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Pretty active, if you need me directly contact me via the discord for quickest response. 


Brain loves dragon egg gacha and I must feed it

"Amongst the Shimmering Isles, there is one isolated mass of land that used to be the home to manthings and dragons alike. For unspoken reasons, these lands have been largely abandoned, and instead have become hideouts and lands of exile. If you've done horrible things, your home is now here. Dragons who don't particularly care for their young or thieves who are trying to shake off an angered pair of parents will often abandon hatchlings and eggs around here, leaving a rather surprisingly healthy population of wild dragons in the area.

An artistic elf named Vaelte resides in a section of this landmass, a bit of a wasteland compared to the tropical lush environment around it, within an abandoned farm. Together with his horse, some chickens, and his own hard work he has managed to carve out a home for himself. Unfortunately, one day, his peace and quiet life of exile would be disturbed one day as finally, despite having been around for quite some years, a wyvern chose to settle itself in the barn of his farm. Shortly after a ravager joined, and then a rather stubborn warden as well. They became a bit of a strange "flight", with the leader of it being an elf.

On another section of the landmass lives a thief and a rodent of a Greater Emperor. Tuethar and his friend, Maike, notorious egg thieves in these lands and often the cause of fights between flights. They exist only for themselves, and no one else."


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