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10/31/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

Welcome to the Species and Genetics contest for 2021! We haven't hosted one of these in a long while and with it come some changes and improvements.

- What all can I suggest?
Anything and everything genetics wise! This means markings, mutations, traits, etc. We want to hear what your ideas are and see if we can bring them into the game, or in some cases expand on old markings that might have the capability to do your suggestion!

This year however we have another twist: Suggesting species! Suggest new dragons or other critters that might fit in the world of souls between, either as official import creatures or as familiars! Please note that any we add in will be released over time - but you will be marked down to get the reward you choose!

Keep in mind that having examples or mock ups, no matter how detailed or not, are best for suggestions so we get a good look at your idea!

*Remember that Devs have the final say in how things get added, so we might change up some things about what you suggest to have it fit in the world better!

- What can't I suggest?
Suggesting things that already exist is really the only limitation here. If you suggest something like dusted chances are it will go left behind simply because we already have it. So make sure you brush up on our gene guides if you aren't sure, and you can always ask us in the design questions and help boards for more help or in discord!

- What are the Rewards?
You can opt for a variety of awards including:
- A voucher containing your trait/marking/etc. (These are account bound!)
- A mysterious Dragon's blood
- Dragon Soul Coins or Crystals
- In the case of suggesting familiars or new species a copy/custom of that suggestion once it is released.
- Mysterious or Rare chosen dragon eggs
- Slots to starters

- How long does this contest run?
Until December first! Devs and staff will look through this thread to see what ideas we wish to nominate during this time.

- What if someone suggests my idea?
This is first come first win in this case, so only tell your most trusted friends what you want to suggest to be safe! We won't dish out a reward for two parties when we can't tell if it was genuine same idea or if someone is copying your ideas.

- What if I wish to expand on an idea someone else has?
You should talk to that person! Let them know your ideas and you can work together to make the suggestion better - but the person who initially suggested it will be the one who gets the reward.

- How many suggestions will win?
As many as we like really!

- What if my suggestion is added into what marking can do already? Do I get a reward?
You'll be able to pick either a sack of crystals, sack of dragon soul coins, a premium loot chest, or a nitro loot chest!

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/06/2021

HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS! Here's my first list of suggestions!

Contest Sheet 1:

Contest Sheet 2:

• Angler - Common
• Fleshed - Uncommon
• Overbite - Uncommon or Rare
• Ribbed/Caged/Exposed - Exposed ribcage and/or bones. Rare or Mythic
• Shark - Uncommon
• Tendrils - Common
• Arcane Aura - Mythic. Arcane circles/magic-like aura and objects around the body

• Cheetah/Spotted - We literally don’t have a standalone marking that’s spots?! Common
• Circuit - Technology-like markings for those who love cyborg/technology. Rare
• Rippled - Rippling on the wings and/or chest. Uncommon
• Arcane - Magic circles/symbols. Mythic | Ekian suggested in Staff as well

Eye Traits
• Arcane - Mythic
• Cracked - Uncommon
• Galaxy - Mythic
• Halo - Rare
• Spiral - Uncommon
• Starred - Common

Horn Traits
• Imp - Common
• Forsaken - Rare

• Wyrm
• Quetzalcoatl/Amphithere

Import Creatures/Familiars
• Owls
• Pixies/Sprites

Note: Please keep in mind that the rarities posted are only suggestions of what I believe they'd fit into best. Of course Devs get the final say if they accept any of my entries.

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/03/2021

Clown: Similar to that of a clownfish, bands of two colors around a dragon's body. One darker, outer color, and one lighter, inner color! Uncommon or common? (

Beta (maybe koi): a marking that has dark, or light, or both patches of color with a bight spot of color on the top of the head. Mimics a koi or beta fish in markings (

(might be back later with more suggestions but its like 11:30 pm lol)

Edited when more awake, lol:
Overcast: Causes a dense cloud or fog to settle around the dragon, maybe with modding can take the effect of types of storms.

Sail: A spine sail like some modern lizards or like a Spinosaurus


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11/01/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

######Forged/Ghoul/X-Ray (Mutation)
Some dragons are born with glowing organs, which cast a shadow of their internals on the skin.
Forged/Ghoul/X-Ray Example 1:
Forged/Ghoul/X-Ray Example 2:
Forged/Ghoul/X-Ray Example 3:
- Can be any one colour (maybe allowing a mix of up to two).
- If on the body, must somehow cast some kind of shadow.
- Should minimally show as a glowing tongue.
Mostly inspired by the Xenojiiva from Monster Hunter - generally just the idea of glowing from the inside. Also thought about RGB computers.
Admittedly could be hard to design and approve unless there was a shadow template given?
Could be simplified to just a glowing chest?

######Firefly (Mutation)
Similar to the above, but localised to just the tail - it can optionally display as a bulb/external organ.
Firefly Example 1:
Firefly Example 2:
Might not work well with Feathered and Furred builds - they would probably need some kind of template tail.
Also, not everyone will like the rounded "bulb" shape, so perhaps rules should be defined to allow for pointier shapes?

