Genetics Changes

A log of all changed genetics information in terms of names only.

Throughout the years of Souls-Between's history, we have had to merge and change some genetics around to better fit the game aesthetic and ever growing content! However, we have never simply gotten rid of something, only merged it into something else or changed it's name. If are you ever unsure where your marking, coat color, mutation, or trait might have gone, or be changed to, you should be able to find it here!


If you believe something is missing or incorrect, please submit a bug report!

Markings and coat Colors_________________________________________________________

Many markings were renamed or merged. If you had a marking that was merged into another marking, you now have that new marking. If you happened to have both the old marking and the marking it was merged into you now have a dominant version of that marking! 

For Scorching and Fading, if you had both, you have dom Stained!

Marking Mergers: 

  • Ray merged into Sable
  • Scorching and Fading combined into Stained
  • Mist merged into Smoke
  • Pigeon merged into Banded
  • Appaloosa merged into Painted

Marking Renames:

  • Somatic renamed to Brindle
  • Bokeh renamed to Dapple
  • Vignette renamed to Filigree
  • Triquetra renamed to Motif
  • Flaxen renamed to Citrine
  • Rose renamed to Rhodonite
  • Greying renamed to Steel
  • Azure renamed to Azurite
  • Crimson renamed to Garnet
  • Copper renamed to Topaz
  • Seafoam renamed to Turquoise
  • Lilac renamed to Amethyst
Coat colors

Coat color names were changed. The old layout of uu/hh/oo/vv is now bb/tt/ss/nn.

Basic Coats: 

  • Umber renamed to Bronze
  • Hazed renamed to Tarnished
  • Ivory renamed to Silver
  • Vanta renamed to Obsidian

Combo Coats:

  • Golden renamed to Gold
  • All other coats match the name of the basic coats. So instead of "Hazed Umber" it is "Tarnished Bronze." 
  • Obsidian continues to produce "Melanistic"


Traits and Mutations_________________________________________________________


  • Timid renamed to Vigilant


  • Common renamed to Velour


  • Slender renamed to Smooth
  • Quilin renamed to Qilin


  • Aether renamed to Ether


  • Feathered renamed to Tuft


  • Curled renamed to Prehensile
  • Double/Split Tail renamed to Split Tail
  • Wild renamed to Crocuta
  • Plated renamed to Armor
  • Dragon renamed to Spade

Mutations that were merged into new ones means you now gain that new mutation. For example, if you had spiked you can now use spiked, spined AND frilled mutations.

Mutation Merges:

  • Spiked merged with Spined
  • Frilled merged with Spined
  • Tusked merged with Fanged
  • Crocodile merged with Fanged
  • Fluffed merged with Maned
  • Barbed merged with Raptor
  • Triclops merged into Ophanim
  • Multi eye merged into Ophanim
  • Feather extensions merged into Cherubian
  • Seraph merged into Cherubian
  • Webbed merged into Membrane
  • Flesh merged into Membrane
  • Blazer merged into Glimmer
  • Sakura merged into Glimmer
  • Eel merged into Nautical
  • Finned merged into Nautical
  • Shark Merged into Nautical
  • Angler Merged into Nautical
  • Aether Mane merged into Elemental
  • Overgrowth merged into Elemental 
  • Vented merged into Viper
  • Wisps merged into Ghostly
  • Overbite merged into Dewlap
  • Whiskers merged into Tendrils
  • Lunar merged into Tendrils

Mutation Renames: 

  • Prisms renamed to Faceted
Skills and Breaths________________________________________________________
  • Friendly Giant changed to Life of the Party

No breaths have changed names or were merged.