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What are Activities and games?

Activities are the main way to play Souls Between. Generally these are done by submitted artwork and literature meeting specific prompt criteria for an activity. However, Souls has a mechanic where some activities are allowed a "free" submission where you do not need to complete any work to submit a prompt for the activity. These are often limited based on your player level. The amount of free activity rolls is based on the activity itself. This means if you submit a free expedition, it does not take away from your free crucible. These amoutns also do not effect games, since games use other mechanics seperate from prompt activities.

Activities have a wide range of options and often have a lot of wiggle room for interpretation to help them from being repetitive. This is also where you will get most of your loot drops increasing the amount of items you have in your hoard. These items in turn can be sold for in-game currency to buy items in shops, used in crafting, or traded with other players. Optionally, you can choose to just hoard these items! Some items even are used in completing collections.


Games are referred to as activities that do not require art and can be completed by player interaction. This doesn't include free activities such as Free Exploirations, but rather things like our Scouting and games. These often are limited based on either stamina, resources, or character health. Scouting and dungeons both require you to have a character uploaded in or der to particpate, without this, you won't be able to partake. Scouting also does require you to have moon gems - however there is one location that does not require you to have currency to search in which will gi ve you food ingredients in order to be able cook dishes and heal your characters!



where are the activities not listed here? 

Things like nesting and hatchery have their own page! Please explore more of the player guide to find out about these activties since they are deemed more involved and need their own dedicated pages.


How Activities Work

Activities come in one of two general types: Free and General. Free Activities don't involve any artwork or literature needing to be created to submit them for the month. We only have a few of these, but many our Games are free. Games involve things like actively Scouting or Dungeons. However they have counterparts such as Scouting Prompts or Crucible which do require art/literature. 

Players can submit as many general activities as they want - they all have forms that populate into the info box on a prompt submission, only needing to be filled out by the player. General activities are limited per month and are based on the player's ingame level on how many they can submit per month with the cap being once they hit Level 4 (Dragon Master.) 


Submitting Activities

Much like our old days on dA when you submit an acitvity you will have to wait for it to be rolled by staff. It enters a queue and staff will roll the request in order of received, unless they determine a player has submitted too many prompts for one day. We generally consier this number to be over 5 of the same type of activity. Staff will then at their discretion skip over the rest of that player's rolls to get to other players in the queue and cycle back around to yours either by the time they finish or the next day. This is so their is fairness in the amount of activities being rolled. This same process is not used in Events where things like dealing damage are important to results. However, in most damage dealing events, we make things fair by giving everyone equal chance to deal damage to their own instanced versions of bosses. To read more about events, you will want to visit our Events (link soon!) page. 

There are a few ways to go about submitting a prompt activity. The first is to select the Activities drop down on the top menu bar. From here you can then see there is a multitude of options to pick from, but for activities we want to select the option that best suits our needs. General activities will include our free activites, as well as the activities that require artwork. You can select from the drop downs that will allow you to then go to their prompt page. Here you will find all the information regarding forms to fill out, requirements, and other information such as items or skills that might benefit you in these activities. 

On the bottom of the prompt page you can then select "Submit prompt" which will take you to the prompt submission page. Here you will see that there is a prompt option which is prefilled out and then a form autopopulated from the prompt. You can then fill out the form, and make sure you attach your character to the submission by inputting their ID. For example, SB-0001, or AV-0049 etc, at valid ID's for a character. If the ID is not valid, it will alert you to let you know. 

You can add items and currency necessary for the prompt, but please refrain from adding any additional rewards. This will be added by staff. Some prompts come with rewards pre-filled in and it is best to leave them alone, as staff will handle the amounts and more from there.

The second way to submit a prompt is to select "submit" and then Prompt Submissions. From here you will need to select the prompt name from the drop down. 

claims are used mainly for making corrections to incorrect information. For exmaple, missing adornments or traits on a character, or a roll being incorrect for an acitvity (like getting fishing loot for a hunting roll). Claims are also used for the things that do not have a prompt, like registering an Old world Geno (a genotype who's proof resides on DeviantArt, andi is not uploaded to the website yet). 


What are drafts?

Drafts are used for players to draft up their submissions or claims before submission. With this system you can also have your submission returned to you for corrections instead of outright rejected. Additionally, if you need to cancel a submission, you can do this as well thanks to the draft system!

The site is pending a CSS reskin! this means that images may not be present in our guide just yet and we do apologize for the inconvenience! 

Free Activities

Free Expeditions


Free expeditions can be done by anyone who owns a character - regardless of level. So long as the character has health, you can complete this activity. You do not need to complete any artwork or provide any further resources, but you can still fail a free expeditions. Using items allows you to increase your pass chances as well as allowing you to bring back more than items limited by the free version of this activity.