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/03/2021

Posting this on mobile, so I apologise for any weird formatting lmao. I’ll fix asap if there are any issues.

Suggestion - Spirit Horns
Thundercat asked for ghostly horns, I tried to deliver. Intended to be partially see-through (pure white at 50% shown in the example below) with swirly carvings/veins, and potentially small wisps floating around the horns! This shape is just what I initially came up with and definitely not set in stone:

Alternatively, Spirit Horns could potentially, like Aether horns, be based on already existing horn types/shapes. Here's my take on Spirit Horns using Segmented as the base, using the same concepts as the original:

If using already existing horns as the base, I'm aware that this idea doesn't work as well on very small and short horns, such as Ridge, when the floating wisps are included. But I tried to showcase it, anyway:

Another alternative version because I'm in love with this concept and can't stop. Can you tell I like swirls? Anyway, this version is partially see-through, fading to nothing at the tip of the horns. Again, the shape is merely what I thought of first and not set in stone - but I do think it fits the theme :0c

Suggestion - Loop Horns/Sickle Horns
For when Ram Horns just aren't big enough. Could also be a fitting shape for Spirit Horns, honestly.

Suggestion - Beaked Mutation
A simple alternative to the Ravager-exclusive head mutations. This mutation gives the dragon a small beak, akin to that of Ceratopsian dinosaurs or parrotfish (only sharper, because dragons)

Suggestion - "Big noodle" Emperor Subspecies (don't have a name idea lmao, perhaps Wyrm? So Wyrm Emperor, I suppose. Royal Emperor, while cool, feels too tautological)
EDIT: I did some sketching! Description has been updated accordingly.
Basically, I want noodle dragons that are regal-looking and really big. My main basis for this concept was simply "noodle equivalent of Wardens and Sapieres", but they do take some inspiration from Flight Rising's Imperials, though only in terms of pose, not features.
I imagine they could have a kind of bird-like face, but otherwise they'd be really sleek and elegant, with a long neck and fairly long limbs.
Velour sketch:
Plated sketch:

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Flame: Appears like flames on the body of the dragon. Can be up to 3 shades of a color, or 2 different colors on recessive.

Ink? eyes: Blank eyes with a dripping effect. Rare eye trait

Rend: Marking that creates slashes with tears along the edges. Inside of marking can have a galaxy-like appearance. Marking can have a border with a gradient. Inside of marking has to contain a dark base, but can have glittering dots of any color. Base can gradient and can contain up to 3 dark colors.

Wisp: Creates ghostly trails around the legs and tail of a dragon, usually silver in color. Rare mutation

Silken coat: Long, silky hair that drapes over the body and appears more blocky. Rare or Uncommon coat

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

Void = black hole on the dragon, can have a light star-like border on the outside, inside circle is pure black. Mythic
Sunspot = Opposite of void, like a bright sunspot on the sun, border dark on the outside, inside is white or a very bright pale colour. Mythic
Arcana = a magic circle type marking - any patterns/types allowed, so long as it's not offensive, or copywrited/trademarked.

Black Hole = A mutation that allows changes to any markings in one segment of the body. This marking would act like a real black hole, and 'pull' all markings in that body segment toward a single point on that segment of the body. thus can break marking rules in that one section? (kinda like, water down the drain type effect, markings swirl toward the black hole point)

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

|| Species ideas ||
Dragon species - Known for being a biped using their wings and feet to walk. While they can be quadrupedal and use their hands+wings to walk it isn't preferred. Primary characteristics are their long wings, short arms and long/medium tail part of the wing membrane is connected to. Long feet claws are used to grab prey. Back claws and wing fingers are used to grab onto [trees/cliffside] and uses their wing fingers for the majority of actions (fighting/grabbing/etc). Maybe large wings has the dragons act similar to an albatross? They require higher terrain/high wind locations to help them kick off the ground and fly. Larger/smaller species? Lives in a large group of members and use crowd tactics against predators/prey.
Lindwyrm species- Lives in water/moist environments such as swamps or underground. Have long fingers and claws with webbing between that propels them through the water. Large body full of muscle for constricting.

|| Mutations || Hydra- Adds a second/third head on dragon

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

(There might be one or two or three ideas that are already present but my three brain cells missed - also please excuse the quality of the sketches. )

- <b>Crystalbound</b> - creates crystals growing out of the dragon (maybe mostly on the top area, maybe in other places.) - Rare/Mythic
- <b>Arcane Halo</b> - creates a single glowing halo anywhere on the body (usually over the head, encircling a limb or tail) - Mythic
- <b>Aether-touched</b> - a single limb (or a chunk of tail) is replaced with its Aether counterpart. There can be many options for this aether limb, but there might be a requirement of making it semi-transparant with an option to make it wisp-like.
- <b>Blade-winged</b> - replaces the top part of the wings with insect-like blades (that need to be at least 50% transparent). These blades may inherit the same rules as skin/special area. For non-winged dragons, it may add several blades to shoulder/spine area. The image below just shows an example on a random dragon:
- <b>Appendages</b> - adds tiny very dexterous claws to the chest area of the dragon? See image above. I feel like this is delving into horror genre.
- <b>Inverted</b> - All black/darker than the base markings become white/lighter than the base and vice-versa. Uncommon?
- <b>Aether Core</b> - There is something embedded in the chest of the dragon. It emits soft light and if one looks closely, it appears to be an embedded sphere. Dragons with this core are said to have lot's of raw magic. Uncommon/Rare

