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A flight is a group of players who work together and pool their resources to achieve goals and bring glory to their dragons. Souls-Between is a community-based game, meaning that the best way to play is with friends and the community! While you can fly solo, it can be a lot more fun to be part of the community, and can help you achieve certain personal goals you may want, easier! 
A flight, like in an MMO, is a Guild. A flight comes with a few perks right off the bat, but the rest have to be earned by bringing wealth and glory to the flight. 

Why make or join a flight? 

Flights come with unlockable perks that further gameplay mechanics, such as bonuses in activities or even the ability to make flight-specific backgrounds and familiars. In addition to these perks, you have the chance to build friendships with other members of your flight, create lore for your dragons together, and even earn flight specific titles. Check out the perks section to see more about the different perks and bonuses of a flight! 
In addition, flights can host their own events (using flight resources) to faciliate prizes or activities amongst their members. Flights also can have their own "adoption center" faciliatated by their flight account - no currency is handed out by the game for the flight adoption center. 

Flight Rules

Flights come with a few rules and regulations. 


  • Only staff can assign flights to users and dragons.
  • Names of flights must follow our ToS 
  • A flight account must be made - we recommend either the leader or someone the leader trusts. Do not give out the password or details to others unless you trust them! In the event of account loss we cannot recover your items. On the flip side - if you are joining a flight as a member, make sure you join a flight you trust! 
  • Flights may only have a minimum of 3 players and a max of 20 
  • Players may can only be in one flight themselves. 
  • Dragons may only be in one flight. 
  • A player's dragons can be in different flights (Your dragon A can be in a different flight than your dragon B.) 
  • Flights by default do not have an activity requirement to stay open - you only need 3 people in it. 
  • Flights are governed by their leaders, but still must abide by the site ToS.
    • Flights may not make rules that limit their members from using flight perks.

How to make a Flight

To make a flight, submit a claim with the following: 
  • 3 Players signed up (Include their usernames// Flights have a limit of 20 users per each flight, however an unlimited amount of dragons can be added.) 
    • Designate the leader and other ranks in your flight. 
  • A name for your flight (PG-13, should not copy another flight's name, and should follow our ToS!) 
  • An account made for the Flight on the website, please link the account so we can give it the flight rank! 
  • 500 Crystals

Recomended steps, but not necessary: 

  • A unique insignia for the flight.
  • Lore or other information for your flight to describe it.

How to Upgrade your Flight

Submit a claim using the Flight Account (and flight funds) with the following form: 

Level upgrade: (If level put the name, if not a level upgrade put n/a) 

Perk Purchase: (Put the perk name, or N/A if not a perk purchase) 

Cost: (Put the total cost) 


For players who wish to order new copies of the flight background or familiar perk you can do so from your account and funds, or if your flight allows it, have it be a request from the flight account. 


Flight Perks 

Warning! Many flights perks have changed due to limitations or outdated ideas. As a result, all flights prior to June 6th, 2021 are reset to level 1 with no perks! 

There are Five levels to flights, which unlock perks for each level. Each flight starts at level 1, and crystals are paid to upgrade the flight. Once upgraded, or leveled up, you gain access to perks which are a one time purchased perk.  

  • Level 1: The Neophytes
    ⪼ Upgrade price: None 
    1. Fetch Quester
      1. Purchase price: 2,000 Crystals
      2. Increases the chance of a quest to pass if a dragon from the flight is present in the entry. 
    2. Birds of a Feather
      1. Purchase Price: 4,000 Crystals
      2. A chance to earn rare loot in world events if a flight dragon is present in the entry.
  • Level 2: The Prophets
    ⪼ Upgrade price: 5,000 Crystals
    1. Battle Armor
      1. Purchase Price: 6,000 Crystals
      2. Chance to earn rare loot in the arena if the opponent is not from your flight.
    2. Flight's Roost
      1. Purchase Price: 8,000 Crystals
      2. A 3000x2040 pixel sized image must be submitted when purchasing the perk. Background must follow ToS.
      3. Create (or have created) a background pack (allowed day/night/dusk variations) for your flight.
      4. You get a copy for every current member, and then pay 1K crystals for extra copies.
        1. Extra copies may be purchased and sold to members outside of your flight as well.
  • Level 3: The Sentinels 
    ⪼ Upgrade price: 10,000 Crystals
    1. Ancient's Favor
      1. Purchase Price: 10,000 Crystals
      2. One free full heal a season. 
      3. One half heal a month.
    2. Tamer's handbook
      1. Purchase Price: 12,000 Crystals
      2. Removes one taming prompt from the taming requirments for a dragon (i.e. instead of 3 entries you do 2)
  • Level 4: The Divine 
    ⪼ Upgrade price: 15,000 Crystals
    1. Divine Gift
      1. Purchase Price: 14,000 Crystals
      2. Chance for rarer items in the Grand Hunt
    2. Companions of the Flight
      1. Purchase Price: 16,000 Crystals
      2. Create a familiar for your flight that gives a +2 PP bonus for all dragons in the same entry as the one who has the familiar attached.
      3. A 100x100 pixel sized image must be submitted when purchasing the perk. Familiar must follow ToS.
      4. You get a copy for every current member, and then pay 1K crystals for extra copies.
        1. Extra copies may be purchased and sold to members outside of your flight as well.
  • Level 5: The Warlords
    ⪼ Upgrade price: 20,000 Crystals
    1. Bond of Familiarity
      1. Purchase Price: 18,000 Crystals
      2. If the nesting is between two dragons from the same flights, there is a chance that the clutch will be max eggs. 
    2. Chance of Fate
      1. Purchase Price: 20,000 Crystals
      2. If you fail a an attempt in any activity (Questing, daily, etc), there is a 50% chance your roll will be rolled again. Nothing occurs if it fails a second time.


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