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Souls-Between features to leveling systems, one for your dragons and one for your account. Players can level their accounts alongside their dragons by completing group activities, such as dailies, rites, quests, and events. All experience points are tracked automatically via the site, and are awarded upon submission of an activity, or through the prompts found in this category.

Souls-Between does not use trackers anymore! 

If you have an old tracker that has not been claimed and moved to your experience on the site, please submit the activity to have them counted and moved over. Do not add new pieces to your trackers. You will be required to submit any non-activity pieces through the experience activity prompt found by clicking the eyeglass on this prompt. Any other piece part of an activity will receive experience points upon approval of the activity.

Celestial Experience (Character) Calculator Ethereal Experience (Player) Calculator

Dragons and players receive bonuses in the game based on their level. You can view all levels and their bonuses here: 

Celestial Levels Ethereal Levels


If you need to claim EXP for either EE or CE, use this form and select the eyeglass next to the title of this activity prompt. It will give you the option to "submit prompt." Include this filled out form to claim your Experience: 

Link to Piece: (Link the art or literature) 
Total CE: (If applicable put the total, not the breakdown) 
Total EE: (If applicable put the total, not the breakdown)
CE BreakDown: (include the entire breakdown you get from the calculator!) 
EE Breakdown: (Include the entire breakdown you get from the calculator! 

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How do I view my tracker?

You can view your "tracker" for your experience one of two ways. 

  • Select your profile and go to your profile page. You can view your EE logs by selecting "Ethereal Logs" which will tell you when you get EXP where. 
  • Select your profile drop down and select "Ethereal Experience" you can level up in this link!


You still only get 6EE as EE rewards based on the artwork/literature created and not the individual dragons.

What if I submit both my nesting rites/ taming/ hunting sheets/ etc as one image?

This is allowed, however, you need to have clear distinct borders! If you do this, you'll get the EE for each unique panel. So nesting rites submitted as one post will be worth 12 EE!

I did artwork for someone else, but I have no dragon involved, do I get EE?

Yes, you will be awarded EE, but no CE! 

Special title treatment
 How do I view my Character's Tracker? 

Go to the character's profile and select "Celestial Experience", you can level up your character and access their EXP logs here! 



What if someone creates artwork for me? Do I get the Ethereal Experience?

Yes, you do! Your dragon is present and you are participating in the activity, therefore you are rewarded exerpeince! The other person only gets CE if they have a dragon present as well, but claim the piece for EE! 


Can I do payments based on EE?

You can, but we don't advise it as it is a lot more of a grind to level up your player status vs your dragons. Don't overwork members of the community!


Are Celestial Experience Sheets worth EE?

No, EE is rewarded for participating in activities in the game. However if you have unique activity submissions in a CE sheet you will gain EE for these panels only.


I am leasing a dragon. How do those points work?

The dragon owner will be given full CE and EE for the dragon depicted like normal. The Lease holder will gain EE and items from the activitiy.


Ethereal Points refer to your levels as a player. They are tied to your account (Remember you may only own one account!).  You earn EE by completing activities such as dailies, quests, and events. You do not gain EE from "Exp Sheets." 

Players have 13 different levels, with the first four focusing on major bonuses a player can receive.

All available activities that give EE can be found in the EE Calculator.




Dragons receive experienced called "Celestial Experience". Every piece of artwork, literature, and media you create for your dragons gains them celestial exerpience. This experience is dragon bound, and will transfer with the dragon to other users if the dragon is rehomed. 


Dragons have 10 different levels, each coming with their own bonuses and upgrades. The four first levels have the most bonuses to activities, while levels 5 and beyond have more item rewards vs being activity based. 


Celestial Experience Breakdown 

All Points can be reviewd via the Celestial Calculator. However, we have broken down the different meanings behind each section here. 

Character Limits in Art and Literature
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Most activities in the game will require specific minimum requirements in order to count as "passing." Always double check the activity prompt to be sure! 