- <b>Dusk/Dawn</b> - functions as a large gradient over1/3 of the body that either lightens or darkens the base coat from the front. Common. Dominant has larger range.
- <b>Vivid</b> - an uncommon marking that functions like appaloosa but the colour has to be within a certain saturation and luminocity range. To differential between appaloosa, it can't have spots within it and the marking cannot be affected by colour modifiers. The limits of it's colour can be limited to the red square (hue can be any):
- <b>Luma/Pastel</b> exactly the same as Vivid but the colours to be within lighter criteria:
- <b>Cosmos</b> - creates nebula-like marking. Can use up to two lighter-than-the-base colours for the first layer, with a darker/black second layer. Optional stars can be included as well but they cannot go outside the area of the marking. Dominant allows for more colours. Mythic+
- We have duotone, now meet <b>tripletone</b>! Essentially functions the same as duotone but adds two more colours instead of one for recessive. Uncommon/Rare?.
- <b>Burnt</b> - A rare marking that adds burnt marks. Think burnt toast:
It allows to add yellow-orange-brown/red-black gradient on the wings. Has an option to create a minor dappled/uneven effect.
- <b>Frostbite</b> - and equivalent of burnt, it adds and uneven/dappled gradient to the wings. Potentially blue-light blue-white?
- <b>Engraved</b> - a rare marking that affects exclusively claws, horns and spikes. Adds patterns of any colour OR patterns of darker colour than what it sits over.
- <b>Patchwork</b> - Adds a up to 3 consecutive colourful patches that has a fairly free-form appearance. Only hard-edges are allowed. Each patch many contain a 2-colour gradient, resulting in a maximum of six colours. Dominant can be iridescent. Mythic/Rare. An alternative version of this marking is that all colours must be natural unless affected by a modifier - than the marking can be uncommon.

Dragon Species
- We definitely need feydragons, but make them maybe give them four wings/many fins. See image given for the blade-winged mutation. I see no reason why we shouldn't have a dragon with eight limbs hehe. The backstory could be that they lived deep in the Beyond, and the raw magic caused their non-standard looks.

- <b>Aqua horns</b> - have a hollow inside that has liquid. Supposedly it's raw liquid aether. Mythic.
- <b>Tendril horns</b> - longer extensions with short feather-like ends. Uncommon.
- <b>Metallic Eyes</b> - eyes become solid orbs of metal with not sclera/iris. Mythic/Rare.
- <b>Cracked eyes</b> - solid eyes of dark colour with glowing cracks.
- <b>Cracked horns</b> - simple horns which appear to be crumbling down/severely cracked and the cracks/insides glow.

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

Tanooki/Racoon- Adds gradient to leg area only with darker bands within the gradient, must be darker or lighter then the surrounding color. Possibly any single color allowed ?
Smol lad?

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11/01/2021 Edited 11/01/2021

Just some potential species ideas as of the moment.
(If the images dont work please let me know!)

Rough Sketch for a generalized idea:
(Agipan: a six legged dragon dog in mythology) The Agipan, as the myth implies has 6 legs, and has no wings. Built for life on the harsh terrain of the world, the Agipan excels in being fleet of foot and capable of climbing. The protrusions that adorn its thick skin are made of cartilage and therefore remain flexible unlike spines or horns. They are able to fold and lay back flat against its body in order to remain more aerodynamic while running. This also makes it easier to fit them with a saddle or other baggage. Loyal, and dependable, but sometimes aggressive and dominant. They are known to be quite social despite this, and often hunt and live in packs. May or may not have a venomous bite.

rough sketch for idea:
As the name implies, the multi-headed dragon of legend. Built for brute strength rather than speed or flight. They have sturdy short legs, and small wings. Rather than flight, their wings are used for territorial displays. Each head may act of its own accord, though they also remain connected. Often of great help in construction as their sturdy legs, thick necks and shorter but stronger jaws are able to help move materials in greater quantities. Able to take quite a few hits, and not to be trifled with in a battle of endurance.

Is it a dragon? Is it a horse? Is it a deer? no one really knows...

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Got some species suggestions:

Quick shoddy ms-paint ones but
Amphibious but favors being in the waters for obvious reasons. More lindwurm-shaped but no wings, just shrimp back.

Centipede dragon
Many legs, small, and big eyes to really let those eye traits shine.

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Sea noodle!
Long body, tiny finned feet, lil "fin" wings, small head.

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I can't draw

Liopleurodon Dragon

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Tentacles mutation - applies 1-4 tentacles to the dragon. Probably near the tail or around the shoulders. Rare?