The amount of free expeditions is limited based on player rank.

  • Items Returned - 2 to 4 without item boosting modifiers
  • Player Rank Limits:
    • Beginner -  4 total rolls
    • Stable Hand - 4 total rolls 
    • Dragon Tamer - 4 total rolls
    • Dragon Master - 5 total rolls
Free Crucible


Like free expeditions, free crucibles can be completed by anyone with a character that has health. It is important to note, that you will have to complete rank up curcible entries which are not free to increase your characters' rank later on.

Like Expeditions, the amount of free crucibles entries is limited on player rank, and your items are also limited without any modifying items. 

  • Items Returned - 2 to 4 without item boosting modifiers
  • Player Rank Limits:
    • Beginner - 1 free roll 
    • Stable Hand - 2 free rolls
    • Dragon Tamer - 3 free rolls
    • Dragon Master - 4 free rolls
Grand Hunt


Coming soon! 

The grand hunt will a free version where artwork is not necessary. However, in game currency will be required to make these submissions.  More information on this will come out once this activity is ready to be released!


  • Items Returned - ???
  • Player Rank Limits:
    • Beginner -  ???
    • Stable Hand - ???
    • Dragon Tamer - ???
    • Dragon Master - ???


General Activities



Expeditions are our versions of "hunting, foraging, fishing" that most ARPGs have. We feature four types of Expeditions: Hunting, Foraging, Fishing, and Caving. These four activities can be completed year round and have different locations you can choose to depict. These locations will determine what kind of loot you bring back. 

If your prompt does not depict a location that matches one of the locations, it will default to the main location, the Radiant Empire. So be sure you are meeting the bare minimum requirements of depicting. However, remember we are very relaxed about the location, so often times you won't be rejected or rolled in the default location. 

Expeditions can injure and give your character Status Effects. Status Effects can cause your character to take more on more health loss when partaking in activities. 

Scouting Progression


Scouting - while also a game - has a prompt associated to it where you can increase the progression and level of a location by exploring that location. This mechanic does reset at the end of the year, thus resetting the bonuses of the Scouting Game. 

In scouting you pay a certain number of currency and use a certain amount of stamina. For the progression activity, you do not- but leveling up an area you will lower the amount of stamina and currency used in scouting these areas for items. 

You do receive items in scouting progression as well.

You cannot get injured in scouting progression unless you have active status effects.

Crucible & Crucible Seasons


The crucible is our version of an arena. Here you can fight NPCs (currently uploaded Starters), or other players! Level your character up in the Crucible for better loot as you work your way through combat. 

Crucible also has seasons where you get double xp aiding you in leveling faster! 

The level of your dragon in the crucible can also give you an edge in events that have combat and the Grand Hunt. Being able to tackle bosses easier and having the leg up in these events. 

Crucible seasons are frequently run events where players obtain double Crucible coins (the XP needed to rank your characters). Even free crucibles are given bonuses during this time.




Questing is an activity that allows you to complete tasks for NPCs with a much more tighter loot pool. This makes getting specific items easier. Additionally, on failing a quest you get a chance to get a side quest item. These side quests can be used by any character and can give you currency as loot by completing them!

Questing can injure and give your character Status Effects. Status Effects can cause your character to take more on more health loss when partaking in activities. 

Grand Hunt


This boss/monster fighting event is currently in development, and does not have an ETA for release. However, we are diligently working to make this activity the best it can be. It has been in the works since the groups inception, and features battling no only corrupted monsters, but corrupted primeval dragons as well.

Healing Shrine


The healing shrine - while not exactly an activity in itself - is used to heal your characters! You can heal your characters with healing items and cooked food, however in the event you do not have these options, or simply wish to use something else, you can complete artwork or literature to heal your character of status effects and regain health.

Looking to heal your character with an item? Go to your hoard and select the item, and then you can use the item on a chosen character from your hoard! Remember that applying too much of an item will not give you more health or protection, but will simply use the item. So make sure you are not overusing an item, as you won't get it back.




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Scouting is a game you can play on the site where every 35 minutes you can select a location to gain items from. All but one location requires you have currency while all locations require you have available stamina. Stamina resets daily at midnight CST. 

Scouting Progression is a prompt that allows the community as a whole to lower the amount of in game currency and stamina needed to scout in these areas, as well as the amount of loot you earn. Each location gives you a pool of items that vary on the location itself.


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Dungeons allow you to battle monsters for loot and XP! Some of these encounters are deadly, so go in prepared!

If your character has incorrect stats you will need to get this corrected via a claim. All species stats are determined by the species weight class. You can read more about weight classes here. Weight classes will also effect things in pvp combat and in any combat events. If combat is something you are interested in, we heavily suggest our indepth combat guide (coming soon!).



Coming Soon!