In general however these rules will usually apply unless otherwise stated: 

  • Artwork 
    • Solo pieces
      • 4 dragons maximum (5 in the case of rites if the 5th dragon is NOT gaining their rites, only experience!) 
      • Full body 50% of each dragon 
      • At least flat color - some activities may require shading (such as Rites!) 
      • Simple Background at Minimum (Some activities or events may require a complex background!) 
    • Collab Pieces
      • Follow all the same rules except each player may include 4 of their own dragons (meaning if two people collab, 8 dragons can be present so long as each meets requirements)
    • Both
      • Characters MUST be distinguishable as that character! This includes patterns on the dragons and details. It is ok if some details are missing or not as exact, so long as an effort is made! 
      • Artists using limited/restricted/or muted color pallets are allowed to use these methods so long as it is used on the whole piece. 
  • Literature 
    • Solo Pieces
      • Word counts vary based on activities; i.e. a Daily may be 600 words, while a rite may be 1000. 
      • 4 dragons maximum (5 in the case of rites if the 5th dragon is NOT gaining their rites, only experience!) 
      • Dragons must be fully represented in at least a paragraph or more and interacting throughout the piece. 
      • Simple backgrounds are often necessary and are considered passing if at least three to four sentences are used to describe the environment. Complex backgrounds require at least one to two pragraphs.
    • Collab Pieces
      • Follow all the same rules except each player may include 4 of their own dragons (meaning if two people collab, 8 dragons can be present so long as each meets requirements)


Artwork Specific
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1SSfq7Q.pngA full body piece of artwork refers to the depiction of dragon of at least half its body present. If you are showing the wings in majority as they cover the body, however, we expect to see all of the wings. If a dragon is present, but is only showing less than 50% of its body in total coverage, will be counted as a portrait and will NOT count for activities.
In literature, a dragon should be present at least 50-75% of the writing, and should not be mentioned just in passing, or simply show up at the very end to gain points. They need to be active particpants who are part of the literature! However, Literature cannot recieve the art specific bonuses.




VO7BVq3.pngA piece that only shoes the face, or up to the chest of the subject. This does not allow for showing only the wings or tail, as the focus is on the face of the subject. Minimal backgrounds in busts is when the background is visible, but has little detail with in it. This is to not punish those who make their backgrounds equal to the detail they put in the dragon. When you include more details in the background, you gain a complex background bonus.





Animations are considered moving subjects, which could include movement cycxles, flicking tails, moving wings, blinking, etc. They only count if the animation is present and will receive all bonuses for Full body or Portrait for every key (unique) frame of the animation. In the case of reused backgrounds, the background is only counted once. All other frames are given half points. Some of these bonuses can stack on each other, such as a 3d model being animated. Sculpts refer to both traditional and digital. 

Sculpted pieces are considered complex pieces and gain points like a full body- regardless if they are a bust or not. 

Pixel icons and small pixel artwork gains half points, however fully detailed pixel pieces are given full points like any other normal piece.

Comics are given full points for each unique panel, and half points for others. In the case of reused backgrounds, the background is only counted once.

AMVs are given full points for each unique frame, and half points for others. In the case of reused backgrounds, the background is only counted once.




Reusing a base will give it half points, but the original artwork on the base will be granted full points. Take the total of the normal points, and simple divide it in half to get the final points.
If major things are changed, such as taking a common coat base and changing it to an Imperial coat base, the new imperial base will be granted full points on its first iteration. Other colors of the base will receive half points. Changing only the horns or minor traits will not grant it full points.
"Chibi" pieces are given half points only if they have very little detail. Detailed Chibis (such as the example) are given full points if details of the dragon are fleshed out and visible. 




Characters must be fully visible and distinguishable in order to gain points.


Literature Specific
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Literature is much more simple compared to artwork, and refers to written word which can be combined with art pieces or stand alone by itself. Souls-Between encourages writers to particpate in the game through writing about their characters and are given many of the same bonuses as artwork in the bonus section! Literature is given the same importance and care in our game! 

  • Literature is given 1 point of experience for every 100 words 
  • Literature can gain most if not all bonuses in the bonuses section. 

All character presented in the literature should be represented equally and not simply show up for a few lines of text or dialogue to count for points!

