Prompt Categories

<a href="" class="display-category">Activities</a>


Activities are a form of prompt that covers everything from expiditions, quests, and more. The following prompts are in this category: 

  • Expeditions
  • Questing 
  • Crucible 
  • 🚧 Grand Hunt
<a href="" class="display-category">Events</a>


Events are limited time activities that can only be completed during certain time frames. Events are categorized into different categories based on whether they are annual or not. The following are the different types of events: 

  • World Events - Events that take place during a limited time once but are later made available in the vortex in rotation. 
  • Annual Events - Events that are available once per year and replayable every year on schedule. 
  • 🚧 Vortex - An event activity where world events become replayable for a limited time and with lesser loot rewards from when they were intially run.
  • Misc events - Events that do not fit in the other categories and are generally considered "one off" events, or simply do not happen enough to be annual events.
<a href="" class="display-category">Miscellaneous</a>


The miscellaneous category goes over anything that does not fit in the above sections. The following falls under the category: 

  • Healing Shrine 
  • CE and EE Claims
  • Adoption Sanctuary 
<a href=" and Hatchery" class="display-category">Nesting and Hatchery</a>

Nesting and Hatchery

Nesting and Hatchery are two activities which allow users to gain more dragons via breeding or hatching eggs. Only three prompts are available in this category: 

  • Nesting Submissions
  • Nesting Slot Claims 
  • Hatchery
<a href=" of Passage" class="display-category">Trials of Passage</a>

Trials of Passage

A series of character development prompts that will unlock various activities or reap better rewards for your characters. Contained in this section are the following prompts: 

  • Trials of Ouroboros (Nesting)
  • Trials of Morality (Taming) 
  • Trials of Aether (Aether Restoration)
  • Trials of the Spirit (Soul Link/Shape)
  • 🚧Trials of Status (Occupation)
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