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[MM] Magic Mayhem

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Ends: 10 July 2023, 00:00:00 CDT (1 month from now)


how chaotic can things get?

Welcome to Magic Mayhem! A traditional festival that usually celebrates magic in all forms. With the evergrowing spread of Corruption infecting the land and creatures, it seems that control over magic is begining to become the biggest debate and topic. Can your characters control their magic, or are they going to become one of the hive mind that grows in the rift in the world below us? 

This event features three prompts with their own loot tables and a special Magic Mayhem Shop. You will obtain a Magic Mayhem coin and be able to enter this shop upon completing just one of these prompts. The currency used in the shops is the Soul Coin. 

Additionally, a few raffles are active in this event! 

Submission Form
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If you have multiple dragons, please fill out a form for each dragon! Only input skills, familiars, and items that can be used in the activity. If you forget to enter the form in your initial submission, add it to the comments section of your submission.

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1 Per Dragon Form
Aberrant %: (None, 25%, 50%, or 100%)
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BASIC REQUIREMENTS_________________________________________________________
  • 50% of all character bodies must be present. 
  • Color or flats is required - shading is not. 
  • Simple Background (Two background elements, either foreground, middle ground, or background)
  • The max amount of dragon allowed in a piece is 5. 
    • Collab pieces may have 5 dragons per owner in a piece. Meaning if two players collab together they can submit 10 dragons. The dragons do not have to belong to the player.
  • Follow the detailed information and include appropriate items for the submission in the piece.


  • Word count: 600 words 
    • Collab partners must reach a combined total word count. The count increases 600 per collab partner (i.e. 2 people is 1,200 words, and 3 people is 1,800 words). Each partner does not need to write 600 words total, but should contribute a decent portion to the word count. 
  • A background must be depicted in at least one sentence. 
  • The max amount of dragon allowed in a piece is 5. 
    • Collab pieces may have 5 dragons per owner in a piece. Meaning if two players collab together they can submit 10 dragons. The dragons do not have to belong to the player.
  • Follow the detailed information and include appropriate items for the submission in the piece.
Shop Rewards
Access to the Magic Mayhem shop is granted via a Magic Mayhem 2023 Token! 

Many items can be purchased in the shop. Some stock items rotates daily and some are also limited per player! The shop uses Soul Coins to purchase items.
Event Rewards
Each prompt has its own loot table, however completing each prompt once gives you the trophy for that prompt! 

A raffle is rolled, where you can purchase tickets via the shop and enter the raffle! 

An Unlikely Teacher

Tales of a corrupted dragon have spread far and wide throughout the land. Most speak of insanity and nightmares, causing him to be feared by many. However every so often you'll hear a whisper of his true nature: A calm and kind gentle giant who despite the corruption is always willing to pas on his knowledge to those who seek it. He is especcially helpful to those who suffer the same Aberrant affliction, but teach any individual to hone and control their magic should they request this of him. The journey to reach him however, is not an especially easy one as he is secluded high in the mountain tops of the Radiant Kingdom. So high that the clouds obscur the view of his humble abode and many doubt that it even exists. Those who make the journey are advised to be prepared as alongside the wild dragons and beasts that are home to these mountain tops, it is an area where visibility is at its lowest and the temperatures do not favor those who are unprepared. 

Anyone who has reached his lair fully believe that it is a journey worth going on because reaching the top of the mountain means gaining knowledge that otherwise is a mystery. The exact methods that Demios uses to teach vary from story to story- some say that he was soft and sweet while others proclaim that he put them on a hellish training program that nearly broke them to tears. All the stories end though, saying that it was worth it. Afterall! No one knows how to handle the corruption nor its abberant effects- no one except for Deimos.


Depict your character either making the journey to the mountain top, or interacting and learning with the corrupted dragon, Deimos.  Does your dragon require a stern hand to guide them, or someone with a gentler touch?  Deimos is keen to figure out what others need in order to properly harness their magic - wether that is through soft encouragement or a harsh training regiment.

Deimos features two new Legendary skills in the game!

Blood Moon Curse - Characters with this skill can pass aberrant corruption at 25% to those the fight in combat. Does nothing if Primeval Protection is present (except on Deimos).
Primeval Protection
- Characters with this skill are immune to being Corrupted from any form. However they can still gain blight. Does nothing if present with Blood Moon curse (Except on Deimos).


All Prompts Reward the 2023 Magic Mayhem Trophy to players and the Magic Mayhem Loot Table + Soul Coin Table. Additionally, all players will get a Magic Mayhem token for entry into the event shop for this year. Extra tokens can be sold for 5 Soul Coins, but cannot be traded.



Many citizens felt at peace after the recent war involving the Scorched empire came to an end, however peace does not last for long. The Aether rifts have become active once again, but in a far weaker state than they were during the Aether Wars. Minor rifts are opening up in various regions with lower end Aemon spilling out. Anything from corrupted wolves, corrupted deer, and even corrupted rabbits have been spottted! The Aether Guard has put out a notice to anyone who is able to during this time to take out these aemon before they cause even bigger rifts to occur. Those who partake will be rewarded handsomly with Moon gems and items! 

Depict your character battling an AemonYou will not take any actual damage in this activity. 


Magical Tendencies

 With the Minor rifts opening up, some dragons are finding it rather difficult to control their magic, those who are corrupted especially struggle. Everyone has begun to feel their link with the Aether which is the source of magic growing stronger. Some have described it as a voice pulling them in- something working to draw out the chaotic magic from within them despite their wishes. It's an alluring voice though, and some have completely given into it's effects losing all control and living in a state of ferality. Does your dragon struggle with their magic during this time or are they professionals at harnessing this power? 

Depict your character with their magic. Is their magic out of control or are they showing a strong mastery of their magic! 




Reward Amount
Magic Mayhem 4
Soul Coin Table 1
Magic Mayhem Token (2023) 1


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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