Bonuses to Experience 
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Don't forget to add your bonuses!! These bonuses come into play if you meet the criteria. 

  • Added Characters
    • Stacks up to 2 times and only refers to Souls-Between characters with their own profiles on site.
  • Added Handler/Caretaker/Humanoid 
    • Stacks one and refers to things such as "riders." All handlers must be humanoid, meaning bipedal, with implied sentiance. 
  • Group Activity 
    • This refers to daily activites, quests, arena, grand hunt, etc. Generally any open activity through the entire year. 
  • Events: 
    • Annual/Misc events refer to events that happen throughout the year on schedule, or are impromptu. 
    • Story Events refer to events where new species, lore, and mechanics may be added. These are always hyped up! 
  • Rites
    • Rites refer to things such as Aether Restoration, Taming, Nesting, Soul Linking, Player and Character Professions, etc! 
  • Collaboration Bonus applies if you collab with another person! 
  • Personal Work bonus applies if you had a hand in directly making the piece - stacks with collaboration! 
  • Added Other ARPG 
    • This bonus does not stack 
    • A link to the other ARPG creature's import must be provided if asked for! 
  • Trophy Awards
    • If you are claiming you rites you gain a +10 bonus to all trophies you earn in your rites! (This does not apply to level up rewards) 
  • Familiar EXP Bonuses
    • Some Familiars give you bonus EE or CE! Most of them depend on what activity you are completing, but some, like the Celestial Feline, are all pieces if they are included in the art or literature!
  • Simple vs Complex Backgrounds
    • We consider background to have three parts: Foreground, Middleground, and Background. 
    • Simple backgrounds have only one or two of the parts. 
    • Complex backgrounds have all three (dragons can count as part of the foreground element!) 
    • In Literature, Simple backgrounds have three to four sentences describing the environment, while complex have one to two detail pragraphs instead.
  • Simple Vs Complex shading 
    • Simple shading refers to when you have one layer of shading on a piece, while complex shading you have 2 or more layers (such as a dark and light layer vs only a dark layer.) 
    • Many detailed paintings qualify as complex shading. 
    • Literature cannot receive this bonus. 







No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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Healing Shrine


The Healing Shrine

You can view your dragon's health on their profile page, under "Health Tracker" on the left hand side.

Dragons can take damage in events with combat, crucibles, expeditions, and quests. When a dragon's health reaches 0 they will be unable to particpate in these activities until they have been revived or healed. Reaching 0 means they need to be revived  with either an item or art/literature piece! In addition to losing health, dragons can gain ailments called Status Effects, such as poisoning or broken bones. You can heal these yourself using certain items or by using an art/literature piece.

If they still have 1 point of health they can be healed with a food item or an image/writing piece. You can buy many of the healing items in THE LOWER MARKETS.



Healing submissions should depict the dragon receiving some kind of medical care - be it magical or not!

Revival submissions should depict your dragon receiving the same kind of care, or being revived. So long as the character clearly is being treated for a wound, you will pass!

  • 1 Image heals for 50% health in normal healing submissions.
  • 50% of the dragon must be visible in the submission.
  • Healing only images require a simple background with flat color.
  • Revival images require a complex background with color and simple shading.
  • Up to four dagons may be present!
  • 1 piece heals for 50% health in normal healing submissions.
  • Healing Word Count: 600 words minimum (+600 for every collab partner)
  • Revival Word Count: 800 words minimum (+800 for every collab partner)
  • Healing only pieces require a simple background (one to two sentences)
  • Revival pieces require a complex background (around one paragraph or more).
  • Up to four dagons may be present!



To submit your dragon for healing follow these steps and provide the form below. You may submit up to 4 dragons per healing shrine submission.

Dragon's ID & Name: (Ie: SB-0000 NAME)
Healing Shrine Entry/Item used: (Link your art/lit piece or list which item you're uing to heal your dragon!
Total HP Healed: (What is the combined total of HP being healed? This is not what the final health total will be.)
Does the Dragon have Status Effects: (Delete this section if it is not an art/lit piece!)

