Trials of Spirit



Finding that life-long partner is never an easy task. There are always up's and down as no one is ever perfect, but it can be of great help to one's spirit if they gain it. Sometimes that partner will be a lover, while other times they may simply be a friend or sibling that they've put their full trust into. The dragons of Empyrean sometimes claim they feel lost if they wander around alone or as if something is missing, while those who have found a partner say it's fullfilled them in ways they never would have imagined. Not everyone is cut out for having a life long partner, but if they can find someone worthy a whole new world is opened. It's filled with up's and downs but at the end it worth it.


Detailed Information

The trials of spirit are all about having someone you can trust and rely on. You may complete these trials with another dragon OR to a companion!  (The companion may be an OC or come from another ARPG species if you wish!) Once the two have proven the strength of their bond the dragon's involved will receive many buffs  including:

+2 CE bonus when depicted toether
A chance to bring back rarer items in all activities except for questing when depicted together
An increased pass chance in questing  when depicted together

If bonded two dragons together the following buffs apply:
Guaranteed 2 Egg Nest in Nesting 
If they are the same gender they do not require Soul Twine. 

Dragons also unlock their SOUL INCARNATION. 

All characters require three prompts to be completed! You can depict any three prompts you so wish and the prompts must be completed to the best of your ability. Trials are considered core lore pieces, so putting your best effort in is highly encouraged!

Only one pair may participate in passing the trial in a submission! Other dragons can appear for CE but they will not be able to use the entry for anything else.

When calculating your Experience make sure you add in the trials points as well!



This form must be submitted in the comments of your prompt - if you forget to add it, please add it in the feedback thread!

When you submit a piece for multiple dragons, include all the involved dragons who are getting CE in the characters section of the prompt.

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  • Total CE:
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  • Full Body (50%) of the character must be present and visible.
  • Both Characters must be present
  • Full color and shading is required - you may use pallets and color scheme for different effects so long as the markings and character is easily identifiable.
  • A Complex background must be visible (Foreground, Middleground, and background elements)
  • Prompts must be depicted clearly.
  • Collaborations are allowed. 
  • Word Count Minimum: 1,000 Words Solo, +1,000 Words for each additional Collab Partner.
  • Both Characters must be present
  • A Complex background must be depicted (One paragraph at a minimum)
  • Prompts must be depicted clearly.
  • Collaborations are allowed. 

Time is Precious

When with someone you care for there it is said that time stands still and every second is precious. What is a moment with your significant other that you cherish deeply? Did you watch them wolf down three deer in one sitting and fall in love right there, or did the two of you sit in a hill overlooking a flowery field. Maybe you two frolicked together and burnt an entire city to the ground. Ah, such wonderful memories.

Depict a precious moment shared between the two characters! It can be the moment they fell in love, when they are doing their favorite activity, or just a peaceful moment of silence. Maybe a funny memory that while painful in the moment is looked back upon fondly.

Emotional Damage

Arguments are inevitable. Harsh words are thrown back and forth in the heat of the moment and feelings are hurt. Perhaps when fighting aggression starts to rise and the only way to sort out whose right and whose wrong is with a brawl. Sometimes pairs need to take a break after an argument and go their separate ways for a little bit until tempers cool.

Depict the two characters in an argument! Can they solve it peacefully or does a fight break out between them? Perhaps one of them is leaving to cool their head.

Is this what you wanted?

Everyone has something secret that they love more than words. Sometimes it’s a type of food, participating in a certain activity, or perhaps its a type of item that they collect endlessly. Learning about what your partner’s love is a vital part of all relationships. Clearly if you can get more of whatever it is for them then that would be great! Right?

Depict one of the characters trying to give their partner a gift! Did they give a bouquet of roses  or did they accidentally get something their partner hates?  It’s the thought that counts in any case.

First meetings

While some relationships have lasted for years, there is always a moment where they first meet one another. It might be a sweet tale of seeing one another across a crowded room, while for others it might have been a one sided crush. Sometimes dragons meet out in the gladiator arena’s while others meet under more tense preteses! Perhaps when they first met eachother they automatically hated one another. The possibilities are endless.

Depict the two characters meeting for the first time! Was the meeting smooth and pleasant or was it a more rough beggining to their relationship?

Open Wounds

Sickness and injury are commonplace within Empyrean. No matter how hard you try it will happen one way or another. Either you or your companion have gotten sick or injured and are left in the other care. How do they take care of you? Are they a fantastic medic who can patch you right on up? Do they try their best but fail miserably? Or are they petrified of blood or disease and faint on the spot?

Depict one of the two characters either injured or sick and being cared for by the other! The one caring doesn’t have to be great at it, but they are at least there for them.

Grand Displays

Spending your life with someone is a big decision and sometimes your partner needs a bit of coaxing that you are the right choice. Perhaps you throw a grand party to try and show off your care for them, or maybe you show them your hoard of jewels to see if that would impress them. Perhaps you rely solely on your looks and decide to dress up to see if you can charm them that way. There are many ways to flaunt yourself after all.

Depict one of the two characters trying to impress the other! Did they manage to put on an impressive display or did they perhaps decide that showing their partner their favorite rock was the best idea?

A Treacherous Path

Things aren’t always smooth sailing while travelling together. A Snowstorm might blow in and trap you and your partner in a cave, or perhaps a local river has completely flooded the area you were supposed to visit and swept away your partner. Maybe they went out into the blistering Scorching Wastes without enough water. Weather can be treacherous, but together you will get through it.

Depict the two characters as they make their way through a dangerous situation. The prompt must display a dangerous setting that your dragon and their partner must navigate together.

I’ll Protect you with my life

The pair are bound to come across dangerous situations in their lifetime. Perhaps a band of poachers have come hunting for your dragon, or maybe wolves have circled their companion. Perhaps it’s even a simple situation where someone has spat upon the honor of your partner. Whatever the case is you must defend them!

Depict one of the characters defending the other! Was it a verbal insult that was hurled which must now be met with fists, or has someone come after them looking for trouble?


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No skill increase.

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