? Or have they gone a bit astray and found a place that is frankly not quite safe, or at the very least practical?

Trial of Territory

while no one can truly own or tame the wild lands of Empyrean, there are those individuals who will claim dominion over stretches of land, happily claiming it as their own and defending it from those who would try to take it or pass through unwanted.

Depict your character defending their territory. They may be defending the territory from another of their species, or a creature that is unwelcome.


No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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