  • Include your dragon in the added characters box
  • Add items to be used in healing your dragon in the item add ons
  • Status effects are not healed with items through the Healing Shrine as you can do it through your own hoard, but you can heal them with an art/lit  piece!

Done! Hit submit and a staff member will heal your dragon!




Injuries are more simple damage taken during activities. This generally means your dragon was just injured in a way that they had points deducted from their health pool, but no other injuries were aquired.

The damage caused by injuries is a one time event

The health lost has to be healed through a healing shrine submission!

Status Effects

Status Effects are injuries obtined during activities. They range from being poisoned, to having broken bones and will continuously eat away at your dragon's health.

Status effects stack on your dragon and can be found in the Status effect tab of their profile.

To Heal Status effects you will apply the neccessary item from your hoard to the dragon directly or create an art/lit Healing shrine submission! 



These are unique item that can do more than just heal! Some of them may revive your character while others heal Status Effects.

Item Type Heals Special Abilities
Meat Cake Revival/Heal 100% Of all Health! Revives Dragon to 100%
Revival Feather Revival/Heal 100% Of all Health! Revives Dragon to 100%
Hemlock Syrup Multi-purpoe 100% Of all Health! Revives Dragon to 50%
Cures Major Poisoning
Antidote Status Effect N/A Cures Minor Poisoning
Bandages Status Effect N/A Heals Minor Wounds
Healing Salve Status Effect N/A Heals Infected Wounds
Splnt and Cast Status Effect N/A Heals Broken Bones
Tea Status Effect N/A Cures Blight


Food Items are the main way to heal your dragon! The amount of health that can gained after eating different foods varies depending on the diet of your dragon as all dragon's have a preferred type. While you can eat any food if you eat one that matches with your diet you will gain more health!


Herbivores:  Greater Emperor
Carnivore:  Stalker Wyverns, Sapiere Dragons
Piscivore:  Warden Dragons Abyssals Basileus's
Omnivore:  Ravagers Wyverns, Ridgewalker Drakes

  • Omnivores can and will eat everything! No matter what food they eat they will always receive the Matching Diet Health Gain.
Item Name Tier Diet Matching Diet Health Gain Other Diet's Health Gain
Goldfish Petty Piscivore 20 10
Crab Cake 1⭐ Piscivore 100 50
Fried Rice 1⭐ All Diets! 100 N/A
MeatBalls 1⭐ Carnivore 100 50
Veggie Skewer 1⭐ Herbivore 100 50
Decently Cured Meat 2⭐ Carnivore 200 100
Decently Preserved Fish 2⭐ Piscivore 200 100
Fruit Salad 2⭐ Herbivore 200 100
Ramen 2⭐ All Diets! 200 N/A
Dumpling Stir Fry 3⭐ Herbivore 300 150
Stew 3⭐ All Diets! 300 N/A
Premium Cured Meat 3⭐ Carnivore 300 150
Premium Preserved Fish 3⭐ Piscivore 300 150
Dragon Roll Sushi 4⭐ Piscivore 400 200
Hotpot 4⭐ All Diets! 400 N/A
Mushroom Soup 4⭐ Omnivore 400 200
Niramish 4⭐ Herbivore 400 200
Rack of Ribs 4⭐ Carnivore 400 200



No rewards.


No skill increase.

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Adoption Sanctuary - Adoption


Welcome to the Adoption Center

The adoption center serves as a community driven resources for new and old players alike to get new characters. All genos and characters found in the adoption center are donated by the community, and not added via random generation by staff. If the center is empty, you will need to wait until players donate to the center.

If you are a new player and do not own any characters, ensure you visit the Dragon's Gift Shop to obtain a free common egg!


Adopting a Character

It is 100% free to adopt a character. Players are allowed to adopt a character once per month from the adoption center. These characters can not be sold, traded, gifted, or returned to the center for 90 days.


First Choice Link:(Link your first choice adoption!)
Second Choice Link:(Link your second choice adoption in case the first is claimed by someone before you!)

View the Adoption Sanctuary here!
Surrendering a Character

Go to the prompt for Releasing Characters!

Releasing a Character

Go to the prompt for Releasing Characters!




No rewards.


No skill increase.

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